Verizon HTC 8X delayed until Nov 27th

Nokia is not the only game in town when it comes to Windows Phone 8 as HTC is doing an admirable job with their Windows Phone 8X offering. And although Verizon began selling both the Lumia 822 and 8X this week, it appears that these phones are in tight supply. 

If you head to Verizon's website you'll now see the HTC 8X stamped with a "Will Ship by 11/27" notice and that's for all colors--California Blue, Black and Verizon Red.  We already knew of a delay with the 8X so this clears things up a little bit, as to when they will be back in stock.

There's no word on what exactly is causing the delay but 8X's have been difficult to find in AT&T stores as well, so it's not a Verizon issue as far as we know. But if you pre-ordered the 8X from big Red and have yet to receive it, you may be in for yet another short wait.

Edit: As pointed out in comments, check your local Verizon Store too as some have "plenty of stock", probably from initial shipments.

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab); Thanks, TheLeopard, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Hope this is because of high demand and not just more than 12 people wanting one.
  • It could be high demand actually. ssince colourful phones do get people's attention FACT
  • It's amazed me that iPhone only comes in black and white then Apple learned their lesson about colors a long time ago with iPods.
  • Learned the lesson that they sell like hotcakes? :P
  • Don't you know? This is the new way of marketting to make people think its "selling well" . The tougher it is to get, the more you want it!
  • I preordered mine, but will cancel, decided I don't want the blue one and I want to check out th 822.
  • I have the 822, it is really good. Plus I added a 64 gig SD card more music.
  • Oh yeah. The 822 is a gorgeous phone.
  • I did hands on in the store and while the 822 was ok, the 8x was much nicer. The 822 was much thicker and not as smooth as the 8x. I was skeptical going in regarding the quality of the 8x but after my initial visit my mind was changed. The 822 not really impressive to me but that is just my opinion.
  • Having gone from an iPhone 4 to HTC Titan to iPhone 4S(due to disappearing keyboard bug), to Lumia 900 to iPhone 5(lack of screenshot capability and low resolution screen, and apps not resuming from tile on start screen primarily) and now to Lumia 920, I can say the screen makes a huge difference. All of that to say, if I were on Verizon, I'd likely choose the 8X over the 822 even though Nokia has better exclusive apps and track record of support for windows phones.
  • I agree. I couldn't settle for a lower rez screen once I've tasted the HD flavors from my One X and Lumia 920.
  • Dang... Was hoping to have one to show off at Thanksgiving...
  • Only the red is delayed!
    I just left a Verizon store in NJ.  My wife picked up the Lumia 822.  They had black and white, no grey.  Verizon also had the blue and black 8x phones in stock.  I would've bought my black 8x today too, but my stupid a$$ preordered it and it won't be delivered until this Tuesday! So much for thinking ahead. 
  • I'm @ the MS store right now and they say they have the 8x for both Verizon & TMobile.
  • I wish we had a Microsoft store close to us. The closest one (not counting holiday stores) is century city, 3 hours away. The Glendale holiday store is 2 1/2 hours away.
  • Can you get it from the online store?
  • Just got them in 1 hour ago (per the staff behind the counter) I'm @ Oak Park mall in Kansas City Kansas.
  • verizon red????? So i guess i wont get a red 8X on tmo
  • Red is "exclusive" to them, yes...
  • This isn't entirely accurate. The red 8X is listed for 11/27, but the blue one has a date of 11/19 and the black one appears to be shipping immediately. If you click the actual 8X page and then change the color from there, you'll see the accurate dates.
    For whatever reason, the listing of all the phones doesn't change the dates when you change the colors. The red one (which is shipping 11/27) is the default, so you still see its ship date if you change the color from there.
  • Good info; and thanks for clarifying.  So, those who want Black can relatively get one easily (depending on location) and the Blue, if ordered online should ship by Monday.
  • I had pre-ordered but cancelled my order as soon as I saw the delay. I went to Verizon store here in Albuquerque and at each of the locations they only had 1-3 left by 10:00 am. What was interesting is that my black 8x has no branding on the front which looks very sharp.
  • In the Netherlands it is already available with telfort. But it won't come with 4G (4G isn't enrolled in NL yet) and no wireless charging. But it is a great device!
  • I bought one from a VZW store last night. It took two tries. The first store was out, but they only got in 3, and the second store where I got mine also only got a few, and both only had black - which is fine - I wanted the black. No clashing with color tiles then.
  • I'm standing IN a Verizon store typing this from their demo model as we speak. They have plenty in stock. So I don't think that applies across the board.
