New photo of Nokia ‘Normandy’ Android prototype exposed

Although the idea that Nokia – which is soon to be owned by Microsoft (transition teams are working day and night) – will release an Android phone seems farfetched, it’s clear that the Finnish company was serious about the device. Dubbed ‘Normandy’, the low-end hardware reportedly runs a forked-version of Android, meaning it can’t access core-Google services.

We’ve seen some renders and even a photo, but now a new image has appeared on the Sina Weibo site Palm Uncle (at least, that’s our Bing translation). The photo is interesting because it shows the device wrapped in its protective cover, which is often used to mask its full design. Indeed many Nokia execs carry their pre-production Lumias in such cases when traveling.

It also shows the Nokia logo booting on what looks like the same display type as the Lumia 520 i.e. backlit IPS with no ClearBlack polarizer. The device features just one button near the bottom.

No other information was provided in the source.

A forked version of Android would of course be less desirable than core Android fans would want, and the low-end hardware would be the kiss of death. Many have speculated that this device was created to get Microsoft to buy the Asha brand in addition to the Lumia one, since off-loading a feature phone division would be harder in 2015. That would be a shrewd move by Elop and Nokia. Others have claimed that it was Nokia’s ‘Plan B’ should things go south with Microsoft.

While the exact future plans for ‘Normandy’ aren’t known, there’s not too much evidence suggesting that this will be released. Even if it were, it would be a one-shot deal with presumably no support or further development, making it more of a novelty than a threat to low cost Lumias.

Source: Weibo (login required); Thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • What are they thinking. This should never have been a thought ha.
  • It's actually really smart. They have (and need) a Plan B and if it was used as leverage to get Microsoft to buy the Asha division in addition to Lumia, it was a shrewd move by Nokia. 
  • Unfortunately, what's boneheaded is that Microsoft isn't licensing the Nokia brand for its Lumia devices. Nokia is the brand that sold these Windows Phones, not Lumia. IMO.
  • Nokia will go on as a separate company, but not making phones. Don't you think it'd be weird to have two 'Nokia' brands floating around? That's not good for the real Nokia.
  • Nokia doesn't need android if WP gets more updates..... It's microsoft wch is moving slower than a tortoise
  • We've had three updates in a year, albeit small I wouldn't call that slow to how many iPhone and Droid users normally get yearly if ever on the Droid side
  • We get more updates , because we're lack of features .
  • Windows XP and Windows 7 had loads of features but MS still updated it every month for years on end. What makes you think that feature parity with other OSes will stop "more updates" for WP8?  No, the updates will not stop because putting in more features is not the only reason for updates.
  • The majority of those updates were for security bug fixes, not feature updates. WP8 needs feature updates to start reaching parity with even iOS.
  • Plus the ios updates come with a load of fanfare about how initiative (with old ideas from other devices) they are. The big difference for wp users is the way the updates are released slowly with operator additions etc making it feel really slow to update rather than the actual 3 in the last year.
  • No more weird than Samsung smartphones and Samsung refrigerator. Nokia brand is very strong in most places in the world, I think that Nokia and MS made ​​a mistake with this deal. Now Nokia and MS makes each other better, I'm afraid it will stop after this deal.
  • Can't agree more,most Chinese buys WP for its a Nokia phone not because it's a WP,most Chinese complained the OS,feel sorry for Nokia to choose WP,complains WP for its slow moving,without Nokia WP are nothing,without Nokia brand MS would loose more,MS shouldn't buy Nokia at least shouldn't get rid of Nokia band
  • Having two different Nokias running around wouldn't be odd as they wouldn't be competing in the same market. Compare it with the Rolls Royce that makes luxury cars, and the Rolls Royce that makes jet engines and such. No one accidently rides home on a Trent 1000 turbofan when they'd intended to buy a Phantom.
  • Cracking final sentence!!
  • This so-called "Normandy" and the low-end Lumias will be competing exactly in the same market: low-end smartphone market. Your analogy is all wrong. 
  • I doubt we will see two "Nokia" brands. For all we know, Windows Phones may just get renamed to be Microsoft branding rather Nokia. While Nokia may just go full steam ahead with Android. Unless Nokia is told by Microsoft that Nokia can't make phones for other OSes beside  WP, I don't see any problem at all. Anyways, I do like what Nokia is doing because if this is true, MS will need to pull up their socks with Lumia WP in order to compete with 'Normandy’.
