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New HomeHub concepts show how Microsoft plans to take on Amazon Echo

We've reported before on how Microsoft is looking to make your Windows 10 PC the center of your home with a new feature called HomeHub, and now we've gotten our first glimpse at what that might look like. New concept shots revealed by The Verge paint one of our first pictures of how HomeHub will work on partner hardware in a bid to challenge Amazon's Echo devices in the home.

According to the report, the HomeHub feature will include an always-on welcome screen that can show you things like to-do lists, calendars, and notes. From The Verge:

The welcome screen is really designed for kitchen PCs and new smaller hardware with screens that will support Cortana voice commands from across the room. Microsoft appears to be readying Windows 10 for future devices that are similar to Amazon's new Echo Show hardware, with easy access to voice search, calling, and smart device control. Microsoft's differentiator is that it wants these devices to be considered full Windows 10 PCs.

Alongside the welcome screen, Microsoft is planning for HomeHub to support a wide range of smart home controls for things like Hue, Nest, and SmartThings, just to name a few. As a software feature in Windows 10, HomeHub is expected to make its way to Windows 10, likely as part of Redstone 3, this September alongside improvements to Cortana.

While HomeHub should be accessible on existing hardware, Microsoft is said to be working with PC partners to create HomeHub hardware. It's possible we could see some of this hardware debut at Microsoft's upcoming May 23 event in China, which is expected to feature its own hardware reveals.

Microsoft's Home Hub vision makes more sense with Windows 10 ARM and Project Evo

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  • Looks great! Let's hope it works well too!
  • I've recently decommissioned my 40" Hisense from It's monitor duties, and was about to convert it into a smart mirror using Raspberry Pi. However Hub Home does look very promising, and may be a better fit for my project. I wonder how much of it will permeate through to Windows 10 IoT?
  • Right now I have a laptop connected to a 40" Samsung touchscreen mounted in my living room.  I was hoping Cortana integrations were going to be more forthcoming and hope Insiders gets us up and running quickly with some good 3rd party support.  I got an Alexa as a gift and am hugely impressed how it instantly integrated my Hue, Insteon and Ecobee's.  I hope Microsoft can equal or better the simplistic but incredibly well-implemented functionality real soon!
  • That's always the tricky bit. Microsoft always has such grand , amazing ideas, but implementing them sometimes (well, most of the time) either fails to achieve the potential or doesn't gain it the traction it should.
  • Windows Phone, Band 1, Band 2, The Wallet app (with TTP), Photosynth, etc. All great ideas with little marketing and follow through...
  • Windows Phone was a bad idea with heavy marketing. It failed because it was a poor platform with a terrible strategy. Band was the same. It could not compare to Apple Watch or Android Wear and was too expensive and ugly for a fitness tracker. These were not good products. They were poor products that Microsoft didn't follow through with because they failed miserably.
  • Silliest comment made this week. " Windows Phone was a bad idea"? You must be a fanboi for droid or the fruit or the only (non-biased) person who thinks that. The WP OS was (and still is) the best designed mobile interface and certainly the most efficiant resource-wise. There was not heavy marketing, some of the OEM's like Nokia promoted their individual phones pretty well initialy, but they was never an emphasis on the "Windows Phone" aspect. It was always about the great camera or other features of the phone, not about the ecosystem. I knew lots of people a few years back (some fairly technically inclined) who didn't really even know there was any unified OS's on phones (other than on iPhones.) They just assumed, that each manufacturer was doing their own thing, like Apple did. For many, the high-end Lumia's were Nokia phones, not Windows Phone. Lots of realy butt-ugly droid wear out there, BTW.
  • Windows Phone was a terrible idea. Selling a lockdown and feature incomplete platform that benefited no one except Microsoft was not a good idea. At a time when Google was giving carriers and manufacturers all the power it is no wonder Windows Phone failed. Microsoft had a terrible idea matched to an equally terrible strategy. Manufacturers and carriers never supported it properly so Microsoft had no chance. Windows Phone wasn't strong enough to stand on its own. Microsoft pushed Windows Phone really hard. I am not sure if you remember, but the ads were constant on TV. This was well before the camera angle. Microsoft spent $500 million just for marketing on WP7 alone!
