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If you find yourself in a 9-5 that requires you to don a business suit daily, you might be pretty excited that iPass Open Mobile is now available for Windows Phone. This is an app that helps enterprise customers connect to over 1.4 million hotspots at various locations. Details on the app after the break.

First off, your company is going to need to be a customer of iPass (https://www.ipass.com/). If this sounds like your situation, iPass is probably one of your favorite tools (besides tethering) to get connected. You’re getting access to the iPass Mobile Network by using the iPass Open Mobile app for Windows Phone.

This is a network that consists of over 62,000 free, open access hotspots. In addition to that, you’re getting 63,000 connections at hotels and convention center venues, coverage at over 93% of the world’s top 100 airports, premium inflight Wi-Fi on 1,900 planes, and all this powered by 150 Wi-Fi operators connected. This adds up to a network that spans 130 countries with 1,493,954 hotspots. Not too shabby.

iPass Open Mobile

This app allows to find the nearest hotspot and then connect using your iPass account. Design looks pretty solid from the screenshots and definitely worth checking out if this a service you’ve been looking forward to. Today they launched the above mentioned app for Windows Phone, but they also have an app for Windows 8 users to use.

iPass Open Mobile

Want iPass Open Mobile for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8? Of course you do. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store or the Windows Store

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