  • My honest answer is I dont know. I feel like my phone, being a NOKIA, is kind of special. Im really hoping that Elop is still in charge of all things LUMIA and contibues to push forward the innovative stuff, plugging in the hols that Microsoft has left out. If it wasnt for NOKIA, wed never have seen the 1020 with its camera, the 1520 with its powerful tech, itd all be old ass Samsung shit running Windows Phone OS.
  • Microsoft will license Nokia brand for some of the phones. Which means you will keep seeing the Nokia brand on Microsoft phones
  • First of all, there are 10000 Nokia phones with android at foxcom factory, wpcentral made an article for this at past. We never know maybe it's real and they're gonna announce it this year as a feature phone not smartphone. Then Microsoft have the rights to use the Nokia name on the future phones and after 2 years Nokia can make again only feature phones and after 10 can make SMARTPHONES AGAIN.....that's what the contract says.
  • For the Asha ones, not the Lumia line.
  • Totally agree...I only jumped to WP because of Nokia. When people enquire it's always the 'Nokia Lumia phone', never the 'windows phone'. Crazy that the Lumia brand name was thought up in a room out of nowhere and they just rolled with it, lol.
  • Likewise. If WP is no longer Nokia branding nor built by Nokia, I will just hop over to Android made by Nokia. Sorry WP.
  • Everything Microsoft makes from this point forward *will* be made by Nokia. All the people who worked for Nokia building product no longer work for Nokia. Microsoft is the new Nokia. Nokia will never again staff up 30,000 employees to build phones. The best phones in the world will come from Nokia people, and those Nokia people are building Microsoft phones.
  • I disagree. May have sold some, but when people ask about my phone, they usually say "Is that the new Windows Phone?", not "Is that the new Nokia smartphone?"
  • Or, rather, a forked version of Android would be "Asha 2.0," (which Nokia will continue to make AND use the Nokia brand for, even after MS buys their devices division,) meaning they'll have a nice low-end phone that works with all of the new apps that come out on Android, (likely with a little less "Google,") for developing markets.
    Android is much bigger than iOS and Windows Phone around the world, especially in developing countries, so this device makes a ton of sense... Especially when the Asha team is separate from MS.
  • Why don't they just make it run WP 7.8? Would probably be much more responsive.
  • Because Windows Phone 7 goes EOL September 9, 2014
  • So did Android 2.3, yet they still sell tons of phones with it.
  • Skype without front facing camera. Success...
  • lol, true...
  • Wrong, you do know you can use Skyoe for pure voice calls? Why the hell do people always have the need to show off their mug whenever they want to talk with someone.  
  • Yea I've tried that multiple times and the call quality has never been strong enough to warrant using it seriously for phone calls.
  • lol
  • Certainly looks like there is a cut of in that case for a front facing camera.
  • IMO, it's light
  • Could very well be
  • I guess you didn't own L710) it also has no FFC))
  • Neither does 520. Hooray for that also.
  • I know dat feel
  • Sorry to mess with the joke lol.But my HTC HD2 had the feature for years. :p
  • :( ppl used to mke fun of me whn they saw my phn dsnt hv a frnt cam :( :'(
  • I crie evry tiem. ;_;
  • @mayur89 I'm sure they were making fun of your poor grasp of English
  • yeah..... so, go Fuck your self..
  • Go back to school, kid.
  • I don't see how funny ur comment is. Do u know what success is ?? a WP( an OS that comes from a company that owns skype) device capturing 30% of WP userbase share and guess what ?? it did so without having a front facing camera (*cough* lumia 520 *cough*)..not to mention that its upgrade doesn't have one either (lumia 525) there r other WP devices too that don't have front facing cameras like HTC 8s ,Huawei Ascend W2 and many WP7 devices. I have a 920 and I rarely used the front facing camera (even when using skype) and I am sure there r lots of others who r the same as me.
  • Same here. I never had a phone with a FFC. I've used Skype on my laptop & it drains my battery when I use it. So why would I use it on my phone when it could POSSIBLY do the same thing to my phone's battery?
  • Voice & IM work fine. I use that all the time without a FF camera. If I really want to use video calling I can just use a mirror... Yes, I've done that before :P
  • Ugh lol everytime I see a photo of android on the beautiful hardware of Nokia, I get a little chill haha. Just does not fit well for me. But they should seriously release that green for high end models.