  • Where is your location?
  • I was in Colorado at the time.
  • I just ordered my blue 8X yesterday over the phone. They said it will ship Monday. We'll see! The local store only had black in stock.
  • Same here...orded the Blue on the 9th and called today and they said the Blue starts shipping out on the 19th.
  • Can you guys please get Verizon to answer why the group messaging feature has been removed from their WP8 devices??  It isn't a network compatibility issue as you reported yesterday since the feature works fine on the HTC Trophy on their network.  
  • +1,000
    please get an answer on this, i've been waiting for a windows phone on verizon since the lumia 900 launched on AT&T and now verizon ruins it by removing this feature that is very important to a lot of us.
  • im in this boat too. i patiently saved my upgrade for the 8x and now theres no way i can get one without group messaging. Any explanation would be appreciated
  • I believe even on the Trophy that SMS wouldn't send correctly to Android. I'm not completely certain, but it would be nice to have an answer as to why.
  • I would blame that problem on android which never supported group messaging, not on either of the devices I owned. Both required a 3rd party app and made you send the message through a 3rd party server.
    While not a deal breaker for me, I would like to see the function. I am not up for a new phone until Feb. So I am waiting until the 6 month exclusive ends on the 920 to see if VZW gets a version and they add that feature. If not .... 8x it will be.
  • All of my android phones, the good old OG Droid and my current Droid Razr have supported group messaging from the start.  It's a standard feature...
  • Got a T-Mobile 8x....really good phone...quality is superb
  • Agree. Great phone. Have Verizon 8x. Best phone I have had (and that's after every iphone over time, at least 10 android phones, and earlier gen Windows phones).
  • Got mine as well on Wednesday. Great display and looks especially clean with high contrast mode (the default cobalt color is hard to read on black background).
    My only complaint is that the speaker has distortion for phone calls at 8 or higher settings (but not from video or music). Going back tomorrow to store to check if it's this model only or general 8X issue.
    Also missing Nokia Drive (or HTC locations) but hopefully we'll see some announcement soon.
  • P.S. Got the phone at the Verizon store- the last one they had several days ago.
  • Picked up a black 8X yesterday at my local VZW store. I was told I was the first person to buy a windows phone device from that store. It was really awkward...They took my photo & everything.
  • I got a Black 8x yesterday to replace my iPhone 4s. Love it so far. I had a WP7 device that got smashed and wasn't willing to pay the full price and had to suffer with the iPhone for the last year (3GS then 4S w/ Upgrade).
    I'm not an 'app' user - I am mostly a text/phone/browser/social network kind of guy. It's got everything I need. and Bluetooth Audio actually works!
  • Today I was in a Orange Store in Switzerland... Just to look at what if they had the 8X HSPA+, they did... but I was able to observe how "Android" lovers, removed all the tiles from the start screen etc. Some people sure hate the 8X... and WP. I am very happy with mine, I hope HTC will be able to deliver more units quickly.
  • It'd be pretty funny to walk into a Verizon or AT&T store and change a GS3 launcher to Nova or something and then change the wallpaper to the iOS water drop background and change all the icons to iOS icons and pin them all to the home screen.
  • Even better do what I do... install Launcher WP8 on it (free from play store) most of them are logged in with a store account that can download apps. It is what I do on my android phone to make it tolerable until my upgrade comes in few months.
  • Doesn't the demo restore the phone at a later time? Not sure, but that's silly.
  • I picked mine up at the store on the 15th.  They had only received 4 black ones.
  • Hopefully any type of delays are a result of htc trying to fix their major rebooting issues.
  • Where I work, demand for the 8X and 820 is extremely low. 920 is selling very, very well though. We're all surprised at the sales of the 920.
  • well maybe because of the price?. Also I think the 8X and 822 on Verizon is a different story
  • I do think there's some hype with the 920. I found the 920 bit clunky compared to the HTC 8X and camera is great. Then again with T-Mobile there's no choice so easy decision for me (810 is only $50 cheaper with half memory and lower res screen).
  • The Microsoft store in Scottsdale AZ had the 920 and the 8X in stock today. Those in the Phoenix metro area having a hard time tracking one of those down might want to try that store.
  • I preordered a blue 8x on 11/9, and my order status still says scheduled ship date: 11/13. Can't get any information from VZW.
  • me too with Blue on the 9th...Verizon today said shipping on the 19th. hang in there...
