New Halo TV series trailer shows Spartans, Covenant, and more

Halo TV Series
Halo TV Series (Image credit: Microsoft / Paramount+)

What you need to know

  • The official trailer for the Halo TV series has debuted.
  • The trailer showed off Master Chief, Spartans, the Covenant, and more.
  • The show will premiere on Mar. 24 and will be exclusively available to watch on the Paramount+ streaming service.

During the halftime break of the AFC Championship football game on Jan. 30, the official trailer for the Halo TV series debuted live. The two-minute trailer gave fans a close look at the show's characters, overall narrative direction, and production value. The trailer also echoed the earlier confirmation that the Halo TV series will premiere on March 24 on the Paramount+ streaming service.

The trailer largely sets the stage for the show's events, showing humanity's struggle to defend themselves against the fearsome Covenant Empire. Master Chief, his Spartan allies, and UNSC Marines are all shown fighting Covenant forces — including both Elites and Jackals — as they assault human settlements. Additionally, the trailer also featured shots of the Covenant's Prophet leaders, Cortana, and a mysterious human character that was raised by the Covenant and is now working against humanity. Master Chief is also shown interacting with Forerunner technology, stating that he "felt something" and that it "felt different" when he interfaced with it.

Plot-wise, it appears that the story will focus on the efforts of Master Chief and the UNSC as they attempt to reach one of the Forerunners' Halo rings, which were used (in the core Halo timeline) to stop the Flood thousands and thousands of years ago. They'll no doubt have to fight Covenant forces along the way, and may possibly cross paths with the woman who is working with the Covenant as well.

Notably, unlike the Halo novels, the Halo TV series will be set in a separate "Silver Timeline" that's very similar to the core Halo canon, but will deviate from the franchise's main story in ways that are both big and small.

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