  • Yes! I've been wanting a nice green color option(not the bright lime shade) for Lumias for a while now. I hope they offer it with at least one of the upcoming models.
  • Daniel please check this out regarding Lumia black.
  • What aboutit?
  • It really isn't such a bad idea for Asha line actually. Utilizsing a modern, widely used mobile OS could only be beneficial. Don't forget that Android doesn't have to look and behave like what you are used to with google-tied services. It could be a completely closed system with access to a limited and selected set of Nokia in-house applications. More of a 'feature phone' than 'smartphone' if you will.
  • It would be funny to see MS make money off of an Android-based Asha series, sticking it to Google by not using their services, but loading it with MS ones.
  • That actually is an interesting idea. A phone with some android capabilities utilizing Microsoft services instead. Hmm....
  • And can have a Nokia Store for android apps
  • Hah, that would be even better :D
  • Funny indeed, if Elop gave MS an in to purchase Nokia (which I don't believe) and Nokia gave MS further inroads to Android in addition to there patent licensing profits.....CLASSIC
  • Forward thinking.
  • It would actually be a good test bed for their dev teams to get Android versions of their core services out the door and tested internally first without giving competitive advantage to other hardware manufacturers. I'd take a feature phone like the Asha as a second phone integrated with all the Microsoft services with none of he Google junk.
  • If Nokia wanted to put forked Android in a closed system with access to limited in-house applications, they would simply keep Symbian. To create a forked version of Android and then deny access to its marketplaces would be just plain stupid.
  • The fact is though with using a forked Android would give it access to Android based apps. Which would be the biggest win for the OS
  • Yes, but not if you limit the phone to Nokia in-house made apps as the OC wrote ;)
  • Forked Android, like the Amazon Kindle Fire, can run all Android apps and even access a store with said apps. It just can't run Google services, which in most cases, could be duplicated by Microsoft and Nokia.
  • That said, no access to Google Play kills the access to apps for more casual and less tech savvy users. Which shouldn't be a problem for Asha line which is, in part, aimed at such userbase.  
  • No access to Google Play can simple be replaced by the Amazon App store.
  • I'm sure Nokia would see that Amazon's Store would be pre-loaded in all the devices to avoid that. And "Amazon" is a brand most people know. In a sense, if you place "Amazon" and "Google Play" in from of a non-tech savvy consumer, he will faster associate "Amazon" with the marketplace than "Google Play" anyway.
  • I'm aware of that. I was answering to the original commenter's suggestion of "It could be a completely closed system with access to a limited and selected set of Nokia in-house applications."
  • Not really...look at the original Kindle Fire, it doesn't have access to the Google Play Store.
  • You're thinking of google-fied Android, by default Android doesn't have an app store.
    Not only that but didn't Nokia say that they would be adding their own app store?
  • Well, Nokia's app store - OVI - was designed for Symbian. Not sure how much of the Symbian Apps run on Android to justify Nokia's placement of OVI on the phone.
  • Exactly... These guys speculation is annoying.. Seriously..
  • Symbian sucked though.
  • Correction: "Although the idea that Nokia's D&S TEAM – which is soon to be owned by Microsoft" It's this kinds of thing that then lead people to believe Microsoft actually bought Nokia. Which is not true. Also find funny that "transition teams are working day and night" when the deal hasn't been finalized...hmm... Anyway, I can't wait to see this phone released. I think (and hope) Nokia will still release a last batch of their own phones (Lumia and whatever) before they sell the employees to Microsoft. And again, I would keep my eyes on MWC more than on "Build" (where Nokia won't be).
    We shall see.
  • "Also find funny that "transition teams are working day and night" when the deal hasn't been finalized...hmm..."
    Not funny at all. There's no indication the deal won't go through and they want to hit the ground running. That's right from Greg Sullivan. Transition teams include getting emails, contacts, department info, ordering stuff, etc. It's fairly standard in these situations, the only thing the two companies can't do is start work on a new product roadmap (or alter ones currently in progress). But they can set themselves up to *kill* any projects instantly when they get the 'go'. Also, I don't know where you get your info from, but it's just wrong. Nokia's new flagship is due later towards the summer and will be announced when Microsoft announces 8.1, not before.
