Never get lost again with the latest NAVIGON Windows Phone update

NAVIGON for Windows Phone has been updated to version 4.7, introducing a number of new features for consumers to utilise while on the move. The NAVIGON set of apps for the platform, available for the US, Europe and Australia offer turn-by-turn navigation among other unique features. If you're looking for a more advanced support tool than the likes of Nokia's HERE Drive, the rather expensive NAVIGON may well be up your street.

So what's new in the latest release? Developer Garmin has added some exciting new features, as noted above, in a free release (for those who already own a purchased copy). First up we have Last Mile. The new function automatically saves the position of the parked car and can aid the user in locating the vehicle.

As well as the above, the app now offers parking options while using the app for navigation. When approaching the destination an icon will display on the map, providing access to a list of available parking options close to the set destination. It's that little bit extra that makes the journey slightly less stressful with more functionality and cover at hand.

Before reaching the destination to park up, one can use Google Street View to check out the end point before heading off. This helps build a better understanding of what to expect when arriving and is now implemented into NAVIGON for Windows Phone. This is particularly useful should the user be unaware of the area and roads leading up to the destination itself.

Instead of relying on a laptop, tablet or even a separate solution for such functionality, NAVIGON now offers Google Street View inside the app. It must be said that we'd prefer not to see a reliance on any Google service when using a Windows Phone.


To help provide more ways to kick off the search for locations nearby, NAVIGON is now integrated into Bing Search. Lastly, Garmin has implemented an EnergySaver mode. The setting enables consumers to save some battery life while navigating. It will reduce the frame rate of the map display and switch off the screen entirely when there aren't any upcoming turns. The display will then automatically come to life when a turn approaches. Now that is a neat feature.

It's a welcomed update, with some great features for consumers to take advantage of. Version 4.7 further enhances the premium experience offered by NAVIGON and heats up the competition between competing services. While Nokia's HERE Drive is both free and available to all Windows Phones, it's always the case of "You get what you pay for," and the latest build of NAVIGON is definitely worth checking out.

You can download NAVIGON for the US (currently on sale for just $29.99 until April 8th), Europe (£51.49) and Australia ($46.99) from the Windows Phone Store. All apps have been updated and QR codes are in order of versions listed with pricing. Please note that at least 1.1GB of internal storage is required for the apps to run successfully.




Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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