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New photos emerge of the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia is slated to announce the Nokia Lumia 1520, a 6-inch Windows Phone with 1080P resolution later this month with an anticipated November release. More photos of the device have been revealed to the Verge by one of their readers, Kaz, who took pictures of the upcoming device next to a Sony Xperia Z.

The device reportedly comes with 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage with microSD expansion, Snapdragon 800 processor and of course the 1080P display. It’s also been reported that it will have a 20 MP camera on the rear with a design similar to the Lumia 925’s slight camera bump.

We have heard from our sources that a stylus won’t be included, though it may be offered later. Information in this regard is still unclear. The Lumia 1520 will feature Windows Phone 8 GDR3, which will feature new additions like Driving Mode, Glance notifications, improved Bluetooth support, orientation lock and more as has been exposed in this weekend’s detailed leaks on the update.

Head to the Verge to see more photos of the all black device.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Like it.....
  • Amazing, I swear to god if this is another at&t exclusive.....
  • I would honestly consider this if it were on tmo.
  • Hopefully there will be less exclusive carriers, but apps that are exclusive to Windowsphone In general...
  • Of course it's exclusive. Elop can't allow actually selling these phones and improving Nokia's finances until the takeover is final.
  • you know, (from what a verge article would have some believe), elop isnt the one who started the whole purchase thing, right?
  • Att has Nokia believing Verizon and Tmobile won't be able to sell their phones and only they can. Don't get your hopes up. But who knows. Maybe, like the 521, Tmobile will get a slightly improved version? (521 has an added light sensor missing from the 520; perhaps a stylus could come with a Tmobile version?)
  • me too, WP8 finally caught up on the specs, it will be leading in the hardware field in the future.  hope to use bay trail soon when it comes out, my wish.  now, if ms can generate enough market interest...
  • anyone saw the SD card storage screen?  there is an SD card slot!
  • Yeah, that's the first thing I noticed. 32GB and MicroSD slot--it's about darn time Nokia. Hopefully they'll do that with their next flagship phone.
  • Yeah, that was mentioned in the article.. Cool❕ This just may be my next device.. I hope it comes in Red❕❕
  • too little too late, should have been on the 1020 for the massive 10mb+ photos...
  • I want this so bad lol
  • Lol me too :P
  • Mee too
  • Big smile on my face. This phone looks slim and thin. Finally!!!
    Hope for small bezel. Might be my next phone.
  • I want it❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • How big is the Xperia Z?
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  • Fail
  • just like BB10
  • LMFAO..shot below the belt.
  • Can I lease?
  • Given the fact that you failed miserably on your joke attempt you will have to lower your price by 50 or 60% if you still wanna keep offering your product.
  • Wow!!
  • Why wouldn't they stick with their 41 MP camera in all upcoming flagships?
  • Lovely phone but I love me 1020. Good for those looking for a phablet.
  • Was this post necessary?
  • Was your comment necessary?
  • This ^^^
  • Are calluses necessary?
  • Yes, for playing guitar.
  • Ofcourse it was. He wants to tell a bunch of strangers that he owns a Lumia 1020. Yayyy,. :D :P
  • What's wrong with someone saying the phone looks nice, but they like the 1020 more? People can't have an opinion? Everyone is always on attack mode in here. Annoying!
  • I hate this. Every time we post something now we have to be on defensive... Very annoying!
  • Forums are turning into a pedantic slapfest
  • Shows that wp went mainstream..sad
  • Nevermind. Thought u were criticizing the 1520's size :p
  • I see what you did there haha
  • I've gotten to the point where I rarely read comments anymore because of this. I couldn't agree with your statement more!
  • Because they're saying it solely for the sake of letting people know they have a 1020.
  • This√
  • What is it to you? He/she can post whatever he/she wants. Grow up.
  • One doesn't simply post one's opinions on internet *insert boromir meme*
  • It actually looks like a really thin phone from what I can see
  • I can't see any buttons on it,, O.o
  • Yeah, but that is a nice tree there.