  • I mean "funny" as in "it shouldn't be happening before the deal closes". Last time I checked, China was stiring some water to, at least, delay the "ok". As for the accuracy of my info...well, we shall see ;) I'm not that eager to go buy another phone. The L920 works fine and even if it doesn't I have the L1020 as a back-up.
    Let us see what'll come out of MWC. I've made up my mind regarding any future purchase of phones, specially WP.
  • China will not succeed in blocking the deal just like Cisco didn't. You can take the to the bank!
  • Oh I know that. There were only 2 forces that could (and to me, should) block the deal: Nokia's shareholders and the EU. The shareholders voted in favour, the Commission did as they were told (like they always do).
    However, that doesn't change the fact that, legally, they shouldn't be moving a finger before the deal is closed. Even if what's missing is (as far as we know) the ok from a country with less than reputable laws and who's only part of it because the factories are in their land.
  • He gets his info from his ass, which is butt-hurt more than any I've ever seen. He takes it personal that MS bought D&S from Nokia and tries to prove how much he "knows" about this deal and how much he hates it.
  • Wouldn't even bother with it just because it's Android. Prefer better stability and I despise google.
  • This⬆⬆⬆..... Screw Android.. I'm more interested to see if MS replaces the current Asha software with a forked version of Windows Phone❕❕... Lol❕
    Now, that would be news❕
  • i just hope Asha doesn't turn into a Microsoft Kin fiasco lol
  • +1 But we all know that MS can't screw up an OS
  • Just make it run WP7.8
  • I'd like to see notifications like that on my 920 lock screen. It's a cool look.
  • I blame MS for buying Nokia for this shit
  • MS for originally not buying the Asha department.
  • Put the blame on Elop. He should have put Window in Nokia phone.
  • Well that's for them for me .... WP rocks
  • Keep dreaming fandroids.
  • Lol
  • I think these are fake !!
  • I signed a contract with myself for not to use Android anymore
  • Slow weekend?
  • Weak comment?
  • So....slow weekend or no? -.-
  • Actually, it's been more busy than usual.. Go find some news, son❕❕❕
  • Why does WPC bring this up all the's an Android that will never be sold. Enough now.
  • Gaging by the number of comments and looking at traffic data, it's obvious our readership is interested. Simple as that.
  • I suppose you have some proof to back that up do you?
  • Im sure he wants to pull all of their data and make it available to satisfy an internet troll.
  • I suppose you have proof that they're not interested do you?
  • If these two companies join (MS AND NOKIA ) THENit would be a great sucess
  • The bezel is HUGE!!!
  • It's almost exactly the same as the 520. In fact, I bet this *is* a 520 with some slight changes.
  • I think it was a joke. The Bezel-Complaint is normally very common at Android Central with Android fans. Some of them (normally the Nexus and Samsung fans) love to bash Sony because they say every single Xperia has "huge bezels" lol (Well, that and the "viewing angles"...because apparently people sitted next to me on a train or a restaurant should be able to see what I'm doing on my phone...=P)
  • Is this the same grape eyes from PA❔
  • Yes it is, and there is only one GrapeEyes
  • You're right about that... Well, PA is supper annoying with all this mindless Android fans in every WP related article.. Even the editors are clueless half the time.. Right now they are reporting that this device will be revealed at MWC.. Clueless. Oh, can you please change your profile picture back to the one with the grape eyes❔
  • I doubt that this will run android. I bet it be like the Asha devices
  • The current Asha devices run an S40 hybrid which is seriously dated and needs to be replaced, a fork of Android is perfect for that purpose.
  • A forked version of WP would be better for that purpose.. Think about it. Think about it.
  • WP can't be forked because it is closed source. It needs to run a modified version of WP 7.8
  • Anything would be better than Android...
  • I guess this is a thing now.
  • Well I'll be sticking my fingers in the back of my throat now . . .
  • Lol❕❕❕❕
  • Oh boy u guys must crying now
  • The only people who are crying are pathetic Android fans who can't accept the reality that Nokia will not be making this device, or any devices running Android, for some time to come, if ever❕.. The reality is that Nokia will be making ZERO devices from now on, and until they say so,,, which will be years if ever... As far as Nokia is concerned, for the next few years it's all about the awesome Lumia hardware running the awesome WP software.. In other word, business as usual❕❕❕
  • Thanks to Nokia hardware is why I'm using windows otherwise forget it. Windows way to behind. Love Nokia cameras. I use both os and the Nokia is only for pics android for everething else.
