The new Razer Raiju Mobile gaming controller works with Android phones

The Razer Raiju Mobile (opens in new tab) is a new gaming controller designed for gaming on your phone. Specifically, it's designed to work with the recently announced Razer Phone 2 (opens in new tab), but it will connect to any smartphone running Android 6.0 or higher via Bluetooth or USB-C (or micro USB with the included adapter).

The controller lasts up to 23 hours before needing to be recharged, and you will be able to map and customize all the buttons using Razer's Android app. Razer plans to make it compatible with PC Windows 7 and up eventually as well. That will give you the ability to transition from your phone to your computer without missing a beat.

The Raiju Mobile is similar to other controllers Razer has made in the past, like the Razer Wolverine (opens in new tab), but it will be a bit more flexible.

While not quite available to order yet, you'll be able to get it through Razer's site (opens in new tab) for $149.99. Razer also announced an upgrade to the Hammerhead USB-C in-ear headset (opens in new tab) that includes active noise-cancelling (opens in new tab) for $99.99.

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John Levite
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