Of course, many comparisons will include the MacBook Pro, a popular tool among photographers, amateurs, and professionals.

Microsoft has never been "cooler" than it is today, and that means lots of Mac users, even longtime, diehard Applers, are considering a switch. But for professionals, the switch isn't just about the cool factor. They still need to be able to handle business, and that often requires specific sets of tools, and certain features and functionality. Such is the case for modern pro photographers.

Windows Central forum member sssamjoan is considering a switch from Mac to Surface Pro, but the device's ability to keep up with the demands of photography is a concern.


I would like to buy the nSP soon but I'm very hesitant that I can adapt from being a longtime MacBook user. Any photographers out there using Surface Pros to organise or edit their work?


The higher end Surface Pros are powerful machines, so they should be able to handle most photo editing demands. And though Windows doesn't have all the same photography tools available to Mac users, it has many powerful utilities, including Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Are you a photographer with a Surface Pro? Can you provide any insight for sssamjoan or others curious about the Surface Pro's photo prowess? Hit the forum link below and join in the discussion.