New Pic of Verizon Imagio aka 'Whitestone'; Launching with WM6.5

Looks like PhoneArena got their lucky mitts on some shots of the Verizon Imagio, which were hearing is still slated for a release on October 6th. We also know something else "launching" October 6th, ahem--not coincidence.

We finally learn that the "Media" button links to VCast MobileTV, part of the Qualcomm MediaFLO network, which till now hasn't been used by US carriers (to our knowledge).

Nothing else has changed:

  • WM6.5
  • Qualcomm 7600 @ 528MHz
  • 512MB ROM/256MB RAM
  • 3.6-inch WVGA touchscreen
  • 5-megapixel autofocus camera/Anti-handshaking
  • gpsOne (aGPS and full GPS)
  • GSM/CDMA World phone
  • Kickstand
  • 3.5mm Headset jack
  • Manilla 2.5

Check out the two other diagram shots from the user manual after the jump.

[via PhoneArena]


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  • Another 528Mhz, Resistive HTC Phone. It looks pretty good, but as is, it will never be WM7 compatible. In less than 1 year, it will be totally out of date. I really like this and the TP2, but it keeps getting harder and harder to justify a WM phone over a Palm Pre or HTC Hero. Still got about a month with my contract, and I honestly don't know what I will choose next.
  • True, though 1 year of life on mobile tech will be the norm soon enough. That's progress for ya ;-)
  • HELP!! Can this phone solve my iPhone envy? I am ready to buy something after October 6.
  • It is basically the same hardware as the TP2. HTC has shown no innovation in well over a year, it is ridiculous. So you know, if the other dozen phones they've released this year haven't done that, this won't.
  • On behalf of HTC, there really aren't that many new innovations out for phones now.
    If you're specifically speaking of the Snapdragon, the Leo is going to have it when it's released. I do agree that it should've been in the TP2 and Imagio, but I'm probably gonna get the next gen TP, so that doesn't bother me.
    If you're speaking of capacitive and/or multi-touch touch screens, just forget about it. It really isn't a big deal- Resistive screens are perfectly fine, and multitouch is an overrated feature that unnecessarily raises prices. I think the worst feature on the newest HTCs (D2, TP2, Imagio) is the zoom bar. D-Pads are much more useful and should've never been cut.
  • "Nothing else hasn't changed" Haha.
  • phew, good thing i didn't buy Touch pro 2 from Verizon. I'm buying this when it comes out!.... but.... when they say WM6.5 will be out on Sep.6th, does that mean i can get this device at verizon store on that day? or from internet first?
  • Doubtful. It most likely means you will be able to purchase it online or through Customer Service on the 6Th. The Touch Pro 2 was released on Sept. 11th and I don
  • What does this mean? gpsOne (aGPS and full GPS) Does it mean that you don't need a data connection to get a GPS lock? Or is it simply irrelevant.
  • Standalone + aGPS; you won't need internet to use GPS
  • @ac520, if you go to, they said you will find devices at retail stores on Sep.6, meaning you can go to Verizon stores to buy thier WM 6.5 phones.
  • I received by Imagio last wk to replace BlackBerry Curve. Thought it would be more like my Ipod Touch since I can't do AT&T. I am sending it back today. Heavier than BB. Very hard to use. Even to delete a pic that you just took takes jumping through hoops. I will wait till they really have something closer to IPhone. This phone is so frustraiting. first time I got IPod Touch I fell in love and continues to be a joy to use. It does what I ask it the 1st time everytime. the Imagio just looks at you like you are stupid and makes you say to yourself.... did I really push the right button..... maybe I didn't push it hard enough.... Is it like an elevator where you have to keep pushing? Hate the phone. I hear the new Droid is supposed to come out soon and its spossed to be awsome. We will see......