Nerf debuts two more Halo Infinite-themed blasters, launching after Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Halo Infinite Nerf Blasters
Halo Infinite Nerf Blasters (Image credit: CNET)

What you need to know

  • Halo Infinite is the much-hyped next-gen entry in the Halo franchise, but has been delayed into 2021.
  • While the ambitious first person shooter may not be a launch title for Xbox Series X and S, we're still getting merch for the game.
  • Joining the one Halo Infinite-themed Nerf blaster that's already available, CNET got their hands on two more beautiful looking blasters.
  • The Nerf Bulldog SG and Nerf Mangler will release in January, 2021, with the Mangler already available for pre-order.

Halo Infinite may have sadly been delayed, denying the game as a launch title for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the trickle of toys, merch, and Halo Infinite-themed gear ahead of the game's launch. CNET got an exclusive look at two new Nerf blasters modelled after two guns that will make an appearance in Halo Infinite, the Bulldog Shotgun and Mangler handgun. Both look pretty cool, featuring drums and hand actions (these blasters are not battery-powered or motorized).

The larger Bulldog SG is modelled after Halo Infinite's powerful drum-fed shotgun, with this blaster featuring a 10-dart drum and a pump action to fire, which should allow for rapid follow-ups. There's also a sight and tactical rails for additional attachments. The smaller Mangler still features a drum, albeit smaller at only 6 darts, and will need to be primed before every shot in classic Nerf-style. The Mangler looks particularly cool with its unique drum cover.

If you're in the mood for one of these blasters, you can already pre-order the smaller Nerf Mangler ($20 at Amazon) (opens in new tab), with a listed release date of January 11, 2021. The Bulldog SG isn't available for pre-order yet, but should run you $35. If you're in the mood for a larger Halo Infinite-themed Nerf blaster, you can purchase the Nerf MA40 ($50 at Amazon) (opens in new tab), which features a battery-powered motor for automatic firing, and the classic assault rifle design everyone knows and loves from Halo.

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  • Such awful desings compared to Bungie. SMH.
  • These are toys lol and have to look like as such especially in the US.
  • The lighting in the image makes the blasters look like something you'd pick at a discount store or something lol. There are better images on the source article lol... Also the article makes no note of the redeemable codes for in-game items that come included with these blasters 😗. Although not much, but it's still worth mentioning... "Both blasters will come with a redeemable Xbox Live code for in-game Halo Infinite items; the Bulldog SG gets you a Nerf weapon skin and charm (for some sweet aesthetic consistency), while the Mangler comes with a Nerf emblem and charm. "
  • In my opinion, should have stuck with Boomco. I personally don't care for nerf as the build quality seems less. I also invested in a bunch of Halo Boomco blasters already. So now I'll have to get different darts. Comparing the Halo Boomco blasters to the star wars nerf blasters having owned both types, Boomco wins. I like their darts better than nerf too. But nothing is like running around the house, Halo music blaring, with my 2 boys having an all out war with Boomco darts flying all over the place with my wife and dog getting caught in the crossfire. Maybe I'll grab these but we still have to grab a few more of the Boomco blasters to add to our arsenal.