Verizon HTC 8X orders delayed, offers 30 percent off any case as a token of appreciation

Verizon is still yet to begin shipping HTC 8X orders, and according to emails received by a handful of our readers who have kindly forwarded copies to us, there's a slight delay. The carrier is stocking both the HTC 8X and Lumia 822 Windows Phone 8 handsets in its smartphone line-up (with the Samsung Odyssey coming in the future).

Because the HTC 8X is slightly behind schedule Verizon is offering 30% off any case in its store as a token of appreciation while consumers wait patiently for their Windows Phones to arrive. Both devices are officially being made available tomorrow in stores across the US.

The snippet below is what the full email reads, note that Verizon refers the HTC 8X as its codename - the HTC Accord.

"Important information about your HTC Accord order. Congratulations and thank you for your HTC Accord order. We know you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new device.We regret to inform you that your HTC Accord was not shipped as scheduled on November 13, 2012. You will receive a shipping confirmation email that will include your final shipping date.We are working hard to get your HTC Accord to you and apologize for any inconvenience. As a token of appreciation for your understanding please enjoy 30% off the case of your choice. Offer is valid through December 14, 2012."

Yesterday we covered Verizon processing Lumia 822 pre-orders with consumers receiving confirmation emails that orders have been dispatched and are well on their way. For those who are yet to receive their HTC 8X from Verizon and have been notified of a 30% reduction in price on any case of your choosing, note that the offer stands through December 14th of this year.

Have you received the same email? It's a shame the offer doesn't cover wireless charging accessories, or the JBL Powerup Wireless Charging Speaker. Here's hoping the HTC 8X is shipped soon.