  • You can't tell the nut jobs on here that. They can't grasp that some people love Nokia for its hardware.
  • A Nokia device is pointless without a OS.. Nokia devices are selling more, and more.. Without a good OS this would not be possible.. Seeing that Nokia has never sold one Lumia device, running any other OS, MS deserves just as much credit as Nokia for supplying the OS that makes the device literally come to life.. You guys can constantly talk about how much you like Nokia, but this is WPC and we love Lumia devices... If these specific devices didn't run WP then they would not be featured here on WPC, so it's kinda dumb to come on WPC and repeatedly talk about how you don't like WP.... The truth is that a lot of you solely Nokia fans need to start saying "I used to like Nokia, but I don't anymore" because right now Nokia is not making any devices that you truly like.... So, you guys are saying you love a manufacture who makes a half assed device❔.. I wouldn't admit that.. For me, and a lot of other reasonable people, we have to appreciate the hardware, and software, that a manufacture offers to say that we like them... To only care about what the hardware has to offer, and accept a undesirable software experience is really half assed, and low quality, on your parts...
    There's two things going on here.. People who are Lumia fans, and people who USED TO BE Nokia fans..
  • Who cares.. It's not about what you like, or what I like.. The reality is that Windows Phone is Lumia, and Lumia is WP.. That's what it's time for people to accept.. Android has nothing to do with anything, and its pointless to keep trying to relate the three in the same sentence...
  • You people act like its a 1020 running android. But its not. I don't see pureView going on this thing either. So you guys you can have this :D
  • Exactly..
  • Do we know what CPU and RAM specs Normandy is running on? If it were close to the L520, wouldn't it be prudent or expected of MS to simply load Windows Phone onto it? It isn't as if MS is going to require hardware capacitve buttons, they can essentially just load Normandy with WP...
  • Think about what you are saying.. Go back and read what you wrote, and tell me if it makes any logical sence..
  • What's wrong with what I said?
  • If the Normandy had the same specs as the 520, or 525, then why would MS even bother.. What is the point of doing what you're suggesting❔.. It's not like Microkia doesn't already have the 525.. This is ludicrous.
    Ask yourself, "but, why❔"
  • Firstly, how can you assume that Normandy's specs won't be similar to L520? The L520 is last year's entry-level device, with 2014 things change. There's a realistic chance that Normandy uses Qualcomm's S4 or even S200. For the past 3 years Nokia has been about pushing a good experience. A forked Android is still Android, and for a 'good' Android experience you need a certain level power. Just because the phone is 'low-end' it doesn't mean it won't include a dual core CPU and 512MB of RAM. These were the base level specs of 2013, so think about 2014 where we have mid-end phones sporting quad-core CPUs (i.e. Moto G). Secondly, where did you get the idea that Microsoft had anything to do with Normandy? Please read through what's been said for the past few months, Normandy's a Nokia project predating the Microsoft purchase. Whatever the reasons, Normandy's a Nokia initiative. Thirdly, thanks to L525, an even lower bracket for phones does exist. This phone could still be leser than the L525 if it sported less RAM, or a cheaper screen, lacked super sensitive touch, etc. So here's logic for you: (1) Independent Nokia project, (2) entry-level Qualcomm specs, today's Qualcomm chips being S4 (same chip on L520) and S200, (3) Nokia wants to push a good experience, a certain level of hardware is needed to push a good Android experience, (4) being low-end can mean a lot of things, especially when last year's mid-end is today's low-end. So, points (1) + (2) + (3) + (4) = my earlier point stands. It's probable that the specs on Normandy are close to L520, just a cheaper all round phone (e.g. less hardware features such as no super sensitive touch). Once Microsoft takes possession of it it'd be best if it pushes Windows Phone on it and market it as a Lumia 4xx device.
  • Dude.. WTFAYTA❔... You're asking me questions about things I never implied or even said.. Also, what makes you think that MS would have to rely on this old prototype, scrapped device, to achieve what you're talking about.. Get real.. Let me guess, you're 14.. If you're young I'll cut you some slack, but you better not be an adult with that logic..
