New Site Feature: Follow the Windows Central content you care about and get notified of it instantly!

We are very excited to introduce Follow - a way to personalize your Windows Central experience and get notified when new content is added. In addition to Windows Central, the Follow feature is also available across our family of Mobile Nations properties, including Android Central, iMore, Windows Central, CrackBerry and Connectedly.

We have built a system that is easy to use yet offers you maximum flexibility. You will now be able to follow:

  • Topics - Follow companies, devices, or any other topic such as Apple, Asus, Galaxy S6, Verizon, Google I/O
  • Authors - Follow your favorite writer, article, comments and forum posts
  • Members - Follow members to discover when they post new comments and forum posts
  • Article Comments - Follow an article's comment stream
  • Forum Posts - Follow a forum thread's post stream
  • Replies - Follow replies to your comments or forum threads you have participated in.

All of this activity will be displayed in a compact stream in the sidebar that appears when you tap on your user profile image at the top of the site (when logged in). If you follow content from more than one Mobile Nations site, it will aggregate the content from multiple sites into one single stream. We're also testing a "stickied" version of the follow stream as well as a full sized version. You can almost think of the full sized version being a customized homepage or dashboard showing you only the things you care about.

Follow is also the cornerstone of our new, much-requested notification system. For any of your follow activity, you can choose to get alerted using real-time push notifications via the Chrome web browser (both desktop and Android) and OS X Safari browser, or via instant emails. The same notifications will also be sent to upcoming releases of our popular apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry. With the plumbing for the Follow system now in place, we are also going to add new site features that give you further control over how you consume content, including Custom RSS feeds, Wildcard text search, and WebSockets for Follow Stream.

Be sure to watch the video above for a quick look at how it all works and be sure to give it a try. If you have any feedback or run into any issues, please report them on this Mobile Nations forum thread.

  • What does this have to do with Windows phone? Why am I even seeing this article?!! Ugh!!
  • It's windows central...and it's a site feature.
  • He was being facetious. It was a parody of all of the comments that led to the creation of this new feature in the first place.
  • When in India?
  • Seems faster.
  • When faster?
  • Seems in India.
  • Lmao!
  • Seems Lmao?
  • Push notif. not supported on Mozilla :( Pls allow it too.
  • I guess this will stop all the crybabies whining about Xbox and Windows announcements. Or maybe they'll find a new reason to whine.
  • What a cool feature... You guys/gals are doing a great job... Keep up the good work!
  • Talking about gals...haven't seen many women reporters on windows it me or is it for real?
  • Please dont
  • Now all u guys have to do is give your app a major facelift
  • Same thought!
  • What a about county specific? Tired of "when in India?".....
  • Late July or August we will launch a few localized editions of Windows Central. UK and India will be the first two.
  • Thank fu@$ing god
  • Good job guys, looking forward to the new app. Please can we have landscape typing back though? Incidentally, I no longer get emails when someone replies to my comments. Did someone cut through a pipe when they added the "follow" feature?
  • I've noticed the same, rather annoying, because I no longer know when someone has replied to something I posted via the Windows app. I hope it's taken care of soon. :)
  • Hm emails should work fine. Go to  and ensure that under "Instant Emails" Comments & Forums are checked, and that you have "Follow replies to my comment" enabled.
  • Will this translate to the app too? It's a joy to use compared to the desktop version, which is appalling, clunky with large spaz graphics and random forum topics everywhere. It was much better before the overhaul.
  • Update your App with new features
  • What about lighter mobile site that is IE friendly?
  • Can we get this functionality in a app update
  • I use RSS anyway. I will remove it on my css for this site.
  • Wil this be implemented in to the app?
  • Not to sound rude here, but why is there not a single Mobile Nations app that allows me to follow Windows, iPhone, whatever on any platform? Why is Windows Central one of the most painful sites to use on a mobile device? It's not just painful on Windows, it is painful on Safari too (where I assume most sites are tested with). This is one of my favorite sites, but come on.
  • Windows Central with some Social flava. Outstanding sirs.
  • I'd like to have a Windows Central RSS feed that contains everything except the stories on games and gaming. (I'm just not into gaming.) I anyone know how?