  • I walked into a Verizon store today and they had all the current Windows Phone 8 devices on display (right up front too, it was good to see), so I checked out the 8X, nice phone. Not sure if they had them in stock or not.
    Then I walked into a AT&T store and compared the 920, 8X and 820 side by side. I like the 820 better than the 822 but, still I think the 920 has the best display. THe 8X is a little slimer than the 920 but, not by much.
    I have been talking to my wife to see if she will take a chance with AT&T, if they would match my unlimited data, I would just do it...
    If I stay with Verizon, I think I will have to wait till the Samsung models hit, That GS3 has a really nice display and if it's the same on on the ATIV S, if on Verizon it has Wireless charging, it's a done deal.
  • The odyssey is not a variant of the ativ s so it won't have a gs3 screen
  • There has been images of the ativ s with a Verizon logo on it. In fact the one with the Verizon logo was the first one shown....Not a AT&T logo...
    With that, most people got the idea it was in testing... So they might be carring 2 Samsung models...
    Time will tell...
  • AT&T will not match your unlimited data.
    My Verizon store also had all of the WP8 devices in stock in all colors. They also had the Surface tablet as well. Camarillo, Ca.
  • Though the 8x is slimmer than the 920 by only "not that much", it feels significantly smaller in the hand. That's my primary issue between the phones. I want the music storage of the 920, but it's just so big. I love the look and feel of the 8x, but it has its own limitations. I feel less prone to dropping the 8x though.
  • that GS3 display has a pentile matrix... dont fall for that "super" amoled nonsense. the 8x display with the lcd 2 and the 920 display with their puremotion and clearblack technologies are far superior to the GS3 display...of course not sure if theyre sticking with the cheaper pentile displays on Ativ S but I would guess they are...
  • Got one at launch, though I had to wait for the Fedex truck to get my hands on it. 
    Love the phone, the screen is phenominal.
  • Well 920 only $49.00 on amazon
  • In Canada, I'm having the same issue with Bell Mobility and no store that i call knows when the 8X will be in. It was supposed to be released on the 15th. I'm getting very impatient!
  • I'm glad I picked mine up at the Uptown store in Dallas yesterday.  They had two in stock and the other one sold as I was buying mine.  I am loving this phone so far.
  • The HTC 8X is delayed due to technical issues. Trust me, Verizon is BY FAR the toughest carrier to get technical approval on a phone. HTC is known for trying to cut corners and rush a copy cat phone to the market. Verizon doesn't play that. HTC needs to fix their issue before Verizon will ship their product. Nokia actually over engineers their products. So I'd actually recommend the Lumia 822. Nokia passed through Verizon's tough lab testing with flying colors, and had their product ready early. You'll notice much better quality with Nokia products.
  • I doubt its due to technical issues. Why would Verizon sell the 8x in store then? If it would be technical then it would most likely be hardware related. All the people who have already got 8x from in store would have flawed device? I doubt that. Its most likely just that Verizon sells the 8x instore, at the expense of pre-orderers/online buyers. Which is sad in itself, but ultimately Verizons decision :(
  • The technical issue is SW related, not HW. They were able to ship a limited amount of phones to VZW with the SW fixes. The phones that were already produced need to be re-flashed with the fixes before Verizon will take them. Thus there is limited supply in the Channel. HTC SW & HW quality is lacking. This is often the result of copy cat products that are rushed to the market.
  • Don't let facts get in the way of your crazy conspiracy theory.  The device passed technical acceptance before it was launched.  Phones NEVER show up on sales floors without TA. 
  • Yes, in the case of the 8X, conditional TA with the condition that they fix the issue before the product can be sold through Verizon's channel. No conspiracy here, it's actually fairy common for handset manufactures like HTC or Samsung that are looking to rush a product to market. TMO and AT&T are known to look the other way on some minor issue, but Verizon is a different story.
  • Got my 8x from T-Mobile Friday and it's a great phone. The only color they have is "California blue" though. It will be worth the wait for those using Verizon.
  • Just got my shipment tracking number for the blue 8X I preordered 11/9. Due to arrive 11/21
  • This is the same for me and a couple friends. I had called on Friday and they told me the 27th got my shipping info this morning and looks like 11/21
  • Ordered my Cali. blue 8X on Friday afternoon...shipped out today.  48 hour turnaround is good enough for me.
  • Didnt read all the comments...but hopefully some people know this artile isnt true. I bought 3 Black 8x's on Friday :) Love em...It's great to be back with Verizon...AT&T blows...well at least for talking on the phone and no LTE...
  • Whoo-hoo, my red phone has been shipped and is due here in CA. on Wed.