New Windows Phone OS update rolling out. Addresses disappearing keyboard and more.

Just a few hours ago we just posted on the 810x builds of Windows Phone and now Italian site Plaffo is noting that their LG Optimus 7 just received the very same update: OS build 8107. More exciting is the news that it came with a list of changes, most of which will make most folks very happy:

  • It solves a problem of the keyboard on the screen, preventing the keyboard to disappear while typing
  • Resolves an issue with syncing Gmail
  • It solves a problem of access to the location. After the upgrade, the function IO hub sends to Microsoft anonymous information contact the Wi-Fi access points and antennas for mobile phones in the vicinity, only if you have allowed access to and use of location information from part of the "I'm here."
  • Revocation of certificates issued by DigiCert Sdn Bhd to solve a problem of encryption
  • Fixes a problem with the e-mail related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. When you reply to or forward an email, the original message is now included in the response.
  • Fixes an issue of notification of voicemail

As you can see, this is a maintenance build, addressing many ongoing bugs and issues including the troublesome "disappearing keyboard" which plagues all Windows Phone Mango devices. That keyboard problem occurs when the on-screen keyboard will suddenly disappear when typing, due to certain background tasks "stealing" the focus, resulting in much user frustration. What is not clear, however, is what are the plans for Microsoft and the carriers for rolling this out. This looks to augment the 7740 OS package with even more fixes (if users don't have 7740, this new OS update will add those changes). Since US carriers skipped the 7740 build, they would seem obligated to roll this out to their customers.

In addition, since the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 are running that update too, users of those devices should expect to see an update as well.

Once again, we expect more info about this OS build next week at CES but perhaps Microsoft will chime in on their blog before then with more details.

Update (6:08PM MST): Microsoft has sent us a statement:

Our engineering team has developed a service release which has been delivered to our carrier partners for their assessment. Details on specific improvements contained in these releases are available via the Windows Phone Update History page.

We're told the history page is lagging behind a bit but should reflect changes soon.

Update II: No shocker here, but the update doesn't fix the "SMS bug" according to Tom Warren who tested it. That's expected as it is not listed in the changelog.

Source: Plaffo

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