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New Microsoft ad focuses on the impact of the cloud on cancer research

After debuting a pair of touching commercials showing off how its technologies can improve the lives of others, Microsoft recently debuted another spot that touches on how its Azure cloud technologies are empowering cancer researchers.

In the spot, cancer researcher Wu Feng talks about how the cloud has impacted his research. He notes that, while it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome, Microsoft's cloud technologies have enabled his team to sequence up to 100 per day — a massive step up in the fight against such a horrible disease.

Source: Microsoft (YouTube); Via: Neowin

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  • That's amazing...
  • What will be amazing is if later this year MS does a good job marketing WP along with the rest of W10,,, which I do have faith they will push heavily.
  • That would be amazing as well, but I would rather have a cure for cancer.......why not both?
  • Let me think about it...
  • Is is quite amazing. These things really matter.
  • It's......Hololens! Posted from the Z3, Nexus 5, or Surface Pro 3
  • interesting yes. but MSFT isn't in the business of touchy feely tv series. they are in the business of making money and this quite simply pales in comparison to even the most basica apple ad, which returns 100X or more whatever apple pays for it. Conversely all MSFT acomplished with this is yet another ad nobody will remember, care for, or more importantly use it as a purchase decision around anything MSFT sells. the only good aspect is that it doesn't feature gates shaking his butt, unlike his last ad, but in terms of results, I think gates's ads will prove a better investment to shareholders than this.
  • Thanks, I'm gonna show that nice comment to my mom who almost died because of cancer.
  • I was going to say, neonspark either doesn't know anyone affected by cancer, or doesn't give a shit. Most of us are not that lucky, and our ears perk up a bit when promising developments like this are shown.
  • I really hope that he never has to deal with it.
  • Same here... I lost my Father to cancer and wouldn't wish anyone else to ever go through this. Cry me a river if you want but then build me bridge to get over it... Posted from my HTC M8
  • Of course this ad sells. Technologies used to back research are reliable and secure enough to handle the power and confidentiality needed, which means reliable cloud platform for enterprises too!
  • Wow. How did you cram that much ignorance into just a single post? Bravo, sir. Well played.
  • Now listen up class! Today's lesson is how someone sounds when they talk out of their butt! Here is a prime example. Let us learn from today's lesson! Posted from the Z3, Nexus 5, or Surface Pro 3
  • Yeap. I think his butt has jealous of the shit which come out of his mouth (or keyboard whatever).
  • I work on cancer research at MD Anderson and Microsoft has helped a lot but what I thought helped more is IBM Watson. It can even predict in how many days the patient will be back to hospital for neutropenic fever among so many other things.
  • do you really think apple ads are that good? i think i has more to do with all the journalist and clebrities who help promote apple for free. they got it in their tiny brains that apple hust makes the best products. they make atteactive products byt their software isn't really that special. it the developer support that keeps them on top. if all those apps started showing up on wp and android first, apple marketshare would plummet.
  • I think neonspark is correct. I HAVE lost someone in my family to cancer, but this ad is not making me run out and buy Azure services. Yes its great that MS is helping to fight cancer, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but am I going to buy a microsoft product because of it?... No. :(
  • Cool :)
  • Well.. At least it's Microsoft ad, which is nice
  • Yes, I am certain the clouds of pollution in China are causing cancer. Definitely a big impact.
  • Lol that's a sad reality, don't forgot the contaminated rivers infected with pollution and nuclear waste. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yay cloud!
  • This delights me as a cancer and stem cell researcher. Good going Microsoft. Invest more in education apps and tools - make new learning experiences for all age groups - from KG to post-doctoral research. I'm sure they have the resources to do it and it really is a very good market to tap into. And now that we are accustomed to Microsoft services on all platforms, it actually is a winning proposition.
  • I like this. Microsoft is doing a much better job positioning themselves in the public eye as a solutions-for-problems company and focusing on the awesome stuff they do, rather than going after the throats of their competitors (pretty much every W8 / WP8 ad). This is how companies should advertise. "We do cool stuff" is a lot more respectable than, "that company sucks, we're better."
  • I think so amazing !
  • Tenuous and boring. Their marketing team needs a kick up the arse.
  • Awesome!!!! I just had a close friend pass away From cancer. I have alot of respect for you Microsoft!!! :)
  • What many people posting here do not realize is that this is exactly what Microsoft said they were going to do.  "They want people to go from needing Windows, to using Windows, to LOVING Windows." The way they will accomplish that is first they have to overcome all the "bad press" and "bad feelings" people have for Microsoft. Show the world how much you care, and that you want to make life better for them, and people will start to appreciate and love you. Once they begin to love Microsoft for being a company that helps people, then they will want to give their products a try again.  People buy products when they feel emotionally tied to it. Apple created feelings in people, and people rush out to buy their products. It's not because they were the "first" to perfect a particular technology, they make people feel confident with their products. It is that feeling of confidence that people get that causes them to purchase the products.  Microsoft is using their own take, and once people start loving the company for the things they do, they will give Windows 10 the chance they never gave Windows 8, because by the time Windows 8 came out, people were only using Windows because they had to use it to get the software they wanted. Microsoft was already a "dirty word" to a large majority of people. People used the abbreviation M$ because they believed Microsoft was only after your money and cared nothing about you. This entire ad campaign is Microsoft attempting to get people to wake up and realize that Microsoft is doing something good with the money they have by helping so many, and empowering good things. Giving away Windows 10 to so many instead of forcing paid upgrades is a way to get rid of the M$ image so that people will love them.  It will pay off. What Microsoft accomplished from the early 1980s through 1999 will pale in comparison to what they will accomplish during the next 10 years.
  • Now this was superbowl material.  Talked about the product, benefits technically and socially.
  •   "Duh reel questin dat needs to be assed...":   NOT SMART!