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Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet mosey on from your TV to Windows Phone 8

You know what we love? Official apps coming to the Windows Phone Store. Today Discovery Communications released not one, but three apps for you to enjoy. We’ve got three of their biggest properties on Windows Phone – Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet. Details and screenshots after the break.

All three apps are nearly identical in function and design that it’s worth grouping the description together. The apps give you access to video content from the three networks. Discovery, TLC, and Animal Planet do three main things:

  • Full episodes
  • Thousands of clips
  • Television schedule

Discovery Channel for Windows Phone

The apps give you access to a selection of full episodes. While you may not be able to watch that specific MythBusters episode from the middle of season three, it’s still cool that you’re getting free access to a curated selection. In addition to full length episodes you’ll have clips from your favorite episodes and television schedules available within the app.

Animal Planet for Windows Phone

This app takes advantage of some Windows Phone specific features. For example you can configure the app to take control of your lockscreen. It will then display what’s currently on the network and what’s next. Or you can grab your go-to show and pin it to the Start screen for quick and easy access.

TLC for Windows Phone

Unfortunately, the apps are only available for Windows Phone 8. Plus, if I had to guess, we’ll be seeing some comments below stating the app isn’t available in their region. Let us know if you have any trouble grabbing them.

What shows on these networks are you digging right now? Sound off below.

You can get Discovery Channel for Windows Phone right here in the Store, TLC for Windows Phone right here, and Animal Planet right here. You can also just use those fancy pants QR codes below or swipe to the right in our Windows Phone Central app.

Thanks for the tip Mark / Crushing Destroyer!

