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Nextgen Reader will live on; announces support for Feedly RSS service

Good news for those who use Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The team has announced on the official blog that their apps will support Feedly. This is the next major chapter in the Closure of Google Reader book. With the search giant shutting down its popular RSS service, apps that connect and synchronise are having to locate other services to remain operational.

We've been following the developments surrounding Nextgen Reader and are pleased to learn that the RSS app will remain available. A handful of similar apps (some on other platforms) are also together with Nextgen Reader and Feedly to keep the vibrant community alive, as well as the apps we rely on today.

So when will the team be updating the Nextgen Reader apps with Feedly support? Both the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 versions will be refreshed this month, with the Windows Phone 7 app receiving some update love early next month. You can download Nextgen Reader from the Windows 8 and Windows Phone Stores for $1.99.

QR: Nextgen Reader

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  • Great news I use this app every day
  • Me too
  • Yep. Me too. I was waiting for an official announcement from the developers. I am happy. I actually hated using google reader. The service was great however the web site was ugly and confusing like all their web apps :)
  • Same.
  • Thank you all!
  • One more important thing to add is that Feedly have promised to release the pure web version at some point soon (currently it requires an extension to be installed, which is only available for Chrome and Firefox)
  • That's good. Browser extensions like this sort of filled in for the lack of connected-style apps in Windows (by embedding an "app" in the browser), but Windows 8 makes that hack solution obsolete. Better to have an RSS app independent of another program.
  • It looks like they already have a pure web version running, but requires a Google account to log in. I just gave it a try with IE10 and it seems to work wonderfully. I hope the WP7 version comes soon. I don't event see it in the store right now.
  • That was the smartest move they could make as feedly looks like the most cross-platforms solution. My Android tablet is happy !
  • Awesome, Feedly is the only viable Reader replacement for me. Both thumbs up from me :)
  • I like weave better than nextgen, but still use nextgen because if i were ot reinstall weave due to a factory reset or something, there is no login to save my feeds so i have to pick and choose all over again. 
    NExtgen sign in makes it convienent. 
  • So why do you like weave better? if weave isn't user friendly or convenient where as you stayed nextgen is. I have used several, including weave, and I find it slow and ugly. Nextgen is simple and fast.
  • And I've found Weave to trump Nextgen on WP8 in reading experience and interface. Weave was slow on my Omnia 7, but it also does much more. Works just fine on my 8X.
  • Weave just finished their own sync service. You might want to check back on the app in a month.
  • Weave is a good reader, however it does not sync back to google reader (and since google reader will be closed by the end of the month, it never will). This means that news I already read on weave would be marked as unread in google reader.
    This and the fact that there is no Windows 8 app made me switch to nextgen reader. Nextgen has an App for Windows 8 so I can sync between my PC, my Tablet and my Phone and News that I read on one device will be marked as read on my other devices.
  • As someone who prefers Wonder Reader to Nextgen (though Nextgen isn't bad at all), I've been slightly concerned about the lack of any sort of report from the Wonder Reader devs on any potential future plans.  At least if Nextgen switches to a different API, I'll still have that as a fallback, but I really wish Superslacker Studios would make an announcement of some type of plan.
  • I'm in the same boat. I emailed the Wonder Reader dev today. Hope they also follow the same path.
  • Awesome news!
  • This is a good move.  Many news/rss Apps were avoided because they depended on Google reader, which users avoided and like other Google services are increasingly being blocked by corporate IT policies.  The death of Google reader is overall a good thing, even though I know some fans were disappointed.
  • Glad they decided on what to use. Hopefully feedly's infrastructure is sound :)
  • Nextgen Reader kicks ass on Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone!
  • Great news.  Thanks, Next Matters!
  • So, do I need to setup a feedly account, or they will move automatically my feeds to feedly?or nextgen reader will work alone? Can someone explain me please?
  • Hi. Once you connect your Google account with Feedly, it will automatically transfer the feeds.
  • How will we do that? I just went to the feedly site and I can not find a way to create an account or migrate my google reader account.
  • Please install Chrome extension for Feedly.
    Pure web version is coming in future. Hope that helps.
  • ah, no. I do not use chrome. I do not want to have a multitude of browsers installed, i'll stick with opera and wait for the web version of feedly. Hopefully it comes before the final demise of google reader :D
  • Any news on an actual Feedly app? It's great on.... shudder, iOS from what I've seen.
    Edit: I just installed the NextGen reader on my Windows 8 desktop, WOW. I love it!
  • I started with Nextgen Reader on Window 8, then purchased the WP8 app when I got my Lumia 928 a couple of weeks ago. I personally like the Win8 app a lot better. The space is more suited for it.
    I also just created a Feedly account. What a PITA. As mentioned, the only way right now for non Android/iOS users is through a Firefox extension. On top of that, I used a Google Apps domain, but switched to Outlook *com a little while back. I can still access my old gmail account by going to gmail *com and putting in my whole email address. Unfortunantly, this hoses up Feedly. I ended up creating a new gmail account, using takeout to export my old google apps reader feeds to an XML (OPML) file, importing them to the new gmail account, then using that account to sign into Feedly. Whew.
    It will probably do all this seemlessly in Nextgen Reader when the update comes out and then I'll slap myself for all the work, but better safe than sorry.
  • Thanks! Hmm... strange it didn't work with previous Google Apps account. Btw, when feedly support is added to nextgen reader, just login with new gmail account. Everything should work fine.
  • I bought it since WP7 and have been using it daily. The first apps which I bought for my W8 device Vaio Duo was Nextgen. I just love the development of the product which seems to improve with each upgrade. Keep up the good works dev. I support you twice ;)
  • Great, Thanks!