  • The top of the volume rocker is in line with the middle of the camera unit. 
  • This and 1020 mixed...make now...take my money.
  • I believe the camera on this thing is also a beast. You can hand over your money, you'd love it!
  • I think the 1520 has a good sized camera. Though the 1020 is a good looking phone, the camera bump is a bit much
  • The speck case does a great job minimalizing the bump. While you know it is still there, it is a non issue.
  • I live the 1020's hump, it's iconic.
  • Yes, I agree❕
  • Wow! You're so fast! This was on The Verge 15 minutes ago.
  • F@ck the verge though
  • +9000
  • Maybe but I like Tom Warren and he is a good source of information when it comes to WP.
  • Wished he'd re-launch Winrumors, his site was the best atone time.
  • Lol tom warren that fuckface you've got to be kidding me xD
  • Why?
  • He is so complaining won't help :)
  • Used to like Tom quite a bit. Not as much since he moved to the verge. Used to think it was AOL ruining Engadget, nope...just Josh.
  • The device looks great.
  • Slick.
  • GDR3 will be available on a device for purchase in November, while GDR2 has yet to trickle down to AT&T NL920's. Grrrr....
  • Don't worry. I've got the same issue in Australia on an unlocked, unbranded NL920. All this talk of GDR3 and new devices....killing me.
  • Don't believe it's going to be November. Nokia learnt that is important to release new phones not too long after their announcement. They could have announced this last week, like they did with the 920 last year, but they learnt that consumers didn't like the 2 months wait. This year they will announce it in the end of September and I believe the phone will hit the stores by the second week of October!
  • Looks good, and I'm not a fan of huge devices.
  • There's already dust around the lens.
  • What ? Are you just posting hate comments?
  • I don't see any dust
  • Who's ⬆his jelly head❔
  • This jelly head doesn't see any dust you dick
  • LOL❕ You called me a dick.. Come on now,,, be nice... LOL❕
    Anyways, If NIST says he see's dust, then he see's dust❕... NIST ain't new to these parts❗
  • Hey, just wondering.. Do you have anything that you're holding back because your sources told you to? Just say yes or no. :)
  • It looks very nice! I want it
  • I was considering a 1020 but I may very well wait for this.
  • I know that feeling... I love the 1020 cam, but this phablet is Just amazing.
  • :P
  • My precious :)
  • :D
  • Lol
  • Lol
  • The flash on the 1020 is amazing. I would have loved to see that cross over to this device.
  • ⬇here's yo boi❕❕
  • I don't understand Texan. Is there an actual word in that sentence?
  • The two of you get a room lol
  • Qwerty
  • I'm coming, I'm coming.
    I have a life, you have to wait a bit.
  • Lol +1
  • Howdy partner... How was your day❔
  • Shhhh were trying to concentrate over here.
  • What in the wide, wide world of sports is a goin' on here???
  • Ohh, just a bunch of guys who we're cursing each other out Saturday, and now that we're cooled down... Well.............
  • This phone is screaming for a pen, with One Note and Evernote making huge improvements for Windows Phone, this bad boy must have a dedicated pen.
  • My next toy, amazing.
  • Don't forget fresh paint.
  • What about a thimble style pen, that would be awesome
  • +1
  • With the super sensitive display, you can pretty much use anything as a pen/stylus.
  • Not true at all
  • xP
  • Even though I'm very happy with my 920, I'm excited to see this phone released!
  • I really really really hope Microsoft will do something to make this phablet shine and rise above the competition. Imagine running two apps side by side on this beauty. Some radical update for OneNote, to enable handwriting recognition and other goodies... I'm hoping to see some of it in 8.1.
  • I'd buy this phone....If it had the 41 megapixel camera from the 1020...Bummer
  • That is gorgeous. Its like a mix of the 900 and 925.
