As mentioned earlier, the last week of October would se the kick off of Microsoft and AT&Ts advertising campaign. Word is that "extended" ads were appearing before the films 'Hereafter' and 'Paranormal Activity 2', which opened this weekend.

Likewise, some TV & YouTube spots are now appearing, including the three after the break. All three are very short (15 second spots) and continue the theme of "we need a phone to save us from our phones", which some people like and others are 'meh' about. We fall into the former category as we think they're at least conversation starters, mildly shocking and certainly entertaining.

Still no word about T-Mobile ads as they get ready to launch their HD7 next Monday as well. Check the ads after the break, especially the "bedroom" one. Saucy.

Source: Windows Phone (Youtube); via PocketNow & Twitter (@windowsphone)