New Windows Phone 8X by HTC Verizon advertisement published

Verizon has published a new video on its YouTube channel, an advertisement for the new Windows Phone 8X by HTC. The title "Ummm/Ohh" pretty much sums up the entire commercial, which we expect to see on the big screen shortly with the launch of the Windows Phone already in full effect. 

The advertisement compares the simple, yet intuitive UI of Windows Phone with complicated electronics that consumers may use on a daily basis. Other devices are met with a confusing "Ummm", while the HTC 8X appears on-screen with a greeted "Ohh!". It's cute, but we like cute.

The only issue affecting Verizon's customers is that the HTC 8X itself is indeed delayed until November 27th. We can state that the wait will be more than worth it though.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Its very nice to see the Windows Phone buzz. I
  • Just hope it's sustained!
  • Those commercials are better than what at&t have for my Lumia 920 .
  • Word. They are some pretty crappy ads. Much prefer the stuff that MS puts out (not Lumia 920 specfic)
  • I really like that u can choose HD r SD on the app cuz I always had to open up the page just to view the video ;)
  • +11
  • Really good advertising too by verizon
  • This is a Perfect ad to show wp simplicity, well done.
  • That is a great Ad!
  • We can only wish that this kind of ad was made for 7.0 or even 7.5. It could be a completely different ballgame now.
  • Ever wonder why Microsoft never advertised 7.x? They never tried to go big, they merely wanted to keep it afloat. We're the beta users who built them an appstore.
  • Unfortunately thats what it has been realized. Everyone who jumped on board and bought original WP7 devices were simply beta testers who kept the ship afloat while they worked on their real release WP8.
  • Yeah and depending on how early people jumped on board, they could be available for an upgrade to wp8 like myself- from 11/10 of the Focus to 11/12, now with a Nokia 920.
  • The setup seems to be longer than actually the showing of the phone in these commercials.
  • That is intentional. People are more receptive and remember more about the second half of an ad than the start of it, that's why most ads are full of irrelevant stuff at the beginning and then get to what they are actually advertising right at the end.
  • Completely opposite of an apple commercial.
  • Still lacking in actually showing what the phone can do as in the People/Me/Photo hubs.
    It's a good concept but it needs more in my opinion.
  • I agree. The apple ads for the iPhone 5 are extremely limited, but that's what grabs peoples attention I guess. When I talk people out of buying an iPhone 5, they ask me if they can make panoramas. Umm...yes.
  • Looking at the first ad and now the second, they appear very related (theme, VO, etc.). My guess is these are part of a series of ads, probably around 5 or 6 spots. I expect each shows off a different feature keeping the theme of simplicity with each of those features.
    Just thank Jeebus there's no lightning and ominous glows, and robots and ninjas or Abe Vigoda. Okay, maybe Abe Vigoda. I love Abe Vigoda.  
  • The idea is to draw interest and get people into a Verizon store to look at the phone.  You want an ad that people relate to.  Notice how everything the user was trying to figure out was using static grids - whether number pads or icon pads.  The visuals of the phone pop and the ad plays to the simplicity angle of WP8.
    Verizon's people are well trained, at least at their highest traffic outlets.  They will be able to give a customer some personal time to go deeper.
  • I saw it on the tv this morning when I was watching ESPN.
  • I saw it last night on tv.
  • Data sense app is just for Verizon ???
  • Data sense is there for all WP8, but must be enabled by carrier, and has only been by Verizon at this point. That's what I understand anyway...
  • Just for a few months.
  • Data Sense is only on Verizon??
  • Yes, until Q1 2013, then AT&T will release it.
  • Lol that was cute!
  • Got the point across
  • I was at a Verizon store yesterday to oogle at the new WP8 devices & only saw the 822. When I asked where is the 8x, they replied...its in the back, we still need to set it up. Now I have to go to AT&T or other retailers to get a hands on of the device so I can compare which one is best for me. Big Red can be reliable & yet disappointing at times. More WP8 exposure on Verizon please.
  • Guess I missed the memo were turn by turn navigation is now gone unless you have a nokia device...That seems extremely unfair
  • It's super lame. My navigation experience was downgraded when I upgraded from my Trophy to my 8X.
  • What?  Really?  I HAAAAATTTTEEE that crap.  If it was part of the OS, it should STAY as part of the OS.  I guess there ARE others out there, but I loved the integrated maps.  I probably won't get a non-Nokia now.  I was considering the 8x, but not now.
    Or did they just get rid of turn by turn, but maps is still there.  This seems crazy.  What does Local Scout do?  Tells you there are places around, but doesn't tell you how to get there?  This seems too crazy.
  • TBT is still there, it's just not Nokia Drive.
  • TBT is gone, you can still get directions from the maps but it wont follow your car and tell you the next step
  • I was at a Verizon store this weekend looking at the 8x.  There was a Microsoft rep there and she showed me the turn by turn navigation on the 8x.  It used Bing maps. 