  • Jip i have to agree my next and final nok device :'(
  • Gimme!
  • I know if I get this I'll have to give the wife my 925.  I am worried that AT&T would get an exculsive of this and us on T-Mobile will be screwed out of this.
  • This is gonna happen. Until WP is a bigger success, they'll be able to release in all networks at the same time. 
  • Or until MS has bought them
  • Yup, cause at that point it's MS negotiating, not Nokia. I'd like to see Microsoft sell phones to order, for any network. Signature series style. 
  • If I get this gorgeous Phablet I'll pass my ATIV S to my Wife. Lets go T-Mobile.
  • That is gorgeous. Its like a mix of the 900 and 925.
  • a 912.5?
  • Off subject: anybody on Verizon know if you have to wait the full 2 years before an upgrade? Att let you upgrade a couple months before your 2 year end, wondering if it might be the same, new Verizon person.
  • Verizon no longer allows you to upgrade several months early.  The period is 24 months.
  • Starting next January.
  • I don't think at&t allows it anymore either.
  • AT&T has a new one year deal.
  • Hopefully they announce gdr3 at the Nokia event thus month, and start launching gdr3 in October and release this phone in November
  • I wouldn't count on that, in fact id expect the opposite with phone coming out in November and GDR3 rolling out to other phones soon after that.
  • Hmmm.... I'm eligible to upgrade in November. 1520 or 1020?
  • Do you value more screen size or photo quality?
  • Well when you out it that way.... Image quality for sure.
  • Then the L1020 is the option for you (I'm assuming you still have a WP7 device). Mind you, we don't really have many infos on this L1520. It should have, reportedly, higher specs, but to what end we don't really know. OS-wise it will still be WP8 with GDR3 which all the phones will get so the OS will not actually require the new specs.
    The alleged 20megapixel camera is there probably only to compete with Sony's Xperia Z1, and shouldn't influence at all the specs either since the L1020 has lower specs than this and a better camera.
    I think this "phablet" (God, I hate that word) is more to please people who actually like dinner-trays as smartphones. Think Samsung-Note fans.
  • I hate samsung but this 1520 looks so damn slick! It is getting me super excited! But I still have more then a year to go with my 920 :(
  • Samsung?
  • Just had to get some Samsung hate in there, didn't you!!!
  • 1520 isn't Samsung ...
  • "think this "phablet" (God, I hate that word) is more to please people who actually like dinner-trays as smartphones. Think Samsung-Note fans" ...or as a bludgeon device.
  • Granted 20MP gives you both.
  • I hope we see WP with more than 2 GB of RAM soon.
  • LOL what?
  • What about that statement confuses you?
  • How many phones have more then 2GB of ram? And why would they need it?
  • Ask the specs junkies lol
  • Push the envelope bro.
  • C'mon mister Harman, I think we would all want Nokia pushing the envelope in camera sensors, mapping solutions (HERE needs waaay more work), wireless charging speeds+boosts, perhaps voice assistants (MS can help, I saw amazing videos coming out of Microsoft Research, years ahead of what the competition has right now) putting 3gigs isn't pushing any envelope just pushing a spec number.
  • Why??? Is it because Android is doing it?
  • Why not?
    And its just another spec to hang your hat on. People eat that crap up.
  • Lol Ohk!
  • I have to agree there why cant wp also push some innovation
  • Innovation is much more than just cramming as much RAM and CPU cores as possible into small form factors.
  • Memory and CPU cycles don't come free. More = more battery use, as well as more physical space required which could be used better on something like a 20MP camera. Not to mention a higher price. When the OS doesn't need it, why just throw it in so you can play in that fake area?
  • More RAM, faster processor would help with something like the 1020 camera which reportedly has a long process time after taking pictures.
    Like I said people eat that stuff up. If you could say that you have the most RAM, fastest processor, best camera, best screen and longest lasting battery... people would love it.
    Just sayin'.