  • We don't know if it is an "old prototype, scrapped device." The original leaker, evleaks, said that talk about it being dead or discontinuted are "greatly exaggerated." He's a reliable source. With the information available it's likely that Normandy is an active program, and it's likely using current hardware, it's likely that its specs are on par with those of the Lumia 520. Given that money has gone into the hardware development, it'd be prudent on Microsoft's part to put Windows Phone 8 on it (if possible). Anyways, you're entitled to think I'm 14, but next time, engage and refute my specific points instead of simply calling them faulty.
  • Then it's obvious that you're simply not very smart.. If you want to have a real discussion then don't question me about things I never said, or implied.. What's wrong with you, son❔
    Your specific points aren't even relevant to my comment.. That just makes you sound uneducated.. Sound❔
  • You still haven't addressed my specific points. Look, I don't want to exchange insults or anything, I just want a discussion. You're free to discuss, but drop the BS. My points are there for you to refute, try demonstrating how or why I'm wrong instead of stooping to calling me an idiot, or 14, or uneducated, etc. Anyways... I think Normandy is similar in specs as the L520. Nokia will want to push a quality experience, even on Android. At the minimum I'd say a dual-core CPU is to be expected to produce a satisfactory experience, even if Android were forked. If reports of Qualcomm powering Normandy are to believed, then we can expect S4 or S200 powering the device. That's L520 territory. Secondly, Normandy is a Nokia program. So what if there's Lumia 520? Nokia is a separate company and Normandy predates the Microsoft purchase of the devices division. Whatever the goal (e.g. updating Asha, a back-up, etc), it's still moving along (as per the leaker evleaks). Since Microsoft will inherit it, why not put Windows Phone on it? The current 52x driver is the 525, it has 1GB of RAM and some hardware features that need not be available on a lower-end phone (e.g. Super Sensitive touch, hardware capacitive buttons, etc). Normandy can be remodelled into a Lumia 4xx Windows Phone. In fact, it can be the showpiece for the possibility of putting Windows Phone OS on hardware designed for use with Android. If the OEMs had any doubts about the OS being ready for generic hardware, this could prove otherwise. Finally, it'd be a cost-effective solution. The hardware has already been put together, there's no need to start from scratch. Having the WP OS on it will allow for a bigger reach in the market for the OS, and thus, continue concentrating developer attention on the platform.
  • Supper idea dude...... Call your mom.
  • Best post.
  • You challenged him. He had a question. Don't be mean.
  • ...
  • Where's NIST nowadays rodneyej?
  • Good question❕
  • I wish when Nokia go back to Linux. N900!!! Matrix phone :)
  • Good wish.
  • theres no way this was a plan b device. with these alleged specs it would have generated little excitement. this was a device to help Microsofts decision to buy Nokia. Now if this were a more powerful phone with all the cam goodies that current luminas have then that would be something else. I also think that Nokia could have created a nice UI out of Android and put it on a new device, thats something I'd consider.
  • daniel how cud u tell by looking at the screenshot dat its got ips lcd with no clearblack??by that reflection??
  • Because the black looks gray. ClearBlack doesn't look gray. Thats the point of ClearBlack... To be black... Not gray. The gray is from the black light throwing white into the black color making it gray. ClearBlack lights up the lighter pixels and keeps the dark pixels dark... Wow that's a bad explanation lol. W.e im not a teacher by any means.
  • Is it really that hard to type full words in English?
  • English is not everybody's preferred language, ya know.
  • True, but putting "cud" instead of "could", "u" instead of "you", "dat" instead of "that" is pure laziness. On Windows Phone it automatically provides the correct spelling for words after a few letters... it's really not that difficult
  • Hmmm... Were all wanting people to want WP... Not Android. Which I get. And I feel the same way. This does feel like a kick in the face but in a backwards kinda way this makes them more money... Which u may think could help WP. But MS has money. They have resources. They have everything needed to strive. Whatever Nokia does shouldn't be an excuse to not be as good as they can be. I dont care what anyone or MS says. They are holding back and going slow on purpose. I just hope that being all the bologna that they continue to make WP great. The process may be slow but the direction is correct. Nokia is definitely vidal at the least. But again... MS is filthy rich. No excuses.
  • Looks like a blank screen to me.
  • IMO, best way to compete with Android is drop the licensing fee for WP.
  • ^^^THIS!!! Pure Genius!!
