New Microsoft tool can help you pick your perfect PC

Microsoft has introduced a new tool, called simply "Help Me Choose," to help people shop for a new PC. Working like a guided wizard, the tool narrows down a selection of PCs it thinks you'll be interested in based on a few questions.

New Microsoft tool can help you pick your perfect PC

The process of using the tool is pretty simple. If you're on, you can click on "Help Me Choose" under the Windows 10 PCs heading to get started. From there, the tool asks what you're planning to use the PC for, what your most important features are, and more. Once finished, the tool serves up a list of PCs that match your preferences.

For anyone deeply immersed in tech, the tool is probably unnecessary. For the average person shopping for a new PC, however, "Help Me Choose" could be fairly handy as a starting point to jump off from.

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  • Minor note: the "see at microsoft" link seems broken.
  • Good eye, good eye
  • I thought this was already a thing [or something very similar]. I think I saw it several months back
  • But it has always been there?
  • If only it asked about build quality. It was spot on in recommending me the XPS 13, Yoga 720 and ASUS Zenbook Flip, but all fall way short there.
  • Okay. So, if you want to get help choosing a gaming PC, that is not portable... That's all it needs to know :D
  • It gives two options: HP Omen and MSI mini desktops at over $2k each.
  • Hybrid, Ryzen CPU, preferably with a numberpad. I know the market keeps pushing towards mobile and small, but I'd still like to have a device at 15" or more and not feel like I'm constantly compromising whenever I leave my desktop. Simple things like sticking the Home/End keys onto the function ones on the Surface Pro is something that feels really annoying to adjust to on the road.
  • This is amazing now all those people asking me what pc they should get i can just send them here lol.
  • The link "See at Microsoft" is broken. It incorrectly adds WindowsCentral infront of the correct URL =)
  • Doesn't take into account things like price, though. If you answer it so it gives an answer it thinks is suited to a student, you get a Surface Laptop. That probably is a nicely-suited device for that usage, but it's really not in line with some students' budgets.