New ROM released for Touch Diamond

HTC has released a ROM update for the Touch Diamond over on their European site (opens in new tab). [via Gadgetmix] Included in the update are fixes for:

  • When you launch the Camera while the system is working on other programs, the preview screen may become black.
  • When playing a video, sometimes a portion of the video will be cut off a little bit.
  • Fixes Audio playback problem with the speaker. Specific issues: sometimes the music will turn off and on after 10 minutes, or there is a buzzing sound or no sound at all.
  • Fixes the problem of not being able to receive MMS when in standby mode.
  • When launching music via the Music tab on TouchFLO 3D, the sound may intermittently turn off for a second and come back on.

As always, be sure to back up your data before updating anything. Go get it here (opens in new tab).

Phil Nickinson

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  • When would this update ship on new Sprint-branded phones in the US?
  • I'm guessing never. That appears to be the ROM for the GSM Diamond. Since the Sprint ROM leaked yesterday I'm guessing it would be officially released for updates within the next month or two and probably start showing up on units in the stores a month or so after that (got to get through existing inventory first). Again, these are all guesses.
  • Well not exactly. Because when Sprint did the update for the original HTC touch i had to do it online, but my phone has had to been replaced a couple times and it did not have the update when they were replaced.
  • Just briked my Diamond, it says ROM ERROR :|
  • Yipes -- can you go back to the original ROM? What sort of diamond were you trying to flash -- the above should only work for Euro Diamonds
  • Even though it is a leaked rom from "sprint" if your phone hasn't been unlocked you will brick it. Not a lot of good options to undo it unless you are really savvy with the ins and outs of roms.
  • same problem here...tried to update my UK Diamond (unlocked HTC version), and it's bricked apparently. says corrupt updater file/ROM error. DAMN!
  • Also had the error message, but just run it for a second time and you might find it works. Thats what I did and it's now fine. quite alot of chages with this update including the phone pad keys getting a few MM smaller. Also found that the long key press to lock no longer works! The fact that we are all getting error msgs could mean there is a problem with the upgrade.
  • Hi!
    The "Long-Key-Press" is not working on my Diamond either. Swedish ROM and prior to the ROM update it worked fine. Now it flickers when pressed or brings up the quick menu. I'm not able to lock the screen.
    HTC doesn't recognize the issue. Anyone who has solved this?
  • Not solved, but I have the exact same problem.. Skittelefon :)
  • Is there any solution to this? Cannot lock the phone, TouchLockPro doesn
  • HTC support confirms the issue. "It's because You're using Active Sync with exchange and the security settings pushed from the exchange."
    I'm 100% sure that the key lock worked prior to the update with Exchange....
  • Jepp, that is the same experience I have. The key lock works until you connect the phone to exchange.
    Did not have the same problem before I upgradet the Rom.
  • Same here, lock function does not work anymore. And it DID WORK with exchange on previous official ROM. Tiring....
  • I have the same problem... The "Long press end key" doesn't lock my phone anymore. Only difference is.... I've always steered clear of everything that had anything to do with exchange. So... it can't be a broblem caused by exchange, because I don't use exchange.
  • What does HTC say? Will there be a new update or are they only focused on selling new model phones (and forget about the present users)????
  • Hi, I jsut brought a new Diamond and I need help getting the new ROM update i tried going to Htc website and downloading it but it says the update is not for this brand of phone maybe because i have a US lunlocked ro something ? some1 help please.
  • HTC tuch pro "Long press end key"
    when upgraded rom frpm ver 1 to 5 "Long press end key" dont work if u have Phone lock password enabeld. only bad sulution i found is turn of phone lock under settings and then then Long press end key works
  • Same here...had two rom upgrades on my phone..hasn't been working ever since i did the upgrades. Something wrong with the swedish rom? Jag vill byta telefunk!
  • it works as said above, turn of the other automatic lock, then you can use the long key-press to lock it.. i'd rather have it lock on my press than automatically, wich is damn annoying.