'Boyfriend, get me a beer': New Xbox One ad humorously shows off the power of voice (and relationships)

Microsoft has released a new advertisement for its Xbox One console. The video shows a young couple who have the next-gen console set up with multiple accounts. As well as showing exactly how easy it is to switch between profiles in a real environment, the ad also injects some humour with the boyfriend being ordered around with "Xbox" commands.

It's a unique take on advertising the entertainment console, bringing in the girlfriend who rocks on in Dead Rising 3. Aptly titled "Xbox One: His and Hers," Microsoft attempts to really drive across instant switching and how quickly everyone can view their personal "stuff" on a console.

Are you grabbing an Xbox One, if so will you be commanded to go fetch the beers?

Source: YouTube (Xbox)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • "Wife, get me a beer!"  .... is the last thing I remember saying before it went dark....  :)    
  • Wow. That command worked exactly like you said it would.
  • Hopefully one of your eye isn't dark also.
  • That's strange, mine performs flawlessly. If you got a dud you should contact Nokia for a replacement. ;)
  • Mines been going strong for 6 years, original version (not the slim version, but has more options)...
  • lmao!
  • Who's the girl?!!
  • My future wife. Hands off :P
  • Lets dance battle for her love!
  • Beer me
  • Anyone else notice the improper ventilation for the Xbox One?
  • I sent that tip but I guess I was not alone,Rich.
  • I hate this commercial. Male bashing isn't funny anymore. The males growing up today are all little pussies and I think stuff like this has played a big part in it.
  • Lighten up. It's a commercial designed to make women (who only make up 38% of Xbox 360 owners) buy the console.
  • Dude, you need to lighten up lol. I don't see it as "male bashing" if anything, its a fun play on both genders. Stereotypically, men are more likely to do the things she's doing, so its just a funny play on "girls play video games too" by basically giving each gender the opposite role that people would normally stereotype. If switching roles is "male bashing", then I'm curious to hear what you actually think about females because it doesn't sound pretty.
  • And it's all because of those darn female gamers, amiright!? The commercial is genuinely amusing; I suggest growing a sense of humor.
  • I couldn't agree more! I wish more people felt that way, and can see men getting weaker.  
  • Aa long as the goods isn't weak, I'm fine with it.
  • You're a little too "sensitive". Sounds like anything could start you PMSing.
  • that's because of the rise in single parent, usially female, households raising kids. the commercial won't effect how a kid raised.
  • Isn't it a bit ironic to say that you essentially hate "male bashing" and in the next sentence call all men "little pussies". Isn't that just bashing men for not behaving like meatheads?
  • And that all you pussies are here defending it makes my point even more valid. Imagine this same commercial but with guy saying that stuff to his girlfriend. We would have everyone in the world going apeshit about how it is demeaning to women. The thing is that this kind of crap is not just in this one commercial. It is prevelant all over TV and is turning boys and young men into little wimps.
  • No, the fact that we disagree with you proves that you're wrong. Men are more likely to play console games, so this commercial was an appeal to women to get more sales by parodying real life. This is the exact same thing as a male playing a woman's role in a commercial to try to humorously appeal to men (take any female-dominated product you desire). If a guy was in a female's role, would that be "female bashing"? No, it would just be a humorous commercial. The fact that it was a woman doing this was the EXACT reason it was funny, because it doesn't happen that way in real life.
  • I think you will see this ad is geared more towards men than women. It is so guys will buy one and fantasize that their girlfriend will be happy about the purchase. Additionally, your version of real life and mine must be wildly different. In my real life I am the one in charge, but not in a demeaning way. There is no place for demeaning in any relationship regardless of "who wears the pants."
  • I think you're taking this way out of proportion. That's definitely not the way I took the commercial. I remember in the Xbox invitation ad, people were complaining that all of the gamers were guys, since 40% of gamers are female. Now that they show a female, people still complain? It sounds like you're just trying to see things that aren't there because I would never have taken this commercial like you've seem to have twisted it. They're trying to appeal toward women, that's it. In my relationship, I guess I would what you call "wear the pants" but I'm not a jerk about it. If my girlfriends asks for something, I'll get it, if I ask her, she'll do it. Seriously, dude, calm down.
  • All I hear is waa waa. What kind of man are you if you can't take any ribbing?