Via: Windows Phone Blog

  • WOW! going to the kids corner
  • Yes, Wow!! This is a big win for WP!!. Somewhat makes me feel bad for bitching so much yesterday❕
  • Nah... I say keep bitching, as cool as this is, its disturbing that WP can't get proper support for apps from Microsoft products, i.e., Skype & Xbox.
  • No, it only makes the lack of prioritization of WP by Microsoft more ridiculous when they tout big name 3rd party apps coming to WP. Moar bitching!
  • Like somebody said yesterday.. "WP either has really good news, or really bad news".. I'm still not sure what to make of that.
  • Microsoft is a bad communicator that's the biggest problem. I hope the reorganization will clean the house and get rid of some bad executives.
  • Shame on you rodneyej for so much bitching.
  • Awe yeah baby❕❗❕❗❕❗❕❗
  • I agree...keep the pressure on. It should embarrass them that external companies are supporting the platform while MS owned apps are excluding WinPhone while developing for the competition.
  • This is awesome! I love Cats 101!
  • Shiroi.... Lets not forget about the moon⁉⁉⁉
  • Awesome!
  • These are released on windows 8 last week. Now they came to phone as well. Good to see apps coming to both windows 8 and wp8.
  • Oh my god!  Full Episodes!
  • Sweet!
  • Awesome ^_^
  • Not available in UK :(
  • Nor Canada.
  • Change you're region to United States. I'm from Belgium & that worked for me ...
  • Nor New Zealand
  • Is this us only? I cant download it from the uk...
  • Having issues in Canada too...says this app doesn't work with my L920
  • Not available in Canada? o.O Or marketplace glitch?
  • No available from Europe fuck
  • LOL❕❗❕❗
  • Change region and reboot?
  • One moment please
  • App installed yeah man
  • Lol! Whatever.. You didn't really do that.
  • Although this may allow you to download the app I doubt you could watch any videos as I'm pretty sure it streams off regional servers
  • Im from Asia and I can watch the episodes... But lets keep quiet about it. :P
  • Will it still work if I change my region back after installing?
  • Yes :)
  • not available in any place outside of the u.s :(
  • Change region to US .
  • How am I be able to,change the region?
  • Go to settings, then scroll down till you find language and region, then change you're country/region to US, then you need to tap "restart phone", now you are able to download these apps..
  • Nope. The CRTC and telecom corps in Canada make this sort of free streaming nearly impossible. We won't get these apps because Ted Rogers and Berny Shaw don't want you to have them. Welcome to the great white north where 3.1 billion dollars can go missing but god help you if you owe a couple bucks to the government.
  • The US govt sucks, too. Does anyone know of a govt that doesn't suck? Sound off in the comments...
  • Yeah. The Republic Senate sucks too.
  • Petoria❔
  • LOL you should watch that episode again.
  • Perfect Diplomat Peter is.. IMO❕❕❗❕❗❗❕.. Lol!
  • You guessed right. AS USUAL only available in the US.
    F*ck this. I'll get them from the US store and leave 1 star reviews regarding this. I suggest everyone outside the US to do the same.
  • USA! USA! USA!
  • ...perhaps that's why this is US exclusive. It's an attempt to try and make Americans more learned and less Jersey Shore-dumb...
  • AAAHHHH you`ve just won the internet sir!! hahahah
  • USA! USA! USA!
  • Discovery Channel has nothing to do with it. Its the laws in your country that are at fault. Blame your TV providers.
  • This has nothing to do with the laws in Europe. Last time I checked, I have a bunch of differents Discovery channels on my TV. So yeah, the Law has nothing to do with this.
  • It does. TV cable companies get exclusive rights, and able to block companies from alowing their content to be available online or in apps. They run a monopoly sort of speak. Why do you think nobody is allowed to start a pay-per-channel company? It's not that people don't want it, it's the fact that cable companies control that and they force politicians to pass paws like that.
  • Licensing and content streaming laws probably have to do with that. Put that energy you were going to use to cry on the app's reviews page and maybe lobby a representative of yours?
  • See above comments. I'm not repeating myself again.
  • He he he!
  • Fddhjjhhebxxbcfnfjddjdjdsndbdndjfbddhfhfjfjfnfbffndjxhxjxjxjdj. :D
  • ❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔
  • He said he love Pepperoni Pizza. :-P