Thanks, Kamran and TheLeopard, for the tips!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • To bad AT&T doesn't do something like this.....
  • I spoke with a Verizon CSR yesterday. She said my preorder will ship today (Thursday, 11/15) and should be delivered tomorrow. They charged my card last night so it would seem they actually are getting ready to ship it out.
  • 30% of a case? LMAO.
  • This is not an don't need a case for the 8x.  Why cover up a beautiful phone that you can drop and not break?  It should be 30% for any 1 accessory. 
  • Seriously.
  • they should not compensate at all.
  • Logged in to post my first comment ever: Why did you make the cover image the only color Verizon won't be carrying?!
    Got my hopes up...
  • That caught my attention as well. Also, welcome to WP Central!!
  • Why would your first comment be here and not the giant banner for the post a comment contest?
  • Uh... Not sure.
    Anyway, been reading WPCentral daily for over a year now; I'm just raged over the absence of the Yellow model on Verizon. This pushed me over over the edge since, for a second I (absurdly) hoped it would be something like "Bad news: Delay. Good news: Limelight announced!"
    Back to blue, I guess.
  • Frustrating! I got the letter too. And the token 30% should be for any accessory. I'd rather have free next day delivery. Is it too much to expect that Verizon would provide updated/accurate delivery dates? Guess I'll be heading to the local store on my lunch break tomorrow. This is my first pre-order experience, and what a joke it has been.
  • Did you cancel your preorder? Curious whether they can sell you an upgrade in the store if the upgrade was already used on an online preorder.
  • I'd be walking into a store for sure after they botched that up.
  • I just did this. Called them, the rep cancelled my preorder and restored my upgrade so I can walk into a store and get it.
  • How about a free case? Considering the high margin on cases at 30% off Verizon will still be making profit on those cases... Alas, I guess it's better than them telling everyone tough luck...
  • What a sickening ploy to get you to buy more stuff from them. They should have taken 30% off the phone itself.
  • They should do 30% off of the phone it self AND give a case for FREE. There are people that rely on their phone on daily basis. They can't afford not to have a phone for one day. They might lose a sale, expect a call from someone like CEO, COO etc.
  • 8X and 920 don't need cases. They aren't made out of glass. Verizon and at&t need to be giving away credits and gift cards
  • I think the OEMs should offer the extras. Do we really believe its the carriers fault for the supply issues?
  • At this point it really doesn't matter. Whether it's carriers or OEMs fault the date is stated with the phones initial release. As a consumer you have been notified when is the phone coming out. Its Verizon's obligation to reward you with a discount per say, and Verizon and OEM can have their own fit leaving me out of it.
  • Carriers suck, yes, but OEMs provide supply and let them know when they will be ready... If they don't meet supply after giving carriers release dates, it falls on the OEM
  • Doesnt it work like elsewhere? In this case (hehe, case, didn't se that one): If OEM fail to deliver, carrier will charge penalty to OEM as damage, that will be a handsome sum I assume. Carriers should compensate customers because any sane company have protection. But maybe it don't work that way in telecom.
  • Yes, if the carrier can have phones in their stores while not fulfilling pre-orders, I'll blame them all day long. They should know what the OEM's capacity was when they started taking pre-orders and changed the fulfill date accordingly as capacity was exceeded and then based on lead time from the OEM to take delivery as least expectations are set for the person ordering. Maybe they should hand this stuff over to Amazon and just focus on having the best wireless coverage in the nation. This day and age, its not rocket science, pretty basic logistics really. If they're claiming that they were promised shipment from the OEM and didn't get it, that's another matter. But the frustrating thing for me is the simple lack of information. Now its delayed, but with no expected shipment date. How about an explanatoin as to why this is so complicated to predict? Hell, Domino's practically tracks every piece of sausage that is being put on a pizza order placed online.
  • As a loyal Verizon customer and an 8x preorderer... 30% off a case thats marked up 50% ... for real.  Damn just ship the damn things on time.  Dont make me wish I would have switched to ATT and gotten a Lumia ... :(
  • First time posting; just had to given this latest debacle.
    VZW's site still says my preorder was expected to ship yesterday.  The best I can get out of Customer Service is that it'll probably ship tomorrow, but that's what they said yesterday.  Just canceled and will take my chances at the store in the morning.  30% off my arse, and they still can't confirm when the phone will actually ship.
  • Do we need more evidence about how disastrous this WP8 launch has been?
  • Walked into my local corporate store this evening and asked if they had any 8Xs that the can sell tommorow and they said no and have no idea when they will get any. Hopefully the big verizon place in the city will have some available tommorow or i might just give up and drop verizon coverage be damned
  • I just spent some time on the phone with Verizon. I was attempting to cancel my "pre"-order, but they would not allow me to. They stated that the phone shipped earlier today and that they could not stop it. I requested a tracking number and the man put me on hold for about 10 minutes. When he came back on the line, he stated that they could not provide me with a tracking number at this time. After some arguing, he told me that he will not have a tracking number until the 16th. I asked why I have to wait for a tracking number until the day the phone is slated to be delivered and he stated that they will not be shipping these phones until the 16th. 
    I ended the call because I was very frustrated with the lies. I called my local verizon stores and they do not have the phone (HTC 8X / Accord) in stock and will not have it tomorrow. None of the three stores in my area have any accessories available. None of the representatives I spoke with had ever heard of either of the new phones.
    I may pay the early termination fee and switch over to AT&T, although I'm sure they lie as well. I can't stand Verizon. Why lie about the shipping situation? I could tell the kid was talking to a supervisor in the background, so it's not his fault, but come on!
  • Hey, the Verizon 8x has wireless charging. Instead of offering a crappy discount why didn't they offer a free wireless charging pad?
  • Well, I pre-ordered the red one, which was not supposed to ship until the 21st. So getting a note today apologizing for not shipping it yesterday was not as traumatic as it might have been :-) I've waited six month for Verizon to get (decent) Win8 phones, a few more days won't make a difference...
  • That works for some, but my phone doesn't even function right now. The lies frustrate me even more because of this. I should have switched to AT&T a while ago. I'm an idiot for trusting Verizon. I waited years for the iPhone, I have dealt with poor customer service for at least 8 years, yet I continue to pay them. What is wrong with me?
  • Bill- be careful what you wish for... AT&T grass might look greener from where you're at but it's really just spray painted green grass... I'm on HTC HD7S and never got the Tango update and everytime I call or chat with them they give me the proverbial run around!
  • That update has nothing to do with att it's more in the lines of the OEMs not supporting there phones I had a 900 and got Tango just fine so if Nokia can why can't HTC?
  • Wtf is with these delays and lack of colors from HTC?
  • I did a chat support session and canceled my order because I planned to pick one up at the store.  The rep was extremely nice and had no problems with it.  She even said I might actually be able to get a red one at the store.
  • I wonder what places like Engadged and the Verge would've said if 822 was delayed....
  • I worked in a store and have seen the margins on cases, 50% margin is low and would be a minimum. Usually it is 70 to 80 percent margin, so thirty percent discount is laughable. "Here, we screwed up so we ask that you give us some more profit.". They will still make more profit on the case than they did on the phone itself!
  • Yea, sorta disappointed here too... Preordered... No delay email... Called them, said might be shipping this week. Sad.
  • I canceled my HTC 8X order on-line as the phones are available today in the store.  When I went to the store today at 9:00 AM I was told after 15 minutes that the HTC phones are not in the store yet.  They are suppose to receive four black only later today and they have no idea when any blue ones will arrive.   The store manager blamed FedEx on the delay, lousy excuse.  On the plus side, the store is holding one of the four phones for me to pick up later today.  I have little faith in actually receiving my phone today.
  • The store by me has them, but the AT&T store is still waiting for the 920's and 8x's. I'm in New Jersey. I'm in a few raffels for a 920, so I'll wait to see if I win. If not, I'm switching to AT&T for a 920. I have my own reasons for leaving, abd theybinclude being stuck with a phone I hate from day one with them (switched to them in March) and no one cared to do anything about it and they wont work with me again, as I asked for an early upgrade to the 8x, to no avail. I'll just sell my 4s on ebay, and make the ETF and price of the phone back.
    Verizon's apology email is pathetic: it doesn't offer any way to redeem the mentioned discount (it's not automatic), doesn't mention the reason for the delay, and doesn't even get the name of the phone right.
    None of the VZW stores near me have received any 8Xs yet. None of the salespeople I spoke to knew when their stores would be getting a shipment of them (I called yesterday and today). It's the same story with the local Best Buys. I ordered an 8X online with a stated ship date of 11/13, but the phone won't ship out until 11/16 (according to a VZW rep. I spoke to yesterday).
  • My phone shipped today. I cancelled the order last night, but they shipped it anyway. It will arrive on the 19th. I found out the order was shipped after I was told my upgrade had been rolled back and that I could walk into a store and pick up a phone. Also, Verizon will not provide the 30% discount on a case because the discount is not setup in their system. This company pays people to tell the customer whatever makes them happy. How in the hell does a customer service rep lie and get away with it?! I'm so pissed off that I'm not accepting the shipment and I will be paying the $140 termination fee in order to switch over to AT&T. I have to wait until FedEx returns the phone to Verizon and they roll back my upgrade or the termination fee will be $350. What an asshole company.