New Microsoft job listing hints at far more rapid future Windows updates

A newly discovered job listing on Microsoft's careers website hints strongly that the company is looking to update future versions of Windows on a much more rapid basis, with the post stating, "We are creating a new system that will fundamentally change the way Windows is shipping to put the ecosystem at the center of Windows."

The job post for a Software Engineer begins with a series of questions for the applicant:

"The world of software evolves at a faster and faster pace. Online services are shipping every week, why not client software? What would it take to modify the windows start menu on every Windows user machine in less than a week? To issue a video driver fix and to offer all the people who have run into issues it in less than 2 days? How do you help every developer test his changes at large scale and provide him the exact information he needs to debug obscure issues that never happen on any of his machines? If any of these problems seem interesting to you, Windows mission control might be the right place for you."

The implication is that Microsoft is working to form this Mission Control team in order to quickly get information about issues in future versions of Windows and then quickly solve them and get patches out as soon as they are ready, rather than wait for a monthly "Patch Tuesday" update as the company normally does with Windows and other PC software products.

Microsoft is getting ready to officially reveal its plans for the next version of Windows, code named Threshold and which may or may not be called Windows 9. The company plans to hold a press event in San Francisco on September 30 to talk about their plans, specifically for the enterprise audience. However, the last couple of weeks have seen a number of leaked screenshots and videos from an early build of Threshold hit the Internet, which have shown features such as virtual desktops, the new Start menu for the desktop and more.

Do you support Microsoft updating Windows on a more rapid basis in the future?