  • Could this be Microsoft plan to have that rumoured dual OS phone ? I mean the timing of the news is perfect. Any idea ?
  • Using Android for low cost Asha devices makes a lot of sense. Cheaper than to design a new OS from the ground up.
  • That would be a perfect marketing campaign! Put wp8 and android into phones with similar hw. That will show clearly how superior wp is. The other one just works, and the other one la la la la la la lags.
  • Wrong. This will just show how crippled WP is even till today. You are humiliating WP in fact.
  • WP is crippled❔
  • Yes, you can't even attach 2 word documents in a single email from the Office hub and creating a new email allows only photos to be attached. You will never know what's new if apps are not pinned to the start screen because WP does not have a notificaiton center like Android. These points already showned how crippled WP is being a smart phone OS in this era. Still don't agree?
  • In real life people who want to be updated on an app will probably pin said app to their start screen. Just because an OS operates differently from what you're used to it doesn't automatically mean it's deficient. So if people are exacting notifications via live tiles on the start screen, how exactly is WP a crippling experience?
  • Yes, I'm talking about REAL life. Why do we need to pin a installed app in order to see what's new? Why does WP need to be so different? Just being different doesn't mean it is good. The phone is supposed to tell the user what's new and happening, not the user scanning through the tiles hoping to see that something happened.
  • The way I look at it, the apps that are important to me I pin them to the start screen. I don't pin them for the sake of being notified, but pin them because they're apps I use a lot, and the notification elements walk with that idea hand-in-hand. The problem WP has, to be honest, is in getting enough people to actually try out the phone OS. The platform is simply victim to the word of naysayers who criticize the platform for being "crippled" when in reality there are tens of millions of people using the platform just fine. I am fine with glancing at my start screen to see what's up, I don't need to drag some menu down (or sideways) to get a complete situation report.
  • I do understand about the idea of pinning = most frequently used apps. But that shouldn't prevent the user from knowing what's new without pinning the apps. There will be apps which we are not using frequently, yet we prefer to be notified for any updates if there are. You mentioned glancing the start screen to see what's up, but don't you ever need to scroll up and down in order to search for the correct app tile to know what actually happened when it is out of the viewable area? If every WP is as big as the 1520, I have no issues with the start menu and tiles. Why pinning is the ONLY way we can receive notifications on WP? To make things worse, the lock screen limits up to only 5 notification place holders. You will be out of luck if you hope to see more. I don't see Android / iOS limit the number of notifications on the notification shade - not at least 5 only. MS really need to get these issues iron out ASAP.
  • I put what I urgently need to see (e.g. work email, certain apps, etc) to the top (and lockscreen) so that I don't need to do much in order to see. Look, I don't disagree that WP has its weird problems, completely agreed. I just take issue with the idea that it is 'crippled.' To me, being crippled equates to be being obsolete and/or unusable. Me having to use an Android 4.0 phone on a single core CPU is a crippling experience. Me having to use an iPhone 3G today is a crippling experience. Windows Phone 8 is a workable platform. If it was truly crippled it wouldn't be around right now, it has something going for it. That said, I agree that Microsoft needs to take user input to heart: proper file manager, notification centre, and whatever else. From a future leaning PoV, there are some additions I'd like to see in WP: 1. More screens. I have lots of news apps with gorgeous live tiles, lots of games, and some fitness apps. I'd like to organize them as per sections, e.g. an Android-like left-right scroll showing different apps on first glance. It'll make the system much more organized. Perhaps if MS pre-built some screens, e.g. news, social, photography, etc, it'd be able to bake in neat OS based features for each section. For example, the 'news screen' could have a breaking news alert pop up. 2. Smart tiles. Some live tiles should be interactive, e.g. the mail client should allow me to scroll through unread mail without having to open it. Or perhaps the calendar tile should let me narrow in on an appointment for more details. Perhaps bind it to air gesures, e.g. interact with a tile via the air, but use the touch to swipe through the phone.
  • ⬆⬆This⬆⬆
  • Dude, if the OS isn't for you, then it isn't for you.. Why waist your time even talking about it.. You obviously don't like the core feature of WP, so if you buy one, or even go to a WP related site, you are just plain stupid... No, I didn't call you stupid,, you let us know if you are.... ❔❔❔❔
  • You do know that a notification centre is on its way?
