Need a last minute movie rental this weekend? Official Redbox app for Windows Phone 8 now available

This has been an incredibly busy week for Windows Phone, despite //BUILD/ having nothing major in regards to Windows Phone news. We’ve seen the Discovery Network release three apps, ABC News join the fray, ING Group, Voxer, and more! Crazy right? Well it’s not over because Redbox now has an official app in the Windows Phone Store. Details after the break.

If you’re an international reader you might not be too interested in Redbox (, it’s a movie/video game rental service based in North American and primarily serves the US and Canada. But, you should still be excited that there is an official app like this joining the platform. It’s a win-win and shows that Windows Phone is gaining “mainstream” momentum. Onto the app.

If you’ve ever been hanging with a group of friends who still enjoy last-minute DVD/Blu-Ray rentals you’ve probably used Redbox. You’ve probably also been the one friend in the group who couldn’t really use their phone to reserve either a movie or video game. The app has currently only been available on iOS and Android. Here’s what you can do with Redbox for Windows Phone.

  • Find a Redbox location near you
  • See what titles are available at a specific Redbox location
  • Reserve the rental and checkout from the app, all you need to do is pick-up later
  • Driving directions to nearest Redbox
  • View movies and games by release date, genre, and rating. You can also watch trailers from within the app.

Redbox is a nice service. While I’m personally more likely to use streaming services like Amazon Instant or Xbox Video to get last minute rentals, Redbox still has a place in my life. I tend to frequent the service when I’m going to a friend or family members house with relatively poor internet. It’s also a really fun way to pick up a video game on a whim and see if it’s something you’d like to buy after playing it.

No double wide tile, but you do get nice lockscreen support that displays movie box art in a nice looking way. Oddly, no fast-resume either, but the app is functional and not bad for version 1.0. 

The app itself is free and available only for Windows Phone 8. You can grab it here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. And don’t forget to sound off below with feedback on the app.

What movie should I watch this weekend that’s out to rent? Give me your suggestions!

Thanks for the tip AndroidtoWM!

QR: Redbox

Sam Sabri