  • Okay, good to hear.  Does it still SPEAK the directions through your car's bluetooth like it did before?
  • Just got my shipment email. Blue 8x's are shipping tomorrow
  • They should have used a california blue phone instead of black.
  • The black is so very much nicer in person than in photos and videos.
  • Blue is nicer looking.
  • Great add. Simple and to the point. Love how they showcased the pin contact to home screen option in less then the time it took me to type this. All Windows Phone truly are personal to each users.
  • Agreed
  • Simple
  • great advertising from VZ, i hope they have the same positive effect as their "Droid Does"  marketing
  • HTC 8X has been out since last Thursday at the VZ stores (got mine at Bowie, MD store) Love the way apps are designed compared to other platforms, they just need to get to top 50 apps on ios or android. Biggest letdowns for me are no voice guidance for navigation and tethering isn't enabled. Maps app launches VZ navigator which is like 10$ a month. I thought I read that Nokia maps was gonna be free for all WP8 devices? Also what's up with the dialer? In android I type a few letters and names and numbers start populating. WP8 doesn't have that feature. Not sure about ios, I sold my iPhone years ago...
  • Typical Verizon. I'm glad I left for the 900. Have you tried searching for maps in the marketplace?
  • The simple way to achieve this is by simply finding the contact you want to call and hitting the option to call them (there's a contact book icon in the phone or you can find them via the people hub).
  • I walked into a bestbuy stand at the mall the other day and the representative was adament that the windows phone was too complicates and that everyone who bought them, returned them. Seriously!? The beauty of wp is its simplicity.
  • That best buy was probably a android or iphone troll jealous that windows phone is gaining traction now and also jealous design and look and also awesome live apps works not like there apps sits there dead
  • Yeah, it couldn't be that he was telling the truth.
    I had to return my 8x (horrible camera) and exchange it for the 920, but there was another person there who had been trying out the 920. He had moved from VZW to ATT and decided to try the "new" phone.
    He said he hated the experience and was having reboots and freezes. I tried to help him but he was not a phone geek and didn't want to mess with an already bad experience. Ended up with an iPhone 5.
    Now I am experiencing the same issue with reboots/freezes and it is pissing me off!
    So put aside your own biases and learn to admit that there might just be problems. Given the current state of MS and their internal issues I am concerned about the phone and it's lifepan. MS will work on products over time but generally if there is no traction they are not afraid to "knife the baby".
  • Windows 8 is literally being advertise everywhere just saw an ad watching football Falcon Vs Cardinals
  • That is one complicated-ass microwave
  • "Pin it right to your home screen"??? I think they meant start screen.
  • "Whats a start screen?" - average consumer
  • Now this is finally a way show windows phone. I seen the commercial when I was watching yesterday UCLA vs USC game. Yes UCLA won which another great news lol...
  • Show more Jessica alba or Gwen safani tv commercials.
  • +100
  • question about this model or the lumia on vzw. is navigation by bing or gmaps pro still working? if/when i upgrade, will i be forced to use something else? i currently use the trophy.
  • very good ads!!! shows how to be really "different" (pun intended ) yet remain simple
  • Nice ad I like it.
  • Wow that might be the first Verizon commercial that I ever enjoied
  • Went into my local Verizon store to look at the 822 (nice) and the 8x. They didn't have the 8x on display but did have some "I think" in the back. They didn't offer to get one. I went to AT&T to look at the 8x and the 920. Verizon = disappointment.
  • To bad Verizon does not have any HTC 8x phones in stock.  MS did a great job with WP8, it's to bad that both HTC and Nokia did not provide enough stock....they lost a lot of sales
  • Watching Broncos game now and they are playing both this commercial and the 920 one!
  • Better ads for AT&T please. That will guy sucks.
  • Yep, was literally inundated with Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8 advertising this weekend, throughout college FB, Pro FB, primetime shows, internet, email ads from Verizon, and even radio and internet radio streams. Verizon is now officially supporting our platform folks! I truly believe we will see something akin to Surface Phone in Q1 2013 from them. Likely Microsoft allowing Lumia to reap the benefit of Holiday sales and buzz. Rightfully so and a great way to allow Nokia to make up earnings and raise their stock price. Microsoft can afford to wait because unlike needing to show the OEM's how to build a quality W8 device, Nokia has already done so with the Lumia line.
  • Notice how much better Big Red's ads are than anyone else's. Verizon made Android into the juggernaut it is and this is how. They look for the one big differentiator between what they are pushing and the competition and then build everything around it. For Android it was "DROID does". For WP it is "so advanced its simple". 
    Having Big Red in our camp is huge. I They know better than anyone else how to sell phones. 
  • Why don't they advertise about how they blocked group messaging on all their WP8 devices?