  • No, I don't agree, and never will, because WP is now at a point to where it is fine for the average user, and then some.. Sure it still needs work, and the things you mentioned are valid, but to call it crippled is way off... For what WP does do it does it well, and just because Android has more features doesn't mean that they work perfectly, and are implemented better.. No OS is perfect... Some people prefer quality over quantity.. As soon as you stop comparing WP to other OS's people need to let WP grow in its own right... It's no use in complaining about features that we know are coming in the next update.. That's annoying..
  • No OS is perfect for sure. And I did not say that Android is perfect. How can we stop comparing WP against other OSes out there, when is all about competitions? MS is trying to make WP an enterprise smartphone but those I mentioned are simply can't cut for it. To me and others, WP is considered as crippled in terms of productivity. We can't hide behind the competition else WP will not grow to what people expect or asked for. What's there quality to talk about when WP can't do what what people need?
  • Windows Phone doesn't do what the majority needs, or it doesn't do what you need❔
  • Windows Phone doesn't do what the majority needs. Just check the Feature Suggestions site for windows phone. Majority are asking for a notification center. File manager, separate ring tone and media volume control, as well as a notification center. Not everyone gives in to Microsoft like you do. If the OS is not working up to par, it has to take in criticisms and improves.
  • Dude, you really think that the majority of people who use smartphones are on sites like WPC, give user feedback to the developers of the OS, even know where to go to give feedback, or even care❔... Seriously, you're that naive to think people who do this are the average user❔... What you are talking about is a very small percentage of people who even log onto the suggestion site compared to the those who could give a rats ass about anything we're talking about.. Come into the real world❕.. Use your brain.. And, this isn't about me, and if I love MS, or not, that's stupid for you to even mention.. Stay on topic, and open your eyes to what's really going on... Take your ass up to a att store and ask everyone who walks into the door about the things that you think are vital, and 95%, which are teenagers, moms, and dads, and other non smartphone nerds will tell you that they don't care, and just want the best FB experience, web browsing experience, popular apps, and the best camera for the money... You're going to sit here and say that the majority of smartphone users care about being able to attach two office files to a email, or even know that this option exist, or some even what you're talking about❔.... You're a really nice guy for giving them that much credit... Now, once again, I'm not saying that I don't think these things are important, but I'm obviously not the average user either... The things that you mentioned are barely the reason why WP adoption has been slow the past few years.. WP adoption has been hindered by marketing, awareness, and perception that's turned negative by stupid comments that people like you make... This is the reality..
  • Any nut job of any OS will never admit anything outside their comfort zone
  • And, exactly what is my comfort zone❔
  • Wait, are considering yourself a nut job?
  • LOL!!
  • Yes, I am a nut job, and that's old news. Now, stay on topic, Poindexter... What exactly is my comfort zone❔.. Because, I'm sitting here with a iPhone 4s, a 920, 1520, and a Droid maxx.. Choose one...
  • Wow, we got conversation going on here. And as we can see, there aren't too many features left to be altered in wp to satisfy even the hardest wp-haters around.
  • Exactly, so we can all agree that WP is a great experience for most who use it, and that it is no way crippled..
  • U r one exited pal bro
  • +1
  • Lol❕❕❕❕❕❕
  • It is no harm for Nokia to study various options. And probably use this forked-Android on Asha to get more developers.
  • I hope this never comes to market, I hate to see competition and choice..
  • When you stale competition and choice you stale innovation and progress. If Nokia and MS wasn't so full of themself they wouldn't allowed Apple and Android to roll over them and drop them to the bottom of the battle. They needed this competition to reinvent themselves which they have done a pretty good job at so far.
  • This.
  • Not going anywhere near the Normandy. Stick with WP and Nokia brand.
  • RIP Samsung Galaxy's :D ;)
  • As always Daniel is rocking the special news.Well for all those who think Ms Nokia Deal is not good I agree partially yeah Nokia is still in manys hearts but remember it was Ms who helped Nokia in the time of bankruptancy and also the smart mind of Nokia to work in collaboration with such a classic company.So its a 50-50 I say.And abt the asha phones they are solely propetiery of Indians coz u Americans as well as other folks dont use multiple sims which is typical here.
  • Nokia is Asha and Windows Phone. No Android.
  • Highend Asha smartphone from Nokia.
  • Kill it. With FIRE.