  • What I'm saying is that the combination you're talking about couldn't exist. It would be a behemoth. To fit all that in, it would be massive and weigh too much, be way too expensive, and you wouldn't get that kind of battery life.
    I know it sounds great to have an all-in-one like that, but it's really not at all feasible.
  • Faster horses, older Whiskey, younger women, and more money.
  • Beautiful phone. This will be my next. With this I'll be able to hold out a bit longer until a really good 8in tablet comes out.
  • So, the Xperia Z1 is shorter than the L1520, sports a 5inch screen with bezels because of the 20.7mp camera and all the technology behind it. No hump. Nokia has a bigger phone with, reportedly, a "inferior" camera and still has the hump. I would honestly prefer that Nokia had lost an inch in screen to lose that hump.
  • How do you know it has an inferior camera?
  • 20.7>20
    That's why I wrote "inferior" with quotation marks. Cause it's an affirmation based only on the numbers.
  • Good question!!
  • Because the 1520 will have OIS, which the Z1 doesn't.That's why the Z1 is so slim on the camera area.Make a 20mpx sensor, ad image-stablization (OIS), put all the 6 lenses, and there you go => hump
  • Maybe.
    Is this to have 6 lenses?
    And again...if we reduce the screen size to 5 inches, I think you could fit the camera technology on a dedicated space. The only thing that would have to change was the place of the camera, from the spot where we place our fingers to the top of the phone like in almost every other smartphone.
    I'm still not convinced that the hump is really necessary. They just didn't want to explore other design alternatives I think. Which is a pitty.
  • There you go again being all fastidious. It stands to reason that Nokia, now having developed the 925 and 1020, will be including at least 6 lenses in the 1520. Camera technology has been the selling point for Lumia devices, so I highly doubt Nokia would be cutting corners on that feature in a flagship device. But if you have such brilliant ideas squeezing all the technology found in the 925 with more than twice the megapixels into the 1520 without the "hump," I'm sure Nokia would love to hear about it.
  • DJCBS, are you a mechanical engineer? I am not but I work with 'em and it's amazing to watch how they are able to pack 10 pounds of crap into a 5 pound bag. Also, they don't get to pick the size of the enclosure. They are told what size they have to work with and they somehow make it fit. The 1020 is a real technological feat.
  • EXCLUSIVITY to ATT would kill this. Att is the "hero" partner for the 920 here in the U.S. yet they are last to update to Amber and gdr2. Still waiting to this day.Ridiculous. If I didn't have unlimited data grandfathered in, I'd leave. But alas...
  • Really? Can't believe you guys are still waiting, pretty sure the portico update was quick but this is ridiculous. AT&T was first to market and now that 920 has been replaced by 925 in their lineup does this mean no support and no updates? I would be very pissed off if i was with those at&t skunks
  • Avg consumer doesn't know what GDR2 is or that it's coming. Lack of updates definitely won't kill it. Damn annoying for those of us that do know and care though.
  • Right.. Lol❕
  • Yup, and when I tweet @attcustomercare about the issue they just give me BS about OS updates being complex and taking time. I told them I'd vote with my dollar when my contract is up if my 920 stops getting updates.
  • What issue❔
  • Being a former BB customer on At&t I can attest to infuriatingly slow updates and eventually updating to a non-approved version from the myriad of BB hackers. Does At&t keep a staff of one person who is responsible for testing updates and who, coincidentally, spends most of his time wringing his hands and worrying whether or not it's "safe" to release yet? This is NOT Sparta, this IS madness.
  • Actually, the 920 got GDR1 first, so how are we complaining about GDR2 being late❔Whose to say that GDR3 won't come first next time around❔...... Just wait patiently.
  • Wow Rodney, I don'[t always agree with you. But when I do... it's on comments like this
  • That sounded like one of those XX commercials... Lol.
  • Such a beautiful piece of hardware!