  • To your point, men should be man enough to not get offended by every little thing they see on the internet. It's an ad targeted toward women. Don't read more into it.
  • Yeah, as an adult I can blow it off. It is the impact that this kind of crap has on our impressionable youth is what concerns me. And I will repeat that it is not simply this one ad. Turn on the Disney channel and watch how boys are depicted. It is disgusting. I see it in my son and virtually all of his friends and I don't like it. It is as if being masculine is against the law.
  • I'm not privy to Disney channel, so I'll just take your word for it.
  • and what is Masculine? please tell me? standing up to women? or other men? and sorry but who gives a f**k if a guy is a pussy, wow he doesn't want to hit something like a cave man in order to feel good... i have never been in a fight, i have never had to hit someone, standing up for yourself is one thing, but i do it with words, its easy, less shit, that or walk off in the knowladge that the other person is an idiot... i have never been perticularly manly in any way other than i have male organs, i like the sound of a v8 and i like women.... other than that anything that used to make a man a man is now idiotic and sexist and full of bull... i spose ur the type of person against stay at home dad with a working mam, or a problem with women playing contact sports... and sorry but girls aren't the women of old either, and thank god.... u know how boring a 1930's wife would be? we dont need masculine guys anymore... For what? to defend us from the animals? well as u americans love pointing out.... you've got a gun for that... if no-one cared how masculine u were and "i'm more masculine than u" shite, there wouldn't be as many fights... its all this i've a bigger stick... know what? i dont care about your stick and if its bigger... i'm gona look after mine...
  • I can only imagine what your twisted view of being masculine.
    Hysterical that you are using that tired old cliché of 'impressionable young children' to hide behind.
  • Children are impressionable. That is simply a fact. I don't see how voicing my concern is hiding. Stupid fuck.
  • Of course you don't see it, you knuckle dragging Neanderthal. That whole kids are impressionable hysteria has been used for decades by mental midgets such as yourself to justify your backward views on gender, gender equality, marriage etc etc.
  • See. It has happened to you also. You don't even know what my views are on the topics of marriage, gender equality, etc, and you have already assumed that simply because I am a man talking about masculinity that I must be a Neanderthal. And to that other guy with unreadable rant, I'm not talking about beating on things and fighting. I'm talking simply about not being a fucking pussy pushover like the wimp in this video ready to do as his woman demands.
  • That's why we cut the cord years ago. I will decide for myself how my kids are raised. But what I will not do is get upset over a boyfriend deciding a fight is not worth it and getting his girlfriend a beer. Where I live, a woman with that kind of authority is sexy, not a threat to masculinity.
  • I go get things for my wife: Win. My wife gets things for me: Win. Happy Home: FTW!
  • ahaan. Go on. Please enlighten us with your thoughful comments.
  • He is right, at least about the double standard. If that commercial was made with the roles reversed, no other changes, there's be some women's rights activist group that would be up in arms ( I was going to say have their panties in a bunch, but... ), and Microsoft would get sued and never recover from the bad pr. That is the sad fact of the impossible to live by PC code.
  • Haha I love this commercial :D Wish my fiancee was almost that much into Xbox gaming, sadly she's more into Playstation :( But she's still a WP user :D
  • Atleast she is into gaming!!!! My wife isn't into gaming at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( She will play wordament though.....and only if we play together on the same device.......as a "team". It feels awkward when I am playing Battlefield on my PC....constantly thinking she is going to say "get off that game!" at any moment. Oh well.....the pros beat the cons.
  • Sounds like your mum :P Just set aside time for your own activities and they can't complain about what you do
  • LOL! Yes, I find that works. I spend time doing what she likes (watching HGTV) and then there are the times where I do what I like and it works....most of the time. It is much better now that we have been married longer. The first few years, it seemed as if the Xbox was the devil! I'll never forget, I was playing Far Cry Instincts with my youngest daughter and I was teaching her the skills to be a winner in multiplayer. She had become so skilled, driving the 4 wheeler, jumping off a ramp and getting a headshot. I was so proud of her. My wife walked in and my daughter said "Look ma!!!!!' as she unloaded a hail of bullets and I smiled and said something like "Isn't that great!!!!"..... ....That was the last time the Xbox, Far Cry and my youngest daughter ever spent time together. Now my youngest daughter only plays stuff like The Sims......sigh.....
  • hey, mine walks in front of me and block the TV with an evil smile....