  • And who make Billions with Android, it's not Google... Microsoft is a business company, it means they have to make money, if a project doesn't make money no matter how brilliant it was, they abandon it. They're not here to make a small percentage of peoples happies, they're here to make as much peoples as they can happies because without money, there's no new good products...
  • That is quite a statement to make. The majority of Google's income is now from mobile ads.
  • Looks a great idea, this type of thing and family-orientated use is particularly troublesome/cumbersome with devices at present (shame kids corner etc were culled - that WAS very useful). However, the pit of my stomach feels that yet again a great idea will be too slow to market. Fingers crossed Microsoft can get their act in gear.
  • If it's not highly extensible, it's DOA
  • It is Windows... It is extensible.
  • Just because it's a feature in windows doesn't mean the feature will be extensible outside of MS and trusted partners.  Look at the people hub integration. 
  • I think you got the people hub situation backwards... It was extensible to everyone, but companies didn't want their branding hidden behind a hub.
  • This is absolutely correct. 
  • It wasn't open to all. I coudln't integrate a service with it. I'm referring to the what's new feed that contained Facebook, twitter and linkedin very briefly. 
  • Yes, look at the people hhub integration... lets look at something that is technically not even out yet, and base everything else on that! 
  • I think he's talking about the hub idea that Microsoft had in WP7, later copied to BB10... Both of which failed because companies wanted to have stand-alone apps.
  • Exactly, I'm referring to things that have been tried already with no success. Everyone wants their own branding. 
  • Microsoft makes their products extensible, they already have a Cortana SDK that does much more than the competition and is open to everyone. Alexa is open only to those who are large companies, Siri was semi-opened a few months ago but developers have complained that it is so locked down that it is practically useless, Google Home doesn't have any extensibility. If any company has any track record of making their products highly extensible, it is Microsoft.
  • People need to wake up and realize that Microsoft is the open company... Not google.
  • You are damn right!
  • Cortana SDK is powerful, but if key players don't use it, WHO CARES!!  Where's my Nest support (No app).  Where's my Ring doorbell support? (Crappy app).  The if they build it (SDK), they will come mentality doesn't work for MS.
  • usual...a day late and a dollar short.
  • Right.... first word that jumps into my head here; 'Apple'. Don't think it's working too badly for them.
  • it is not always important to do first, surface family, hololens, .... are all ahead of their time, is not "usual", the most important thing is do it better and diffrent / a lot of companies made vr devices, what microosft do ? create a platform for vr / in opposite of amazon microsoft is a platform maker for other hardware companies, they must make sure it is work on diff range of devices not just one
  • Yet, spot on.
  •   Microsoft has plans and fuzzy concepts
    Amazon has products that ship to a repeat customer base.   Curious to see how that will work out. .
  • the concepts leak, and every platform and ... at first are concepts /    microosft plan to create a platform for diff range of devices = people have more choice  vs amzon create a device, an expensive one ($229)
  • sure ...  However, Amazon is to market first.  Often, time-to-market makes a winner.  Microsoft seems a bit hesitant, Amazon not.    Harman-Kardon will not be cheap either (it's Harman-Kardon, isn't it) 
    but probably will sound better (it's Harman-Kardon, isn't it).  We will see how this plays out.  I personally would favor a device with supports all speech-enabled narrow-AI speaker boxes (Amazon, Microsoft, Google).  Technically, this should not be too hard. 
    Probably will not happen because neither Amazon, Microsoft nor Google wants this to happen.  In such a scenario,
    typically the contender that is already entrenched in the market
    with a fairly high volume has very good chances to emerge as the winner. For the rest of the pack it will be an up-hill battle.
    Every counter-move is costly for them
    and it always takes a couple of month at least to prepare and execute conunter-moves
    (during which the market leader has improved his market position even more,
    in terms of mind share and market share).  Microsoft is in for the long run (I do hope).  As Microsoft is late to the market, i
    t will take them a long time to catch up and establish themselves firmly with Cortana.  Which also - unfortunately - means that consumers,
    who do want to buy Microsoft,
    will have to wait farily long till they can buy what they desire. As usual, Microsoft could have it had easier.
    But they rarely chose that path. Anyway, the Microsoft stock price is doing well.
    So who cares.  I wonder: 
    Maybe it's better to be a Microsoft shareholder rather than being a loyal customer?   .       
  • Let's see here... Amazon has one product, which uses Microsoft services to work. Microsoft is launching a platform for everyone to build upon, and have their own services for it.