  • +1520
  • Amazing and thin. But it lacks two major features for a phablet: stylus support and Two apps running side-by-side
  • It may support a stylus. The article only says in won't be included. Doesn't mean it's not supported ;D
  • Although what you said is correct it seems strange that they would sell a phablet, with handwriting capabilities, without a stilo. Increase the price by €15 and add it......
  • Yeah it's weird. But I guess not everyone wants a stylus so they probably prefer to cut the phone's price and not include it than to make those people pay more for something they don't want.
  • What's stylus really im getting mixed answers :/
  • "Stylus" is basically those pens you use to write on screens ;)
  • And how many people actually use that? You can't focus attention on them both anyway.
  • Maybe it doesn't need a stylus, it could be like the Sony Xperia Z ultra, it doesn't come with a stylus yet it recognizes Styluses, Pens & Pencils ...
    I agree with you on the split screen thing though , but I won't get my hopes up , the only phone that have it is the Note 1/2/3 & its only limited to the TouchWiz & Google apps .
  • Yes, it is. But Microsoft should take care of that soon! We can't afford to keep missing features that competitors have! Not that you can miss just one or two... You can miss none!!! We are playing a catch-up game, don't forget about it!
  • My 920 recognizes my stylus, although I rarely use it.
  • A carpenter pencil works great on my 920 :)
  • I like using a diamond tipped scribe.
  • 1025...
  • I'm looking forward to the formal announcement. This device could be a real beauty.
  • Can't wait!
  • With Micro SD expansion!!!!! Say what? PureView 20MP and its thin! Nokia. You make phone version of this and you have my money.
  • Phone version yu mean smaller size?
  • This! Right now the only thing that I doesn't like about this phablet is the screen size. If they can keep all the high specs into the size of Lumia 920 then it may be my next device.
  • I want one
  • Bye Bye HTC 8X, even if I have to borrow. This phone looks pretty thin too.
  • Hello Lumia 1520 :)
  • Don't worry you are not alone, in UK, EE is also doing the same thing with us. We are still waiting for GDR2 for a phone which was exclusively released on EE. The biggest mistake of Nokia in UK market.
  • +1000. Fellow EE user and I couldn't agree more. Hopefully now that others have rolled out 4G, EE will never get another exclusive. Also, apparently we may not get DataSense which would really ****me off....
  • Same here. My mum's unlocked Lumia 620 has just received the update. I have its much bigger brother and still don't have it. I think my 920 is crying from embarrassment.
    EE are shit. Won't make that mistake again.
  • Wonder what size battery??
  • Did anyone notice that the back, home and search keys aren't visible on the device or is it the angle of the pic? Or is this normal for a prototype...
  • Me so gonna buy this when contract is finished 2014 :P
  • Loving this phone, this is the main reason I didn't get the 1020, I was waiting for this, I will give my son the 920 and get this..
  • Wow SD support! That pretty cool. How does this processor compare to the 1020's? Benchmark wise I mean.
  • Qualcomm 800 destroyes anything out there. It's the best ARM SoC out there. 
  • Yep true that
  • lets assume this has a quad core snapdragon 800.... it blows it out of water! funny thing you won´t notice :P
  • I say it looks great! From what I can see, it will be much smaller than the Z Ultra, which is a big "+" for the 1520.
  • I want to see this on Verizon. She will be mine.
  • November? Zzzzzzzzzz
  • Look at that ugly bezel and all that unused space! ...On the Sony. lol.
  • I was looking at the gallery from The Verge. The phone is huge. The Sony Xperia Z is a pretty big phone itself, the 1520 is so much bigger. But I want it lol.
    The screen looks fantastic. I know we can't really judge from just pictures but it looks crystal clear and razor sharp. And it's very thin, looks thinner than the Xperia Z. I'll definitely be getting a case for it, and there isn't going to be a stylus (why would they include a stylus if WP8 doesn't support active digitizers... plus there's no visible stylus slot) but I don't think that will be a big deal. I bet lots of people who use the Samsung Galaxy Note devices barely use the stylus. I know it matter for some people, but not for me. I think the WP8 experience will be amazing on such a large screen!
