New photos emerge of cancelled Nokia McLaren Windows Phone, compared to iPhone 6

Earlier today Windows Central reported on the forthcoming Mixview for Live Tiles in Windows 10. In the article, the cancelled McLaren prototype Windows Phone was brought up in referencing the original Mixview design. Now, new photos of the lost McLaren prototype have come forth, appearing once again out of China.

Previously, it was thought that the photos revealed a possible Lumia 1020 successor, however, newer evidence has come forth to shoot down that assumption.

The big question remains though whether or not the device seen in this recent batch of photos is new or just a leftover prototype finally emerging. McLaren was cancelled in late June or early July of this year when the device was entering final stages of development. Although the 3D Touch navigation system was reportedly not ready for release, it is not clear if Microsoft will continue to work on the hardware sans 3D gestures.

McLaren was reportedly a 5 or 5.2-inch Windows Phone with a 20 MP rear Pure View camera. The rest of the hardware specifications are still a bit of a mystery, although it is evident from the photos that it has a smooth, thin, metallic body with edge to edge glass for the display. Additionally, a micro SD card slot can be seen as well, confirming that this device had expandable memory as well as on-screen keys.

In the new collection of photos, we can see the McLaren compared to the iPhone 6 with the Windows Phone holding its own in terms of looks.

Hopefully, more information will come forward on this phone, especially whether we are looking at the past or the Windows Phone future. For now, you can check out many more of the photos over at CNBeta, who are hosting all the images.

