What you need to know

  • No Man's Sky is a procedurally-generated space sim game from Hello Games.
  • The next update for the game, No Man's Sky: Beyond has a new trailer, showing off what players can look forward to.
  • In the trailer, a new feature is revealed: players can use alien creatures as mounts for transportation!
  • No Man's Sky is currently $32 on Amazon for Xbox, while the PC version is $30 on Steam.

No Man's Sky: Beyond is the next big free update for Hello Games' No Man's Sky. This game, filled with a procedurally-generated universe, has seen some serious improvements and changes in the years since its release. No Man's Sky: Beyond is entirely free, like the past updates and it is bringing many new features such as VR support for the PC version.

Ahead of the update, a new trailer has been released, showing off new feature: players can now use alien creatures as mounts! Check out the new trailer for No Man's Sky: Beyond below:

So, if you've ever wanted your very own oversized crustacean-esque beast to take relaxing trips on, now you can! Alone, with some friends, or even in VR, the possibilities are now endless. VR players can play seamlessly with anyone who isn't in VR, with no seperate servers. VR support is not available on the Xbox One version of the game, though Xbox One X owners can enjoy the enhancements made to the image quality. No Man's Sky: Beyond is currently set to be available on August 14, 2019.


No Man's Sky

Take to the stars

No Man's Sky is an ambitious space exploration sim from Hello Games. With the most recent updates, you can catalogue uncharted life on foreign worlds, build a home base with your friends and more. The sky isn't the limit anymore.

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