Need for Speed: Payback places its story campaign front and center in this latest trailer

Need for Speed: Payback is an interesting game because it puts a The Fast and the Furious-like campaign twist on the high-octane racing gameplay we expect. During the campaign, you play three distinct characters called Jess, Mac and Tyler. According to EA, the three are united with the one common goal of revenge.

From what we've seen, Need for Speed: Payback features thrilling heist missions, stunning set pieces, and even car battles! It's certainly seems like The Fast and the Furious but in video game form. Jess, Mac and Tyler must take on The House, a nefarious cartel that runs the story's criminal underworld. See the trailer below.

Tyler Ramirez, better known as Ty, is The Racer. According to EA, drag and street races are his cup of tea and as a natural-born racer, he has an unwavering will to win. Jessica Miller, also known as Jess, is the Wheelman, and is always on the run. She spends her time running high-risk jobs yet never loses her calm outlook on well, the illegal situations she's involved in. Lastly, Sean McAlister, or Mac, is The Showman. Offroad races and drifting are his specialties and he never wavers around a tight corner.

Need for Speed: Payback promises a thrilling campaign so be sure to check it out when it launches on November 10, 2017. Remember, EA Access members not only get a discount on the Xbox Store, but they can also play the game a few days early due to their subscription.

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  • Time to place bets. What will each character cost? $9.99, $19.99 or $29.99.   My bet is on the latter.
  • That looks like Dominique Tipper from The Expanse.
  • Things that I want to see in this game:
    Large Open World Map
    Engaging Story
    Things to do in Free Roam after Story Completion
    Large Car Customization Options Things that I don't want to see in this game:
    Required Internet Connection
    Vehicles that Require Real Money to Buy
    Story Mode that Requires Any Amount of Farming
    An Attempt to Create an Age-Appropriate Grand Theft Auto Title This trailer gives me the impression that Criterion Games is attempting to create a Grand Theft Auto-like title age-appropriate for minors. The police, the heists, the three protagonists, and the revenge-themed story line are all indicators of this strategy. In this game, most likely every story plot development will be cutscene-based while everything else will be done within a car. This removes the Player customization feel that the Test Drive Unlimited title series introduced. Overall, there is a lot to be expected from this game. At the same time, there is a lot that could go wrong. It all depends on how Criterion Games designs it.
  • You must not be a real Need For Speed fan. This game is being developed by Ghost Games. SMH
  • Looks like Fast & Furious movie. Most of cars can do wheelie like Dom does.
  • This looks fine, dialogue is a bit cliché, but I want to see a new NFS Underground. More about races and no cops, if I want cops I'll play the original Most Wanted.
  • I like that car in the first picture but overall i'd prefer something like Most Wanted , perhaps in an online world experience like NFS World sadly it was a good game but it had too much unrealistic items/boosters that made the experience a tad undigestable, rather than relying on those mechanics they should have gone for simulator fine tuning/modifications and kept the game close to its hit series in design/mechanics and gone with better graphics with a proper server implementation to reduce the server issues that caused problems as well. i've noted how much my net would be used up just to play NFSW it was kinda bad in comparison to other MMO's that have much more data/details to sync with the server yet used so less in comparison, if i'd go with percentages i could say that other MMO's would use like 10% of data/speeds at max in comparsion to NFSW, this probably did affect/limit the amount of global gamers who could join/play the game, i believe myself lucky to have experienced NFSW & other MMO's to realize why these online NFS game series'es wont go on for so long.
  • NFS Most wanted is one of the best, this looks like a remastered version of it! hope I'm right...