  • Amazon had theirs for years, it was just recently that Google jumped into the market. Apple hasn't even announced their product yet, but based off of Apple's usual FUD the Apple fans aren't saying that Apple is "a day late and a dollar short." No, Apple fans are proclaiming it as the Echo killer that will take over the market and Apple will take over the market - all without even evidence that Apple is entering the market. But Microsoft, who has had personal assistants first in the market going back to Pocket PC, they are late. Of course, if they were first, then you would be here complaining about how it was rushed to market. Ship in the middle of the pack, and it is too late. So please, tell us, when exactly is the right time to ship?
  • How? 
  • Right. Because the market is so saturated.
  • Looks like a good pic for the China reveal, especially considering how quickly Echo version went from rumor to presentation this week, smelled like "oh crap we have to reveal first."
  • Looks like some awesome potential in this, I wonder if this is what the Surface event coming up might be geared towards? Seems a bit early given RS3's September release, but a smaller, consumer-friendly version of the Surface Hub might be the next addition to the Surface line-up, it'd be category-defining.
  • Surface studio predated the creators update by almost 5months could be a simular trend here where surface kitchen/alarm clock is released in june but the update that is touted at anouncement comes out months later.
  • Really wish they will add more to the HomeHub - like Arlo, Xfinity, etc.
  • This is Microsoft not google. Anyone is free to integrate into this.
  • Thinking of my little kids when looking at people icons - could it be revamped corded phone? Skype?
  • Sounds good...but I've been burned by Microsoft before.  Think Zune hardware, Microsoft Band, Windows Phone, and many software products; Microsoft Money, Maps, etc.   So forgive me for being very skeptical.   I do not trust them to follow through or continue support..
  • My band, maps and phone works great. What problems have you had?
  • The problem that many of those don't have life anymore.
  • maps doesnt have life anymore ? well  they frequently add more 3d cities and also add pen support, msn money also work great 
  • Look, many of us love MS products but are feeling burned and just want the company to acknowledge this and do more. Take the all-is-rosy sunglasses off.
  • look how about think more logicaly, do you think maps that recently get pen support and more 3d cities has no life anymore or msn money that work great and has 4.3 star on store
  • Your talking about apps that are barely used. Have you ever compared navigation between MS Maps and Waze? Maps will take you 20 miles in the wrong direction. Who really inks on maps anyway? Can you explain why Bing maps has Birds Eye view but the app doesn't? Who uses MSN Money anymore? The fact that these unused apps are being updated but for new features and not quality or efficiency just says that there are developers at MS being underutilized and should be diverted to products that the general public cares about.
  • Maps has always worked well for me.  Even when I went overseas and downloaded the maps prior to going.
  • Map has a few issues, as shown in these screenshots (one from Google Maps, one from MS Maps) - MS Maps sends me three miles in the wrong direction (MS Maps) (Google maps)
  • i use msn money probably 3 times a week, also maps on windows 10 has the bird eye and tabs / "20 miles in the wrong direction" nice joke / also you must learn the meaning of "those don't have life anymore." directly from your comment, a app that gets update and add new fetures is not dead 
  • Well, I guess that's one Money user still out there. The only life it has is Life Support. You obviously haven't carefully compared Bing Maps to the app because Birds Eye and Ariel are different.
  • Msn money and the free morningstar statistical data that it provides is probably the best "free" source you can find at any platform. So unless you have a bloomberg terminal at your office, its your best option for quality data.
  • I think he is refering to the offline software stand alone product, not the current UWP / Web versions.  Why I'm not sure, seems like it's time has passed.  MS Money on the other hand, very upset they retired that, as there aren't an GOOD money managers on UWP.
  • Really? Sure, my band will not get more updates, but the other products get updated every two weeks on average.
  • I reiterate my statement on underutilized developers.
  • They've all been mostly abandoned except maps which isn't as good on mobile as it is pc
  • I get more updates on my mobile than any other platform.. If it is dead, the other platforms have been long forgotten.
  • Updates with no features! What did Creators Update give you? A new icon? Google gives bigger updates to every Android phone through Play Services.
  • Band strap broke, for the second time, and they won't cover it now. Maps fails hard in landmarks and businesses and since the CU it won't connect to a GPS signal. And my phone hasn't had a working FFC for the past year due to a software update, which when my iris scanner also stuffed up, again, after an update, I couldn't reset because the FFC doesn't work.