Source: Baidu; via CNBeta; Thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • so eventually its cancelled right?
  • Yup
  • Or maybe not. But probably.
  • The source CNBeta didn't say a word about the 'cancelled' McLaren.  It only says that MS is continue developing the McLaren.  I'm not sure if that RM-1052 (L1030) is a deritive from the original RM-964 (McLaren) or a separate device.  It is kind of confusiing at this point.  The RM-1052 looks like a quite polished product, more than just a prototype.  I wish that RM-1052 is indeed a successor to L1020 and ready to be released in MWC 2015.  I seriously doubt that MS just abandoned the McLaren outright and threw away the investment.  It is most likely to continue to modify or improve, so it would be more competitive with the latest processor, design and components. I hope that MS would come out to clarify about the rumors, so it wouldn't linger on and waste everybody's time.  May be we can force the issue on January 21st.  :-)
  • Or maybe Microsoft is keeping it quiet so they can release it right after they announce it.  Isn't that what we've been asking Microsoft to do?  Don't we always complain when they announce a product six months before it's available?
  • It doesn't mean they have to announce it the same day it's available in stores. For high-end phones two months in advance is acceptable and desirable. People whos contracts are up would postpone a bit to have the new model. But 6 months indeed is too much. They don't have to copy Apple or whoever, what works for Apple doesn't necesarily work for others. They should be able to figure out what would work for them.
  • Shut up and build this
  • No thanks. I think it was right to cancel this. They should try to make the high end hero phone slimmer so it would attract a larger audience. Looks like a brick compared to the iPhone 6. (Here's coming from a 1020 owner).
  • And make it foldable, like the iPhone 6... In truth, i think Foldgate may have helped to make having the thinnest phone less necessary.
  • I think chasing uber-thin phones is just stupid.  I really don't give a flip how thin the phone is.  In fact, I don't give a flip about the weight, either.  I want the FEATURES and the OS.  None of the rest is important.
  • Foldgate was debunked. The phones were no -more- prone to bending than any other phone under similar and unlikely scenarios. When folding occurred it wasn't as destructive or dramatic as the behavior of other phones. Long story short, just another media-overhypedgate.
  • Long story short, the engineering beam-theory fundamentals are inescapable: the thinner the phone, the more flexible and foldable it becomes.  Thin is nice for not making a big bulge in your pocket, but pursued with the brain-dead groupthink of the gadget press, quickly winds up at technically shaky extremes... just like camera pixels and screen resolution have done.   
  • What is with the obsession with a thin phone? I don't have large hands, and even I find a thin phone difficult to use with one hand, fragile, and more likely that I'll drop it. There are other problems with too thin, just look at the iPhone 6. I don't think a phone should bend during normal use. There is obviously a design flaw with it. What is the benefit of a phone that thin? Are pockets expected to get so thin, that current phone thickness will not due anymore? I guess I just don't get it...
  • They have to make the iPhones super thin because you HAVE to put a fat case around it to prevent it from breaking every time you drop it. Now that puts it onto a level playing field with the durability of the nokias. I have two iPhones and they break just by looking at them too hard lol.
  • well said lol
  • This, dropped my icon plenty of times on to concrete directly on corner, worst damage is a dented aluminum corner
  • That's true, and it's a shame.  iPhones are arguably the prettiest phones around, but you never get to see them because they have to be hidden inside a case.
  • Can we please get the upvote button so every retard obsessed with thinness can see Deamon's post please? Past a certain point, thinness is irrelevant. They're reducing battery size to get there for Pastafari sake!!!
  • I would like a thin phone because it looks nice.
  • I'd rather have useful battery life than a thin phone, iPhone users can tease us early in the day how we're using bricks. But later in the day their phone will be dead. So that's okay.
  • A large chunky phone isn't going to sell though. When a customer picks up the iPhone alongside this monstrosity, the choice will be easy. Microsoft needs to make a modern phone. Most 5" Android phones are the same size as the iPhone. Something that can go toe to toe with these devices on the shelf, not just in specs.
  • 2 year old Lumia 925 resembled the iPhone 6 look but Nokia obeyed the U.S. carriers wants and dumb down the storage to 16GB for a high end phone with no micros SD card slot either.  It only offer one color: White for T-Mobile and Black for AT&T!  The rest were not available.    If Nokia would of introduce the 925 with bright colors and 16, 32 and 64GB options and 2GB RAM and a 800 inside; it would of at least 10X sales of the 925!  
  • mans550.  I definitely do not like the square corners of the windows phones.  They need to take from Apple and develop curves and make phones look good.  Not to mention the square corners have an appetite for jamming into your hands when holding them a certain way.
  • I disagree.  Square corners look better with the square tiles of the UI in my opinion.  The rounded corners on the iPhone look better because their tiles are rounded.
  • Steve, then why does the HTC m8 look so good with the tiles?   It's probably the best looking phone to date for windows phone.  
  • It's subjective, right?  See if you can find a picture of the HTC W8 next to the Icon.  Try this link: I think the Icon's less-rounded corners look much better with squared tiles than the W8 does.
  • Sqauare corners might look better but they certainly don't feel better.
  • Why do people always think that thinner is better.  I hate thin phones, like the Huawei, the LG, the Sony Xperia Zs and other thin phones. I hate them!
  • And they hate you.
  • the date in the photos is in April, but the software is 8.1.1 as i think
  • @Daniel. Thanks Daniel for the enticing and tantalizing tease of an incredibly beautiful and certainly powerful device that sat as the light at the end of the tunnel of Windows Phone expectation for us all earlier this year. A light that was abruptly and unexpectedly snuffed out by Microsoft when they hit the switch ending development of the hero device which would have shone as a beacon to the smartphone industry; representing the epitome of what Lumia and the Windows ecosystem could do to revolutionize the industry, change the game and revitalize Microsoft's mobile efforts.
    Yes the McLaren was a rumor. One with substance. One that began taking shape in our hearts and minds. One that was validated and for which we impatiently waited to materialize. It did not. The images in our minds have since begun to dissipate as a mist in the morning sun. Our hearts were resolved, as time healed the wounds of disappointment and our minds have become reconciled to the new reality where there would be no McLaren.
    And now this Daniel. You brazenly flaunt before our high end flagship desiring eyes, that which could have been. And at Christmas nonetheless. Unforgivable. Totally unforgivable. :-) lol
  • Dude! You should write more! That was brilliant
  • @Rohith Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate the compliment. I definitely enjoy writing poetry, plays, Christian commentary and certainly tech articles. :-) With hard work and God's help I hope to make it more of a way of life rather than something I do on the side. Thanks again for the encouragement. :-)
  • The poem beautifully captured my range of emotions during the Mc laren phase. More please!
  • Thanks kesken.  I really, really appreciate your words. :-)
  • Your welcome mate. And I really hope you get to. Cause I'd love to check out your works.
  • Thanks again Rohith. I am encoraged to work even harder to ensure that this passion and dream comes to fruition. :-)
  • What you said, only apply this to the Cyan firmware update at Verizon!  Now you know how we Icon owners feel!
  • @NOLATechy, yeah you guys on Ver