Newsgator Online RSS Reader

The Internets are all a-twitter over NewsGator's new Mobile RSS Reader, designed for that other phone. That's all well and good, but I'm excited for me. Why? Because of the little reminder that NewsGator has had a mobile portal for the rest of us. I use Newsgator for my RSS needs (NetNewsWire on the Mac), and I like it. More to the point (and I'm sorry about this, NewsGator), I don't much like NewsGator Go!. I don't like it partially because of the extraneous Yahoo-esque! exclamation! point! but mostly because I find it relatively slow and cumbersome.

I'm here to say that although the iPhone version (which you can only see on an iPhone) is really cool, the regular old NewsGator Mobile portal is nice too. That is, once you go through the curious hassle of entering your "mobile pin" (which, so far as I can tell, you'll never use again) in your NewsGator settings.

Also - the mobile version is free with your NewsGator account. Just saying.

WC Staff