  • Nope. I'm pretty sure he said he loves Honey Boo Boo.
  • I certain he was describing the taste of despair.
  • I thought he said "Hulk smash!" haha
  • You gonna let them talk about you like that Darrell❓
  • Not available on the Moon also. Bummer.
  • Yeah but I'm enjoying these apps on Mars.
  • That's because the International Community didn't allowed the USA to buy it.
  • Buy it? We got it for free. Minus travel expenses.
  • I AM SO HAPPY! Beer anyone?
  • If they would update the app with emoticon support then I would send you one!
  • It was an offer but I'm glad to see we're thinking alike!
  • Beer.
  • Not in Canada... CRTC likely to blame?
  • Nope. CTRC doesn't govern what channels can stream. It's up to the channel itself, or if they're a foreign supplier, the Canadian broadcaster. For example, Colbert Report clips embedded by Comedy Central detect Canada, and say things like "Enjoy your free health care hippy. While you're at it, you can find this clip at" and provide a link. (seriously, I kinda like coming across CC links, because they're always poking fun at us Canadians in a funny way). Depending on the relationship between the US and Canadian Discovery channels, streaming (whether a browser or app) will be governed by that, not the CRTC. not that I'm DEFENDING the CRTC in general - yuck! ;)
  • They should call them... Reality Show Channel 1, 2, and 3.   People outside of the US, you're not missing anything.  They used to be good in the 90s, but now these channels are awful and only make you dumber.
  • Discovery Channel is still good, the other 2 never were. IMO
  • Deadliest catch is not dumb. 'nough said. Discovery Channel has some good stuff.
  • Uhh... I hate that show. LOL
  • I never said that show was dumb, I said the channels are awful and make you dumber. Mike Rowe is fine and there are shows that are better than others... but overall, they are the same basic scripted formula, show after show.  They are built for ratings and that's what they get, so I can't blame the execs in charge of putting them on. I'm happy for the apps being on WP, but I'm glad I got rid of cable.
  • They don't call it the Idiot Box for nothing!
  • Really? 'cause we do have the Discovery Channel here and there's not a single trace of reality shows in it...I guess programming is different in Europe. And that...that should worry learned Americans.
  • So it sounds like you should be bitching about Discovery Europe not offering an app instead of whining about Discovery US not being globally available.
  • Yes, it is absolutely pathetic the way these networks have gone, I agree with you %100. Reality Show Channel #1, 2, and 3.
  • Two words. SHARK WEEK.
  • Got them all!!!
  • No prob :) Lets just hope they post Shark Week in all its glory!
  • Microsoft release apps worldwide not just in the US.
  • This is not a Microsoft app... It is developed by Discovery Communications.
  • I know, I meant in general 'big' US apps are launched in the US but no apps for the UK for example Sky Go, BBC radio or news are released here.
  • I can't wait to ditch this HTC Titan. Dear Nokia, please hurry up with the friggin Lumia 925. I asked nicely. What's the hold up?
  • Its coming. I'm just distraught about this eos, Nokia Phablet, HTC one WP variant thing
  • Yeah and once again it will probably be an exclusive. Why delay the US launch of the 925 to launch so closely to such a coveted device as the EOS? With each passing day I'm considering not even bothering with the 925 but WP8 is surely leaving us 7.8 users behind. It's much more a reality now than ever. I just like things to be done in a timely manner. This delay and pending EOS announcement is definitely an example of bad timing. But what do I know, I just buy phones...
  • Shouldn't be too disappointed about 7.x. By now, everyone should be able to upgrade to 8.x. Should check out android, not alot OEMs update their 1-2 year old phones. I wouldn't fret too much about 925 exclusive. 920 and 928 all good phones that will get all updates.
  • I read on another site that it will come the 3rd weeks of July. Next week Tmobile will have the mock ups in their stores.
  • You better be
  • LMAO! What color are you getting, Grey or White? I already purchased a red charging shell.
  • The white one is too sexy but seriously if Nokia doesn't announce a release date NEXT WEEK I'm getting a red Lumia 920 and unlocking it for T-Mobile.
  • I have good news for you, Tmobile will have Nokia Lumia 925 on 17th of July