    I'm excited for this phone. Especially since it might be the last device we see branded as Nokia Lumia. I hope Nokia goes out with a bang and manages to get this phone on all carriers, or at least AT&T and T-Mobile. Isn't Nokia holding an event on September 10? Maybe this phone will be announced then. Seems a bit early, though, so maybe that's for the tablets.
    This is an exciting time!
  • Nokia is holding an event this Tuesday? September 10th? Damn !!! Talk about bad scheduling... Oh yea, I agree with you regarding the Note, my father had a Note 2 for a few months & he only used the stylus a couple of times .
  • September 10th is the iphone event -_-
  • Hoping that Windows RT will be on this along with a mini-HDMI out instead of WP8. It makes more sense, since the screen is huge and has the processing power to boot with the Snappy Dragon 800. And why couldn't RT have phone network support too?
  • It won't, we already know this will have WP8 GDR3 on it when it's released.
  • That would be crazy, as in crazy awesome.
  • I just want GDR3... L925
  • Looks like an polycarbonate unibody Lumia 925
  • If the stylus is offered later, that means it won't have a dedicated sylo to dock it, which is a big mistake in my opinion.
  • I'm sure they would offer a flip case that can hold the stylus.
  • I am definitely interested in getting this...but I believe if it's going to be a "phablet", it should have features that separate it from the rest, similar to the Galaxy Note 3 vs. the Galaxy S4. Either way, I'm getting it.
  • I hope come with BUILD IN Wireless Charger!
  • So either wireless charging is built in again or they left it out completely. I don't see those connection dots for a wireless charging case
  • Probably built in much more space this te:P
  • Yeah, okay, I took this photo on my friends roof hence the tree branches. Need to get on that one. More bumps? Never!!!
  • I wish they'd make a high end 4.0" phone instead of making a huge phone for basketball players. Or make both.
  • Agreed ! Or at least put a big screen in a small body , Motorola has been doing it for years
  • Why the hell are we getting so many leaks today?! Get your shit together Mokiasoft (my name for the whole Microsoft buying Nokia thing.)
  • Shut up and take my money!!
  • If they would've put the 1020 camera on this, I would've bought for off contract price. And I just did that with the 1020.
  • Nokia is "slated" to announce?
  • My pockets are ready
  • Has anyone noticed there is no 3 pin sockets for a wireless charging shell? This should have built in qi charging???
  • I noticed the same thing. I am hoping for Qi built in too!
  • SD slot, finally! (on a high end)
  • Makes me wonder if WP8 could be put on a 7" tablet/phablet. Would anyone buy that device?
  • There has to be a stylus...dammit Nokia!!
  • Agreed.
  • 32g and SD makes this thing a no brainer for me when it comes out. Now if they add a black color theme, and fix so the first page fits the actual screen, I'll be stoaked!
  • Everyone talking about the GDR2 release delay. I feel so lucky for buying the 925. Though I fear for the GDR3, especially since I'm from Brazil... In other words, I'm fucked
  • Nice
  • What are those "Google Maps", "Google" and "Google Mail" apps?
  • Was thinking the same thing.
  • Google search is the only official search app from Google. Google mail is 3rd party app and that's Goog!e maps.
  • Way to big for me.
  • That's not what I hear.
  • Nice!!!
  • Now add a stylus and release some apps like the Courier prototype was showing with the possibility to split the screen in landscape orientation.
  • This in red and my money is yours!
  • Check Out More Leaked Images Of Nokia Lumia 1520-Phablet:
  • I would love one, but I might buy a Nokia 625 unlocked instead. And use it until 1520 drops in price.
  • Shut up and take my money .
  • That Bandit is huge 165.5mm×85 mm. That's even bigger than the Note3.