  • Why would the FFC stop you from resetting the device? Sounds like user error all around. Maps work great for me, so does my Band 2.
  • all compnaies has failures and discontinue things, chromebook pixel, nexus q and many other services for google / also i don't undrestnad the situation about microosft band, you microsoft band is not working anymore ? if a hardware rease it doenst mean that particular hardawre must get 10 more sequels
  • And all of Microsoft's competition has discontinued products, too. Do you say the same about them? Apple has burned their customers by not releasing a new iPod in years, not desktops, nor servers in years. They make products such as the Apple HiFi, Apple Bluetooth headset, Apple displays, the Apple Wi-Fi router, and on, and on, and on. Google routinely removes products - in fact, they joyously refer to it as their spring cleaning, and they are cheered for getting rid of old products. Google has become well known for buying a company then letting it languish for months until it quietly disappears. And who can forget Amazon's phone - one and done in a couple months. So while excuses are made for companies cancelling products, or we are told those companies are good for streamlining by cancelling products, Microsoft does it and we are supposed to avoid them for doing exactly what other companies are doing.
  • U forgot to mention the facebook phone.
  • They should make a wall mounted charging Home HUB dock for the Surface tablets that activates this mode when docked. Would be an incredible use for older Surface Devices instead of just selling or trading them in.
  • I second this, a Surface Home-Hub would be a really neat add on acessory.
  • Interesting concept.
  • Surface Home. You heard it here first. (or not)
  • So, like a Surface always plugged in into the kitchen with always-on Cortana.
  • Let's be honest. We all know that Amazon already won this. Sadly but most likely true. And Amazon has an advantage with the Amazon eco system. Music, Video and their shop is used by many.
    But MS is still the superior software company. Maybe I'm wrong. I hope so. And btw: MS should learn that there's a market outside the US.
  • Uh... This market hasn't even been started yet. The smart home market is an infant still... Clearly Amazon is just an early player but there is nothing that says they will be a big player.
  • Where do these people get the idea that the market is so saturated, there's no room for anyone else? I guess anything to ***** about Microsoft.
  • 1. Amazon echo is already available in many countries not just the USA like the MS solution.
    2. Amazon has the ecosystem the consumer is interested in. That's a huge plus.
    3. Even Cortana is still a shadow of itself beyond the US border.
  • The situation here is, any Windows 10 PC can be turned into a hub, so in effect Microsoft have the upper hand. It means I could effectively take my old laptop and make it a home hub without spending an additional £300 odd. It's not likely to be optimised for such use, but it's a way to get it off the ground at home. 
  • A PC, even a laptop, requires much more energy. And like you said. A old laptop is not optimized for this. I don't think that many people will randomly put old laptops in their living room.
    And most people are not really that much into tech. They most likely don't know that they can turn their old Vista laptop into something like this. And they don't know how.
  • There is no "winning" this, let's be honest. This isn't actually a competition.
  • Amazon also has its drawbacks.
    1. Supported languages are few. (Currently only English/German is supported.)
    2. I do not have an OS.
    3. Because there is no OS, there is little impact on mobile.
    4. Amazon's shopping, movies, music and other services are available in many countries, but there are many countries that are not yet in service.
  • Amazon is beating Microsoft to the punch. Even more ridiculous is the fact
    that Amazon is now entering Microsoft's home turf
    by the way of it's Echo call feature
    which just might seriously jeopardize Microsoft's very own Skype service. The Echo calling feature is a blitzkrieg attack on Skype. Microsoft - as always - still seems to have all the time of the world
    whilst ignoring much of the bustling activities around them. .
  • Why are people so quick with conclusions? Are there more than a couple of million devices out there yet?
  • Because they know microsoft's track record with releasing products, promising awesome features,  PHONES,  etc only to bak pedal and abaondon it all!  That's why people are quick to jump to conclusions....there are alot of people here that like microsoft,  but dont have the rose colored windows panes on their face like you do giddora!
  • Exaggerations... That's what some of these so called "dead" rumors are. Meanwhile, us who use the products that are "dead" get more development and updates than any other platform.
  • Phone....dead...Look at all the app devleopment coming to w10m....WOAH!  look out its raining......oh wait.....right.....its more like the plug is pulled in the sink off apps....3rd party **** apps are not devleopment.  it's garbage.   wake up....yes you are getting weekly updates from make a useless phone.....useless...screw continuum....thats a desktop computer..not a phone. fanboy blinders cant see that however.
