New KB3105208 update is causing BSOD with some on Windows 10 Insider preview build 10565

If you are running the recently released Windows 10 Insider preview build 10565 and also have the Secure Boot/UEFI feature enabled, you might want to keep an eye out for a recent KB3105208 software update. That file apparently is causing "Blue Screens of Death" (BSOD) when it is installed with Windows 10 build 10565 with Secure Boot/UEFI.

The problems have been popping up enough that Windows Insider head Gabriel Aul made a post on Microsoft's support forums wrote a post to apologize for the problem and also to offer a simple workaround for the issue:

"Sorry everyone for the impact this update had on you. The Windows Servicing team has been working since late last night to understand what is happening here, and is pulling this package down as soon as they can. As many have mentioned, the temporary workaround is to disable Secure Boot so that your machine can boot correctly. Once we have a fix for the issue we definitely want you to be sure to re-enable Secure Boot for your protection. I'll share more info on that when we have a fix in hand.""The series of hotfixes that we've been sending out are actually mostly "empty" (they include some config changes and test binaries) and have been for the purpose of testing our delivery pipeline. So this definitely caught us a bit by surprise that it was having this impact. We're debugging what the precise cause was, but this happening to you likely exposed a bug that we need to address - so I hope you at least feel good as an Insider that you prevented this from happening to less technically savvy customers. Thanks everyone, and sorry again that today was a tough day to be an Insider."

Microsoft will be pulling the update as it works to get a fix in place as quickly as possible.

Thanks to our forum members for the tips!

Source: Microsoft Support

John Callaham