Source: Microsoft Careers (opens in new tab) via Neowin

  • But not windows phone (or whatever it'll be called) which is where its really needed.
  • No not really, Windows Phone is dead in the water, Windows desktop is where its at
  • actually, it is just windows now.  and management and advances will serve all.
  • If they can use this windows mission control to get updates out universally to windows phone and coordinate with carriers, like Apple does for the iPhone, it would do a lot to improve the Windows Phone image
  • If the threshold release includes merging Windows phone with RT, I would think that this would address phone updates as well, where it will then be Windows across all devices, not Windows for PCs, Windows Phone, Windows RT, etc., just Windows.
  • Are you following anything lately? Microsoft has combined the Windows and Windows Phone team. They are one in the same now. And with the Threshold release this coming spring, they will essentially be the same OS. This Mission Control team would be involved in OS updates across the board.
  • With Threshold they will be much closer so that should apply to WP as well.
  • It will be just "Windows". Bring it MSFT!
  • Yes people, they are merging RT and Windows Phone, but that doesn't mean the floodgates will suddenly open and Microsoft will take full control of updates. For any carrier branded devices/handsets, you can bet your britches they will likely still need to receive carrier approval for updates, lest the carriers refuse to carry Windows devices.
  • Maybe it includes WP. They *are* going to ditch the name, aren't they?
  • Going forward, Windows will just be Windows, regardless of device.
  • Windows 9 is the ONLY thing that can save and/or boost Windows Phones marketshare. So Windows is the priority.
  • No
  • Seems faster.
  • NO!!!
  • If power users can still use a wsus like tool to continue batch updating im for it
  • I am absolutely appalled by the fact that Microsoft will be updating Windows on a more rapid basis in the future.
  • Seriously! How dare them for even thinking about this.
  • Rapid indeed and we still don't have cyan
  • What phone and what carrier? Are you running developer preview?
  • if he's like me then it's Verizon. and doesn't matter DP or not. They haven't pushed to anything. T-Mo isn't much better.
  • Yeah. I'm on preview...havent heard any news of cyan for us in the last few weeks. If they can push it to att users who are on preview...what happened to the rest of us?!?
  • Wow, that's a serious commitment and speaks volumes to Microsoft wanting updates to be lightweight and fast
  • I'm starting to believe the rumors Windows 9 will be indeed called "Windows" and we will see an end to the big updates. "Windows as a service" to me means Windows will just be the core; that which allows you to run Office, etc. If you have Windows, you will always get the newest features from now on. So instead of having to buy an upgrade, you get it for free ala Office 365 with the difference being you only need to buy Windows to put it on a new PC, never to upgrade an existing one.
  • Yes. I mean it's great for consumers. And I like that.
    But I'm curious what they'll do about business because that won't update this frequently.
  • Traditionally, that's true. But believe it or not, we in IT do change with the times. At least the competent ones do.
  • Then Microsoft will no longer be a software company, but a devices and services one. They can change the game if they're the first to offer a universal OS as a service with permanent background updates.
  • That'd be really cool, actually. I love how Office 365 works, I'm all for that business model.
  • Horrible decision! Horrible! Do you think that saying horrible was wrong? Do you think that every comment should also end with a question? ;)
  • Don't forget about Xbox Music, Microsoft. Posted via Windows Phone Central App for Android!
  • Laid off 18,000 employees, and then puts up help wanted ads. Nice.
  • Really? Microsoft gets rid of the extra accountants they acquired from Nokia but cannot hire any new engineers? I can promise that those few laid off engineers will be given preferential treatment if they apply due to the fact they have experience working at Microsoft.
  • Exactly.
  • They couldn't just keep the Nokia engineers on board ? Can't have too many software engineers.
  • You can have too many of anything, lol. And sometimes you do need to change the guard, because people tend to get stuck in their ways. If that way is a three year cycle, and you want a monthly or weekly cycle, that's a problem.
  • This kind of thought is why you're not a leader.
  • This website is slowly becaming Microsoft Central, we all see less and less Windows Phone news, more and more Microsoft, Xbox etc..
  • And this is bad because? Face it, windows phone news is so sparse these days that they have to focus on other things. Frankly I think its great that I dont have to hear about another phone more expensive than my surface that only has 1GB of ram (iphone 6 plus anyone)
  • This post is related to windows phone devices, updates in general so if you're are not interest in windows ecosystem topics then do not read it. I'm trying not to be unrespect, take it as an advice and as a time-saver.
  • That's kinda the idea... It is One Windows, One Microsoft these days. That's the entire point. It's not just any the habitat, it's about the entire ecosystem. Now I await angry reasons from biologists for my crappy analogy. :P
  • I dont see how thats a bad thing seeing as Microsoft made the OS and since WP and Rt are merging.
  • Why is rapid updates necessary? I mean updates and patchs usually fix issuers. Why not spend more time testing rather than bother consumer with frequent updates. I love updates on my windows phone but only if that means that I can get new features I don't want updates just to update like the android systems and apps.
  • More time testing is not the answer. That just aggravates impatient customers. Microsoft NEEDS to iterate rapidly.
  • I think this is more than just bug fixes. They would also release new functionality
  • MS has finally understood things from 1) Google's business model  2) Open Source revolution that it should make client OSs free (that includes Windows, WP, RT,etc) and sell only services with lighter price tag! But still enterprise business can go further well with their current strategy!
  • Of course as soon as it work very well
  • For the consumer and power users who want updates yesterday this is great news. For businesses & corporations not so much as they are the slowest to upgrade and some have valid reasons for doing so however some do not. Those in the latter group invariably go bankrupt as they become to slow to respond to market trends such as mobile friendly websites I.e real estate companies - I know dozens that have closed up shop.
  • It sounds subscription based in structure, which to me anyway would drive the quick to market strategy. But I am guessing MSFT will make it fairly inexpensive, or maybe entirely free for personal use and focus on app sales and in app purchase profit percentages as their main personal use OS revenue. Businesses will pay a certain license fee per seat annually and utilize more cloud integration. Everyone will become happy and kind people and lollipops will rain from the heavens.
  • It'd make sense to make a "Home" edition free and a business edition with domain join and active directory management features a paid edition.
  • It can only get better from here IMO. I'll continue to support Microsoft as I've always done :D
  • Which may or may not be called Windows 9. I read this line in every article about Windows
  • Just call it "Windows NT 7.0" it's real name.
  • Because they may know something which we don't. Or may not...
  • I want an update like Chrome OS so that Windows on tablet will be easy to manage without the "Configuring Windows for update Don't shut down your PC" ahhhh it drives me crazy if this is fixed I don't care if the tablet is X86 or ARM.
  • Confirmed!!! Next version of Windows will not be named Windows 9, it would be Windows.
  • So where do I apply?
  • I wish Verizon would add a few more workers to speed up software updates!
  • So will they goto a subscription service like office 365? Pay $9.95 a month to have the latest Windows? LOL
  • If they follow suit with how they do Windows Phone updates, they will reorganize sending the updates to our Internet/DSL providers to test and eek out the updates as slowly as possible so they will take 10X longer to receive than current..
  • Separating music and videos from the OS is a good example of the strategy