  • You're lucky! I get bitched at everytime I play my favorite game, RE5.
  • Is this a UK ad?
  • i think this is the best xbox one commercial. i find it catchy . xbox"play tv . girlfriend"shut up.
  • I wish my wife was hot and played video games.   At least my mistress does so that'll have to do...  :) Seriously though.. It'll be awesome to have my wife/daughter/son walk in the room and have it automatically recognize them.
  • Yeah, looks really neat how it instantly can tell who people are, it seems so futuristic!
  • I think there was a missed oppourtunity here. Near the end of the commercial the girl should have said "Xbox, snap TV" so the guy could have continuted to watch his game.   That shows people a very useful solution for a common problem that only the XB1 can handle EASILY: A TV being tied up for only games OR only TV.   I know that one feature alone is going to usher in a new era of peace with my significant other...
  • Great idea kid, like it
  • The Wii U actually offers a better take on this feature.
  • So WiiU lets you share THE SAME SCREEN between live TV and games now???   If the only solution to watching live TV and playing a game at the same time is to use seperate screens we didn't need new consoles to show us that since it's been done for years.   The XB1 is try to solve the problem of not having a second screen to begin with...
  • I shouldn't have used the word feature, what I mean is that is a better solution to the problem of two people wanting the use the TV.  I'm not saying that there's not some people out there that are looking forward to using it like this (though I would bet heavily on the side of most people not) - but no one I know has any interest in sharing the same screen in this way - there are so many issues with this scenario that the Wii U (two screens) is just a better approach.  For example, which app gets sound? (Xbox One: I'm assuming the large app gets sound - who knows for sure at this point, Wii U: Turn up the speakers on the Wii U or stick in some headphones).  I know that when I'm watching a show or playing a game I'm not willing to split up the screen and share it with someone else.  No way in hell is my wife going to be willing to let me do something while she's watching a TV show either. IMHO, the best use of this feature is not sharing a screen with two people trying to use it for different things at the same time - but more like for a single person using both apps - like looking up a Game FAQ in IE when they get stuck in a game or something like that.  
  • Wow...love that :-)
  • That is awesome!!! Haha!
  • This is exactly how girl gamers look like.
  • I'll be buying this if it has the girlfriend, make me a sandwich command. Especially if it cancels all her subscriptions when it notices she hasn't been making enough sandwiches lately.
  • You forgot 'sudo.' http://xkcd.com/149/
  • lol, great commercial.
  • Love this I want an Xbox one and a French bf please make that a bundle Microsoft and I'll consider not getting a PS4 first... Alot of female gamers would love more commercials geared towards us and I love that she wasn't playing some dance game either.
  • Thank you for replying. It is great to see more participation from female gamers. Game On!
  • Love the commercial but not so sure how I feel about the idea of someone coming into the room and abruptly changing what I'm doing....!
  • Thank you!
  • True, but of course, with all it's multitasking features and such, as soon as someone else does that, you could tell Xbox to show your stuff, and pick up right where you left off. I'm also sure this can be disabled in the settings somewhere.
  • LOL yep xBONE
  • Priceless!
  • I'm for one am very excited about the xbox one and can't wait to get my hands on this technology. O and the commercial was funny to.
  • Yup I can see both of us using it.
  • Another feminist promotion, pathetic.
  • I will get the Xbox for sure
  • Really liked this commercial!
  •   Nice commercial. My kinda girl (Cute. Plays games. Assertive).
  • To be honest I much prefer the other version of this ad. Where he's just kind of impressed and scared and says "who are you?".   This version of the ad with her demanding a beer and sending him to the store just seems like a female version of a poisonous possibly abusive relationship. If the guy did the same thing I'd still think this was a terrible ad. Making this kind of relationship seem "OK" isn't OK, whether it is the male or the female wearing the pants.
  • Ok, that was a good ad. Clear and too the point, and its funny, which makes it rememberable. The voice and facial recognition stuff looks really cool, and I'm interested. However, it doesn't seem like it'd impact my daily life. Maybe I'll buy an Xbox One when the price drops, but for now, I'm not a gamer and it's a little too exspensive for me to buy such a thing.
  • Does anyone else forsee the insanity that will occur when two siblings start fighting over who's game is played, or what show is watched? Are they going to start taping each other's mouth closed to prevent them from switching it via voice?
  • I was just thinking that.
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