  • Ha ha procen you always come through. But I have two issues with this proposed date. 1.It won't be officially available until after the coveted EOS announcement. 2. It's priced over $100 more than the 920 with half the storage. I am really having a hard time wrapping my head around the decisions whoever is behind the release date and pricing is making with the 925. I'm not sure now...but thanks for digging up so info.
  • It's official the 925 will be in store on 17th July. I now the price is pricey but I will not go to ATT or just unlock the phone and use it on TMobile side, beside I like the design of the 925, and I don't mind 16GB I'm not a heavy gamer or music listener. Here check out this link it's one of Tmobile site with official release date.

  • I really like the design of the 925 and I'm willing to compromise(and for me it's a compromise) with storage but don't charge me more for less at the same time. I am really going to question Nokia/T-Mobile about this decision. This is the equivalalent of getting an SUV with the same gas mileage of a sedan but you pay more for the sedan and can carry less people. THAT is what I'm having a hard time with.
  • I think the carriers are charging extra because of the design, and you have to take into account the aluminum frame with extra camera lens, and AMOLED display will cost extra.I love the white back, and with my red charging shell my phone will look awesome. Woohooo!
  • You're more optimistic and forgiving than me. And those seem to be legitimate reasons for the price hike but as a consumer the 16gb bottom line is what we'll most likely think about when considering the price.
  • I know you like the 32 GB phone, let see if they can offer a special order. For me the design of this phone is me. I like the 920 but the 925 captured me. :-)
  • Yes!!! Where's the 925!!! Taking too long!
  • Wow, a titan? I'm not buying another cellphone less than 5in ever again. So using my Ativ S until such time.
  • The Titan is still a nice size though. Not sure I need anything bigger than that.
  • super and fantastic...immediate download. :) Thanks.
  • Well, that was not expected. A lot more useful to me and my kids than INSTAGRAM imho. Cool!
  • These are the kinds of apps we should be bitching for. Temple Run, Come on! I deleted in less than 5mins of play! Sure let it come to wp just to please, but nag for it. Lord have mercy. I maybe wrong but that's my take. Instagram? Why don't we start supporting fotoroom instead. Again my take. Now if we could have a REAL history channel app. Ancient Aliens anybody?
  • I agree. Don't see the hype over temple run. I got bored after the first time. And I agree with the whole instagram thing, but I don't agree with using an alternate service. That's like saying, hey I know all your friends are on Facebook, but just use MySpace. It does the same thing, except you can't connect with anyone you actually know.
  • 2mil downloads, I'd say that's a good alternative. If 2mils request the feature you mentioned, and it happens, it be an excellent instagram competitor.
  • Oh it.
  • These are pretty good's too bad the discovery networks' content has turned to mostly crap.
  • Great looking apps. I swear WP apps seem so much smoother and better looking that Androids. I wish more people knew this. For example, the Weather Channel app on Android is awful looking and a mess. On WP it looks great and its slick.
  • I agree. Android is so laggy and cluttered. My wife is always complaining about something going on with her GS4!
  • That is so true. Even in comparison to iOS it stands out because android at first was way too identical to iOS. I showed the Pandora app on my 810 to my friend who owns an iPhone and he really liked and and he called it "slick" and cool. As a matter of fact called my phone cool too cuz it had cyan wireless charging shell. Lol
  • I got the same reaction from my coworker. The following day she got a iPhone. I'm like what!? People are just mindless zombies, just like the L926 commercial.
  • For those of you outside of the US. Change your phone location to US restart your phone and download the apps. Simple as that.
  • Who says WP8 isn't gaining momentum? Awesome! Still work to do but adding apps like these is always good news!
  • For those outside the US, can't you change region to US, restart, install said apps, then change back and run them?  I know this works for many apps anyway.
  • Not in the UK though :/
  • I love opening this app from my phone and reading the headlines and looking @ the photos!! OFFICIAL apps from discovery, and the ability to watch full episodes? From our phone!? #Exciting. I hope we soon get cartoon network, nickelodeon and Disney and more apps where we can watch full episodes from our phones. #InLove.
  • Come on people, what about the Northern folks? You know, up in Canada eh?
  • Not available in oz :(
  • Wow, this is not only awesome, but they look beautiful! Thanks for these apps!
  • Yeah! That's what I'm talking about. No WP7 versions!
  • Jerk!
  • What? no, I was being sarcastic. I'm a WP7 user. 
  • Lol, I didn't quite catch that, but I was being lighthearted anyway. Hooray internet miscommunications!
  • Awesome drop Sam.  Great to see the big names arrive for WP8.
  • Not available in the UK...
  • No Canada, to my knowledge, is the result of protectionist policies that insulate Bell, Rogers, et al., from foreign competition. The same reason you can't stream NBC shows (amongst others), no Hulu, and why Netflix only has old movies... Also why there are no major foreign competitors in the cellphone game here. Whether it is the CRTC or another body, it blows. Even if it is not wholly illegal for Discovery to offer the streamed content here, doing so would likely require them to manoeuvre so much bureaucratic red tape that it isn't worth it for them to bother. That said, enjoy the apps, USA.
  • Not Available in India :(
  • Hard to find full episodes, they only got a few, not a large library. Wish they would make a discovery science app.
  • This is great, just grabbed animal planet and watched a few minutes of one of my favorite shows river monsters. Nicely done for sure. Clean, simple UI, easy to navigate everything you would expect from a WP app.
  • Great! I guess this brings an entirely new meaning to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. And "The Little Couple" ....Well, out of respect for political correctness, I'll make no cracks about it now being on my 4 inch screen. Forget about a Kaiser Hospital App giving me the ability to check on my prescriptions without having to talk to anyone, my Windows Phone experience will be complete only when BRAVO releases an app and I can take The Real Housewives Of New Jersey with me wherever I go.
  • This app is not available in Australia, arghhhh, that totally sucks :(
  • You can if you change region to us, but not sure if the videos will stream. I'm in melb too and have downloaded
  • I got all three apps and I started watching the show "Top Hooker" on the Animal Planet app, but it really wasn't about what I was hoping it would be about.
  • LOL
  • The "North America" series narrated by Tom Selleck has been great so far, but I think there are only a few episodes left.
  • Cool, I might just have to download Animal Planet to my phone!
  • I can't download!
  • Frick, of course, Canada not supported, even though all these channels and shows are actually available here through local cable/satellite companies.  Nazi canada.
  • Can't download it on my Samsung Ativ S and im in Canada :(
  • Not available in INDIA ...
  • Now where's a travel channel app? Keep these apps coming. Is there a history channel app? (edit: yes there is, but not like these apps, wish it was)
  • These channels are absolute trash.
  • Was able to install this on my Swiss Phone with the help of the region change workaround. The app looks neat. Thanks to everybody for this advice!
  • Not available in Singapore
  • Not available in UK
  • had same problem. change region to us, restart phone, and you can install them all on your wp
  • Thanks for the reply, please tell me how? Thanks
  • from nokia FAQ:
    The location of Store is based on your phone's Country/Regional settings. To change the location:
    1. Go to Settings > Language+region and then select Country/Region.2. Tap Restart phone button.3. The new Store settings will become effective after the phone has been rebooted.
  • I got them working here in the UK by doing the region change thingy cheers for that.
  • Why they are not releasing these apps for wp7.8
  • meh... Not available for South Africa either
  • Sadly, it looks like most of what they have on TLC and Discover are just their so called Reality TV shows.  Crap, in other words.  I really wish The Learning Channel had something to teach us other than how awful people can be.
  • Lol of course not in Canada
  • Anyone install this and now experiencing serious battery drain?  I installed it yesterday and charged all night as normal.  My battery usually lasts 24 hours but today was like 8 hours.  I havent used them yet.  I just set them to not run in the background and rebooted.... will see.
  • Windows Phone 8, Lumia 820, Australia, Optus.... I can't download these cool apps!!! :-(