The News Point App brings regional dailies from The Times Group to your Windows Phone

Last month, Times Internet, the digital venture of The Times Group, India's largest media group, launched a news app that went under our radar. News Point App brings you a comprehensive news experience from the group's regional language publications.

The app features breaking news, latest headlines, trending stories, and in-depth coverage of sports, entertainment, business, and technology from Navbharat Times (Hindi), Ei Samay Sangbadpatra (Bangla), NGS (Gujarati), Maharashtra Times (Marathi), and Vijaya Karnataka (Kannada).

News Point App

At the first launch, you need to specify the publication/language you prefer, and then read the stories in Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, and Marathi.

The features a neat user experience, with tiles for navigating to different categories or section. While reading an article, you can share it by mail or via the social sharing framework of Windows Phone. You can also add your comments to any article from within the app.

News Point App is a great attempt to offer news content from vernacular publications in a single, integrated app. Although ad-supported, it's a free app, and you should give it a whirl.

Download News Point App for Windows Phone 8

QR: News Point Apppo

Abhishek Baxi
  • Finally!!!
  • Wen in...oh, wait ;-)
  • Wen in UK?
  • Good, in the face of vevo, bofa and chase
  • No English language option? That's a very surprising decision...
  • Hehe...for English there are countless other apps...this is unique as it carries many other important languages...that's the whole idea I guess
  • Straight
  • Guys use NewsHunt for all regional languages and English dailies. News Point app seems obsolete.
  • Can they now update the Times Of India app too. It looks like a fucking old app from Windows Phone 7. NDTV app is better than TOI. TOI updates news faster than any other news company and that is why I use their app but they now need to update their app. :/  
  • and no Tamil? Duh..
  • There is always newshunt. I find it quite satisfactory for my needs
  • No Tamil..?! Then u r a failure..!!!!!!