Microsoft confirmed to be working on SMS bug fix

We previously covered the "Windows Phone SMS bug" that would disable the messaging hub on the victim's handset, which was discovered (and reported) by Khaled Salameh. Just two days after the bug was made public by WinRumors, we learnt that Microsoft was looking into the issue. Today we have further news surrounding the bug, Salameh has been contacted by the Microsoft Security Team and informed that they've located the root cause and a fix is currently being tested.

While it's highly unlikely to affect users, it's good to know Microsoft is on top of potential security issues. Now we just need the disappearing keyboard to be looked at. We're getting there.

Source: Twitter (@KSalameh)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • When are we gonna get a fix for the disappearing keyboard bug as that's a bigger issue than this at the moment.
  • Agree, it's been anoying long enough
  • I agree, that has been a bit of an annoyance for me lately.
  • Wow.  A keyboard is more important that something that could brick your phone basically until you reset it losing all your data?
    I'm sure Microsoft is working on both, but can understand why they would want this fixed and updated asap.
  • I was wondering the same thing.  When the disappearing keyboard bug was first discovered my Venue Pro didn't seem to be affected but within about a month it started happening.  It's only a mild annoyance but still I'd like it to be corrected.
  • What's weird is that I never had this happen on my Focus. I got a Titan and the kb would disapear somewhat frequently. I then returned the Titan for the muffled voice issue and went back to my Focus - no more KB issue (ever).
  • Do you know anyone who's phones been bricked because of this? I'm guessing no. Agreed they should fix this ASAP but they should also get a fix for the keyboard pushed out as that is affecting everyone right now & is a major annoyance.
  • This article isn't about that now is it? They said they were on it a couple months ago. Maybe the fixes will be bundled.
  • "keyboard pushed out as that is affecting everyone right now & is a major annoyance"
    i guess that doesn't include me because i havent had any keyboard dissapearing issue... so yeah, not everyone is affected by that...
    so for me, i would rather they fix the one i could get like a sms bug than a keyboard issue i dont get.
    but even if i know i wont get the sms bug. its for how Windows Phone could be seen, thanks to how it was handled by Winrumors and their amazing article (reason i stopped going there anymore) news started to spread and then as you may know fandroids and iDiots said Windows Phone sucked and it was insecure just as Windows OS, or buggy as anything MS does. and it was ironic they talked about android malware bla bla bla.
    so for WP "public image" this bug should be fixed. specially since its about a bug that can make your message hub stop working so only a reset could fix that. yeah even if someone wont ever get it like it didn't happen in a year.
    and probably keyboard issue will be fixed... its not like they will rush releasing an update just for that when there are phones that dont get it, like mine. and others i know about
  • Great news and F! The keyboard problem. Nt everyone has it lol
  • The keyboard issue is more of an annoyance to me... Everyone might not have it but I am quite a good percentage do have the problem and should be corrected.
    I never experienced the sms bug but glad they fixed it ... Have MS even mentioned anything about the keyboard problem.
  • They said they're working on it, where were u back in October when this was covered?
  • Whoever claims to not be affected by the keyboard bug either doesn't have many background tasks or doesn't text as much as others do. The problem does exist, ignoring it is not gonna fix it
  • Thank you for commenting. Ppl that txt alot like me are having this issue and it is VERY annoying. The sad part is I have an Arrive and when using the physical keyboard the samething happens where i have to touch the screen again before typing. ANNOYING!!!!!
  • How about a fix for that annoying HTC Zune crashing bug?
  • That's caused by the sound enhancer, disable it or uninstall it.