  • Yeah say that to my Zune, Windows Mobile phone, Lumia 800 with WP7, Lumia 920 with WP8, Surface 2 with WinRT, or my Lumia 930 which can't official update to the creators update. And what is about my Kinect? Yes most android phones don't get updates for a long time too. But that is not such a drastic cut like from WP7 to WP8 to Win10m.
  • Yeah exaggerations. "Microsofts track record"? Yeah like trying to force phones for YEARS with no results... remember Zune? IMO, it was a superior product and Microsoft pushed and pushed for YEARS again with no results. That's not abandoning, that's called surviving as a business. Any product that is even remotely successful is kept, business. Learn it. They're not in the BUSINESS of endlessly dumping money to please fanboys.
  • Roughly 8 million Echos in the US and growing fast. They will probably be in 10% of US households before the end of the year.
  • Never seen one out know anyone with it.
  • I have an Echo Dot. It's pretty fun but I will jump to the MS solution if ti works well.
  • microsoft bring the call feture to homes much before amazon, skype on xbox one 
  • I need to take a break from the internet methinks. I first read the headline as "New PornHub Concepts"
  • They should put homehub on a television. Maybe a Microphone or a Kinect as well. I mostly used mine for everything aside from games anyway. Turn on the tv with voice and choose channels, apps, and movies. All that jazz. Amazon's screen has video calls, this can have Skype with Kinect video just like xbox.... Or you can buy an xbox... Now that I think of it... That's different though. I'd say theres a market for it. Buy a tv and get Homehub with it, that would be cool. Edit: I just though to myself "what would they do about the apps?" THEY ALREADY GOT EM! Port from Xbox. See now, They are sleeping on this Idea. Then you can allow xbox indie games and stuff on it.
  • @Daniel Rubino, Looks like you might be getting your wish. Hopefully some good hardware will come from OEMs on the screen front. That, in combination with the speakers spread out throughout the home, could possibly be a good foot in the Home Market for Microsoft/Partners
  • HoloLens, "Creators" Update, Surface Studio...understood these are new "category creations" but since the Surface tablet, when will Microsoft create a product that your "everyday user" will want? When will we see massive advertising, making us "proud" again to be MS fans?
  • Like Hololens, Dial, and Surface Hub, I think this concept was already displayed in one of MS' Productivity Future Vision videos. It is surprising how many of the concepts from these videos are actually being made in some form. 
  • I am still holding my breath for the next big thing in mobile. I don't think I'll survive if I also start holding my breath for the home hub to arrive.
  • I would just start breathing and buy something else.  the "next big thing" is not coming from microsoft.
  • Another feature that will be dropped or delayed.
  • Coming soon...
  • This is gonna be huge for MS but I can already see some lawsuits brewing over which product comes up first when searching for Home Hub on Amazon.
  • It all sounds great, but once again they are playing chase. Even if it is better, everyone just talks about Echo and Alexa as a household name now. I think it is already to entrenched in to make a dent in this market. I could be wrong, but id bet heavily in me being right.
  • So your logic is, "unless you're first to market, you shouldn't build it"?
  • Not sure I agree I've never quite got the Amazon echo concept. To me the AI needs to be everywhere and you should be able to turn any Bluetooth device with speakers and microphone into a connection with Cortana the missing piece is getting Cortana to interact with other devices, TV , media player, washing machine, heating etc.
  • people talk about nokia not ios , guess what happen ? people just talk about nintendo and playstation and not xbox, guess what happen ? people all day talk about ipad not surface, guess what happen ? people talk about snapchat that dispear your photo not instagram story or whatsapp story and what happen ? instagram and whatsapp has more daily users than snapchat / people talk how amazing and popular pebble is and at the end pebble get destroyed and ....   this is ******* technology, there is no first or late, built it better with more features and you get result 
  • Microsoft can solve this by bundling Invoke with Surface tablets, laptops, Xbox One, or new PC's.  Buy a product, get an Invoke for $50 bucks. Phones aside, Microsoft still sells a lot of hardward...
  • Nobody talks about the Echo actually... It is far from a mainstream product in a segment that is far from mainstream.
