NFC sharing between Windows Phone 8 and Android

Windows Phone 8 introduces NFC (near-field communication) support to the platform, allowing small packets of data to be shared by holding two supporting WP8 devices back to back. The new NFC-based "tap + send" feature enables Windows Phone 8 devices to share web URLs, contact data and more with another phone in close proximity.

But because it's a multi-platform standard, many of these features work just fine between Windows Phone 8 and NFC-enabled Android phones, as you'll see in our demo video below.

We tried bouncing web pages and contacts back and forth between a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and an HTC 8X, and were able to do so without a hint of trouble. Unfortunately, NFC file transfers remain off-limits for the time being, so if you want to share photos over NFC, it's strictly Windows-to-Windows or Android-to-Android.

Check out our quick video demo below to learn more.

Alex Dobie
  • What can we share photos ? Music? Docs? Pdfs?
  • I'm guessing you didn't watch the video.
  • I was on edge at that time what can i say...
  • Playlist and contacts are probably the most items exchanged. Playlist sharing for Xbox music/video should have a commercial
  • Windpws Phone 8? I think you meant to say Windows Pwn 8
  • Oo good I was wondering if it would work with Android cuz none of my friends have windows phone yet
  • And the iOS users are like -________- EFFFFFUUUUUUUU
  • quick get that windows phone away from the android phone before it catches a virus ... and uau it never fails to impress me just how horrible and outdated android looks next to wp
  • Oh wow, Wondows and Android is playing nice, i like this!

  • Can you send stuff via bluetooth to any device on any OS WP, Android etc?
  • i believe it should be no problem between WP and android.
    iOS has limited functionality over bluetooth though.
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    NOKIA Lumia 920 black
  • HTC 8X looks really thin and sexy!