New Asus WM Smartphones at CeBIT

The CeBIT conference is happening right now in Hanover, Germany. Right now, the biggest Windows Mobile news there seems to be some new devices and new interfaces coming from Asus. Engadget has the skinny on the ZX1 Lamborghini (pictured at right). The basics is that it's 3G and it's expensive. It's also a WM6.1 Pro device with a custom interface slapped on top.

Yes, this “custom interface slapped on top” thing is becoming a trend these days. Yes, we'd like Microsoft to declare one of them the real ultimate champion of interfaces and standardize on it. No, we're not holding our breath.

Asus is also showing off the M536 (per Engadget, again), a WM6.1 pro device with a front-facing QWERTY, 320x320 flush touchscreen, WiFi, and HSDPA. We'd call it a Treo 750 killer, but it's Euro-bands only. ...Which makes it a Treo 750v killer.

In other Asus news, Mobiholics has a video unboxing of the Asus P750

WC Staff