  • I think they were estimates and not exact... I am not sure though
    Xperia Z is 139 x 71, based on photos on verge, I guess 1520 will be (155-160) x (81-83)
    Still it would be bigger than Note3... but Note3 is a 5.7" device and 1520 is 6"
  • That's the Xperia Z1 which is bigger than the Z.
  • the height is less than 158, check the photo:
  • A nice big phone great OS and lack of apps and add on don't make it any more I've S3 and L925 but the L925 fall short big time for me apps wise data storage and hdmi I can connect my S3 to my tv and do anything movies games and it runs smoothly now my L915 don't even have a charging light we need added features MS keeps holding back that's y devs have a hard time porting there apps over, and MS not even making good of the few games they have for Xbox that would be great on WP. And I've been using WP since ce5
  • ...
  • I'm confused by the lack of xenon flash...
  • typical manufacturing strategy: you don't get everything in one package
  • THIS IS IT GUYS! this is the device that will break that manufacturing line between having to choose a thin body or micro sd. I know the lumia 720 did it but this is the first with everything in an all in one package. Big camera sensor, high internal mem + sd, top of the line Soc, 2gigs of ram. Im not gonna buy it tho lol, but we cant hear anyone complaining anymore. Nokia has done it for you guys, you got the sd card and a thin design :) now bring this package to a 4.5inch screen device nokia!
  • Yes that and with the 1020's camera. The 1020 will be more than enough for me though, when I finally get it next week, can't wait :)
  • Yeah... That's what I want a 4.5" (or smaller) with the thinnest bezel possible.
  • Mmmmm. Cupcakes n bacon...
  • Good looking phone! I cant see where to put the sim or sd card tough. If the cover is removable and you put sim and sd in like on the Lumia 620, shouldnt the battery also be removable?
  • Does it blend?
  • Wtf is a stylus? I hate buying something only to know I missed an upgrade...
  • That's not innovation though. It just pushes up the price of the phone
  • I hope that the Nokia 1520 will be in stores in EU 1.10.13
  • Hey guys i have a problem with my lumia 520, i was changing the language settings and suddenly the aspect of my phone changed, it looks like an old PC. The live tiles are now black. Can anybody help me?
  • Check your Ease of Access settings, turn off High Contrast.
  • Thanks!!
  • Go to settings > Ease of Access, and check if high contrast is on, if it is turn it off and you should have your normal live tiles.
  • Not a fan of phablets, but it really looks good.
  • Needs to include a stylus...that's half the appeal of a large phone, namely the Galaxy phone/tablet and the included software. I definately don't want a phone larger than this one.
  • I would buy it.. I think I would rather the 5.2 inch though.. But those 5.2 inch specs seems to be not so great..
    Prove me wrong! Bump the specs MS! :/
  • This phone is getting me terribly excited. But, I also hope Nokia have some smaller sized phones to announce alongside this beast.
  • This will be my new workhorse... If I then can have a WP smart watch to go with it....DROOL
  • Why 20mp and not 41?
  • Uh... 1020!?!?
  • This device would make more sense if came with windows rt.
  • Yessir this my next device if it runs RT. It should and have a stylus slot. S800, 2-3RAM, 1080p, GDR3, this would really get the respect that WP8 seems to not get. Solid OS just needs a beast for the spec freaks.
  • Awesome, the 1025 seems quite perfect for people who enjoy phablets. Definitely not for me (don't like looking like a retard while talking on something that big, not to mention how unconfortable it must be in your pocket), still, it's a great product for nokia to finally capture that piece of the market dominated my crappy androids....
  • So.. No xenon????
  • This is my only complain... Why they don't put a xenon on it?!?
  • By the time my next upgrade comes up, something like 2020 will have badass features, then I LL be like " I want datt!" lolol
  • Oh, if this is real I'm in!!!