  • Not true:
  • You are so blind.   Amazon hit a home run with the echo series.  There is ALOT of talk about it.   NOT here because there are too many fanboys that are ONLY microsoft products.  Move outside the safety net of your little world,  and there are many people talking about how cool this technology is,  even on NON tech sites and programs.   blinders are bad for you fanboy.
  • We'll this looks great if the get it to run on a range of devices that would be brilliant.
  • Need mobile integration for Cortana for this to compete with Google Assistant / echo / Siri. It's nerfed on Android being unable to trigger Cortana with voice. Not even a competition at this point.
  • That is because Android is a closed and locked down system.
  • You are mentally is the MOST OPEN of any operating systme and far from LOCKED down.  You can go download the apk for android and use it on any device.....WIndows is way more locked down...and since,  android is is way more LOCKED down than god the **** that comes from your cakehole is wacky!   Lay off the cheap drugs....
  • This is the future Microsoft phones Satya was talking about. It looks totally different from the current crop of devices.
  • Surface deskphone that would drive most windows mobile/phone fans out the window.
  • Get rid of concept and get it developed now.
  • Link W10 to KNX. True smarthome technology and not gadgets.
  • MS should lead with premium surface home with best screen, speaker and mic. And a range of 3rd party hardware. Excited. Also Cortana has to improve to the likes of google
  • They should also set strict hardware requirements so users won't blame homehub instead of cheap hardware. At least for sensing voice from across room. Plus most important shouldn't trigger all devices with hey Cortana using proximity awareness. Inter communication between the devices will be cool.
  • Better work on Xbox.
  • you took the wirds right outta my mouth. Xbob is the best selling console right now, it's hot stuff.
  • with harmon kardon coming up, and the surge of bots in skype, could Smart home and AI be the theme for the redstone 3 amd 4 update?
  • Honestly, I rather have a dedicated device with a screen instead of leaving my monitor on all the time.
  • And it could very well be, or it could be in your tablet, your Xbox, phone, an a specialized device... Seems it could really be about anywhere.
  • Taken on Android, Take on Smartband. I spent a lot of money with those no go
  • About time
  • I honestly would love to have this on my gaming PC. I make constant reminders for work, so when I go out with my Surface I forget that I've made a task in my To Do list. Same thing works around for my PC. My rig is set up to look like a office PC and having to make notes on my Surface for stuff at home is something I do a lot since it's touch screen. Hopefully home hub makes its way to Xbox! I'd love to see power save mode have a "Lock screen" mode for my One S!
  • With Cortana and homehub on its way, I'm betting the name for redstone 3 will be based on AI.
  • Quite an uphill battle to tackle Amazon's few year advantage, but we'll see. I for sure find it exciting tech, so it would be nice if they execute it well.
  • It looks great, I would love to get a dedicated hardware running the home hub (including Hello cam and Mic Array similar to the one in the Studio, to call Cortana from across the room), but MS is unlikely to let me buy it... because: - Home Hub host HW announced in May 2017
    - Pre-order with RS3 launch in Sept/Oct 2017 in the US only
    - may reach the rest of the world (UK, etc), if ever, in 2019! I lost faith!
  • I think it is unlikely that it will expand to the world in 2019. Microsoft's work is very slow. I wonder if I will be able to use Cortana in my country in my native language in 2020. I wonder if the device will be released.
  • Coming Soon™
  • Again, Microsoft, a day late and a dollar short.  There are already plenty of devices out there and they are already heavily supported by your competitor.  I seriously doubt people will go looking for "HomeHub certified" devices.  They'll want the very same things their friends have, so if they can't immediately work with HomeHub, you can count this as another fail.
  • New HomeHub concepts show how Microsoft plans to take on Amazon Echo ... This is end like all of Microsoft's other "We Can Do It Better" projects, they'll lose interest in 6 to 9 months. Microsoft has a terrible track record when they play catch up.
  • I talk about it every time, but Microsoft needs Cortana to be available quickly around the world. Cortana's support area and language is too small. Google, Apple already supports a variety of regions and languages. Amazon now supports only English / German, but I was learning Korean. I'm learning another language. Amazon is learning another language. Microsoft is just too slow. You should support multiple languages soon.
  • They had this market at one time, with Media Center and then sort of walked away.
  • Planning support for Nest? Google, they say no. See YouTube Windows app as an example of what Google does when Microsoft try and support Google products.