New Channel 9 index page gives access to all the videos you could ever want

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has folded Channel 9 into Microsoft Learn and is in the process of migrating all of the former's content to the latter.
  • While that happens, a Twitter user and follower of Microsoft's activities took it upon themselves to create a Channel 9 index page so anyone can easily find legacy Channel 9 content.
  • The page is live right now.

In November 2021, Microsoft announced it was folding Channel 9 into the Microsoft Learn family, meaning it'd no longer be a standalone entity. Now, when you go to its announcement page on the subject, you'll be met with this disclaimer:

Channel 9 is now part of Microsoft Learn! Find our videos at Events (live upcoming events and on demand past events) and Shows (recurring episodic content), now integrated with our documentation and training content. Over the coming months, we'll be migrating more legacy content, and delivering new content. Join us!

As to where you can easily enjoy said legacy content and other videos in the interim, there's now an index page built for that singular purpose. Created by Twitter user WalkingCat, otherwise known as the tweeter with the fun Garfield profile picture, a Channel 9 page now exists for your video-browsing pleasure.

The videos on that index page stretch all the way back to content from the early 2000s, so rest assured, if you're looking for old Channel 9 videos, you should be good. And everything could very well make its way to Microsoft's current Channel 9 setup, so keep an eye on the official channels (no pun intended) as well.

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