  • This is not the Xperia Z, it is the Xperia Z1 who is a little bit bigger ! So this 1520 will be enormous! Love you Nokia !!!
  • they should call it Nokia Lumia Big Brother ..... what a beautiful monster
  • I don't care about the price, I'm differently getting that damn big ass Sweet phone.
  • I might just put down my HTC 8X for this. it looks quite slim and has a small bezel so there is very little wasted space. As much as I like my wife's 925 I think I would prefer the larger screen.
  • Give me 3 cheers for the small bezel....
    Hip Hip Hooray!!.....
  • They better bring it to tmo
  • nice how there isn't holes on the back for wireless charging connectors?....may mean it's built in!
  • same doubt!
  • Smooth design....I've been waiting for a phone with a design that kind of resembles the curves of the Infobar 2 from Japan.  I can still love my 920 for another year but the 1520 is really drool worthy. 
  • Lumiazilla!
  • Now make a 5" variant.
  • Looks like a beast
  • OH SNAP!!!
  • Now if Sony can make a 6 inch WINDOWSPHONE..!! I know its impossible since they compete with Xbox 360, but imagine a Sony WINDOWSPHONE phablet???
  • I wouldn't say impossible, remember Sony makes Windows 8 computers.
  • Ey man ur right about that, damnn
    Another question....
  • Any guesses on price?
    I think $249 to $299 on contract
    was thinking 6" wud b a definite No... but after seein the photos and specs... very tempted... lets see what other phones Nokia will release... 940 may be (920 upgrade)
  • also... I dont see any ports on the back (like two small holes in 1020) which enable wireless charging with a snap-on case...
    so either no wireless charging or its built-in??? (if its buit-in I wil b even more thempted to get this one)
  • This may sound odd but... I'm the most excited about the possibility of a black theme color, as I saw in some other leak photos.
    I've wanted black tiles on a black background since I first got my WP8.
    Edit: Nevermind, its probably only 'high contrast' mode.
  • Awesome. But when I think that this is the last 'Nokia', it makes me sad.
  • Well just don't think that.
    First, we don't if Nokia will release another device over the next few months or not.
    Second, the deal could still fall through (although it appears unlikely).
    Third, only the name will be lost. Elop will still be in charge, and the people who design and manufacture Nokia phones will still do just that.
  • What about battery ? Battery is the most important, not cpu in wp world. It should carry 3000+ mah
  • I need bigger pockets...
  • Anyone know the ProductCode? RM-XXX?
  • I'm definetly in, lolicopter if it hits all markets............
  • Anyone want to guess the odds that the SD slot will not be available on some US carriers?
  • Verizon PLEASE!!
  • One detail I did forget to inquire about. I would love to know the state of wireless charging on this beast. I love that it is built in on my 920, and would hate to have to add a case to a phone just to get the charging that should be on-board at the outset. In particular, with this larger screen and bigger processor, the charging is a must.
  • Hope this bad boy has a notification light.
  • Nope
  • All the spec's are not out yet.
  • Dimensions look like: (157-158) x (76-77)  
  • And that makes the screen max out at around 5.5-5.6 inches..not sure why everyone is talking about a 6" screen.
  • the screen is about 5.9"
  • if top and bottom bezel is combined 25mm
    height of disply will be ~133 for 16:9 aspect ratio, screen width will be ~75... whch is 6.008"  :D
    lets say if u assume height is 130mm instead of 133... screen will be ~5.9"
  • Do we know if this will be aluminum or polycarb? Was just thinking about those previous leaks from a few months back which showed manufacturing of a metal device. Anyone think this is the same?
  • Im was abou to get the 920/1020 but now i will wait, but if takes too long i may jut get the Note 3... time is against you nokia.
  • This device could also be the ultimate WP8 gaming phone. With the Snapdragon 800 processor it will have an Adreno 330 GPU compared to the Adreno 225 found on the Lumia 920 we should see smoother gameplay on some of the more graphicly intense games (Gameloft ones).