Leaked video shows off new features for Cortana, including managing emails and appointments

Cortana email management iOS
Cortana email management iOS (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new video shows off Cortana managing emails and appointments.
  • The video also shows Cortana reading emails.
  • Some features showcased in the video were first seen in December 2018.

A leaked video has appeared on Twitter, showcasing several new Cortana features. The video shows new options that make it easier for people to stay up to date by using Cortana, including reading emails out loud and scheduling appointments. Twitter user WalkingCat was the first person to share the video. WalkingCat has a reputation for leaking videos early, such as the Mac Book "get a Surface commercial that leaked earlier this year.

The leaked video shows off a clean interface for listening to emails on iOS, which allows you to flag an email, control playback, and skip to the next email like a playlist. Cortana also helps manage calendar appointments and schedule events in the video. The new Windows 10 version of Cortana also appears, as well as the ability to pick a masculine or feminine voice for the assistant.

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We initially covered some of these features in December 2018, including Cortana reading emails out loud. There's a good chance that this video will be used by Microsoft at an upcoming conference or event such as Ignite. After WalkingCat leaked the Mac Book commercial, the ad was shared on official channels and during events such as NFL games. WalkingCat is likely just sharing a leak of this Cortana video a bit early.

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  • I'm at work so I can't dig too deep into this right now, however, I do hope there comes a time when I can say "Cortana" inside of any Microsoft ios/android app.
  • Cortana as a productivity-focused AI (and therefore actually useful, not just a gimmick to check the weather or order diapers and generally look like a grandpa on the train) makes perfect sense to me. It makes sense because it's useful, and it makes sense because Microsoft should focus on productivity. So that means she's not dead, right?
  • Another great MS product they've spent ZERO $$$ marketing properly :-(
  • "marketing" for an email AI? Sounds like a thrilling ad campaign.
  • While I understand your sarcasm, and have a certain amount of appreciation for it :-), I do hope this is the beginning of some kind of push to get Cortana's name out there. We do seem to get enough marketing on Alexa and Google assistants. If MS is doing and planning big things with Cortana then why not toot some horns about her?
  • I am with you. Headphones, Earbuds, Neo and Duo even if these are not for commercial sales at least show it off while using a surface with there business adds they do. Show them using the headphones in a business setting using office 365. There are other ways to market besides just reaching for the cool factor. A niche product can still have niche commercials. I feel like the surface commercials are that anyway.
  • They might in the end, but I suspect this won't be targeted at consumers, but business users. And it seems like business-oriented ad campaigns are just different than consumer-oriented ones (saying this as a mere observer).
  • Microsoft isn't planning big things for Cortana. They are planning small things, just being a Microsoft Office Assistant.
  • I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but Cortana will continue to be of very little value on Android until Microsoft can figure out how to make it accessible no matter what's active or what's connected to the device. Right now, you can only use "Hey, Cortana" if Launcher is the active screen. And very few of the features from Windows phones exist in either Launcher or the Cortana app. Inexplicably, the Cortana app and Cortana on Launcher don't even have feature parity with each other. I'm not confident Microsoft will do anything valuable with Cortana at this rate.
  • I just wish Cortana on Android wasn't so slow and didn't do stupid things like assuming I want to set reminders for the morning unless I say otherwise. It was way smarter on Windows Phone. What happened?
  • When Cortana on Android can alert me, read my texts and take replies of my texts over Bluetooth, that will be when true usefulness returns.
  • Abosultely, Cortanta was awesome on my windows phone, but on my oneplus, she's worthless. Google assistant will have to fill the void unless she improves accessibility.
  • You know, I think they might be able to do so in the future. The fact that Cortana occasionally pops up, when I say certain things shows me that they can, it's a matter of permission. So, it's not a matter of making it work. They have to get permission from Google to do so, and I believe and hoping that Google will allow this with the Duo. IF, the Duo can usher in a new way of being productive, we may see Google allowing Microsoft to do the same with Cortana on other devices.
  • What's the incentive for Google to give that level of access to Cortana?
  • I would imagine the same reason they allowed Samsung to be able to enable Bixby over their OS. I don't think it necessarily had anything to do with the amount of Samsung's popularity. Bixby would have potentially been a direct competitor, so why give them permission?
  • Google doesn't need to give Samsung permission to integrate Bixby into their product.
  • Microsoft will have the same access to Android that the other manufacturers enjoy. Whatever Samsung does with Bixby, Microsoft can do with Cortana. I doubt they will though. By this time next year, I bet the service won't even be called Cortana.
  • Well, what would they be calling that masculine Cortana?? Master Chief!?
  • Was thinking the same thing! Haha
  • I thought Cortana was able to do this already? 😶