Nine of Disney's paid Windows Phone games will be free until June 17

If you have kids, the chances are they love anything Disney related. If you also have a Windows Phone, you can take advantage of a special promotion from Microsoft and Disney that offers nine kid-themed games, which normally cost over $17, for free from now until June 17,

Here's the list of the Disney Windows Phone games that are free to download and play for the next week:

Download Where's My Perry from the Windows Phone Store

QR: Where's My Perry

Download Where's My Water from the Windows Phone Store

QR: Where's My Water

Download Temple Run: Oz from the Windows Phone Store

QR: Temple Run Oz

Download Temple Run: Brave from the Windows Phone Store

QR: Temple Run Brave

Download Disney Solitaire from the Windows Phone Store

QR: Disney Solitare

Download Where's My Water Featuring XYY from the Windows Phone Store

QR Where's My Water XYY

Download Lost Light from the Windows Phone Store

QR: Lost Light

Download Disney Checkout Challenge from the Windows Phone Store

QR: Disney Checkout Challenge

Download Where's My Mickey from the Windows Phone Store

QR: Where's My Mickey

Yep, that's a bunch of games that are now free to get from the Windows Phone Store. If you have kids, or even if you just want some fun casual gameplay, this deal is hard to pass up.

Thanks to Paulius for the tip!

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}

  • Read it on wmpoweruser :)
  • Interesting. I read it on :)
  • Do want a cookies?
  • Me me me! :P
  • These are worth a download and then delete even if you won't use them right now! Free is a pretty good price!
  • I'm likely gonna do the exact same thing, and I'll point my Girlfriend to them as well. Why not have some free games in the bank.
  • I got really hopeful that Castle of Illusion or Ducktales would a part of this... oh well. If any of them at all have Xbox integration I could use a couple little achievements.
  • No thanks, Disney is on my boycott list.
  • Lol I'm already doing this..... Had to change region tho
  • Doing the same thing on paid apps gone free... I might use them on tje future.
  • Lol... You saved a comment of mine. I was gonna say the exact thing, and saw your comment. I do this for every good app that I get on myappfree, and for this Disney offer too. I already have a couple of paid Disney games for free. The toy story one and where's my Perry.
  • And I had got jellycar free!
  • What ever happened to the Wreck it Ralph game?
  • It got wrecked I suppose.
  • Lost Light has a great background music really...
  • I don't have kids, I'm 22 and I'll enjoy playing these games XD
  • 31 kids and I play it Just as much when I can
  • Unless you have 31 kids, may I suggest a comma? ;)
  • LOL!!
  • LOL
  • 31 and counting!
  • Lol, i think what he meant was "31, but still kids and I play it just as much."
    Just forgot to put the comma. ;)
  • I understand that, but it's still most amusing, as it reads as though he has 31 kids.
  • Never imagined a comma could make that big of a difference, Lol!
  • Save him, not kill him! Save him not, kill him! :)
  • Exactly!
  • +31 x 830. XD
  • Good one SS!
  • Check out the Windows 8 versions as well. Many of them are free. I discovered this yesterday through MyAppFree.
  • "Universal" apps.
    Own them here, own them there.
  • Actually, no. I don't believe any of Disney's apps are universal. They are all separate and need to be purchased separately.   edit: I take that back. Some of them are but not all of them. Seems Disney has quietly been flipping them to universal. Good on them!
  • Why is checkout challenge more allowed in the UK??
  • Just change region to us and enjoy
  • I always install..keep it awhile.. Discover I never use it, uninstall to regain some storage space and start over with the next bunch of apps..
  • Same here -_-||
  • Never even knew thses were on windows store! going to try out those temple run games :)
  • Free games!!!
  • Downloading and deleting them :p
  • Why delete?
  • To not take up space, and if he/she ever decides they want to play the game they can download it free.
  • What Rocket2606 said. Even if you never plan on playing them, it takes mere seconds to press the "download" button then immediately tap-and-hold to "Cancel download." Doesn't waste space on apps you don't use, and ensures they're available for the low price of free. Forever*. So if years down the road you decide you want to give the apps a go, they're ready foe you. It's especially nice since most of these apps are Universal, meaning you'll also get free copies on desktops and tablets, and perhaps Xbox one day. :) * "Forever" meaning an indefinite period of time, because who the hell knows how the future will play out.
  • *Forever meaning that MS will - at random - remove items from your purchase history that have been bought at a discount (wether it was a reduced price or a price of $0)   Microsoft is aware of this issue for several months, but they don't care. They leave users and developers in the dust. This developer has been in contact with MS Support about this for months and shared his frustrating experience
  • Yeah, he'll "own" the full game without paying anything.
  • Why do you need to even download them?
    Just tap "install" and cancel the install. After which you will own them forever. :D
  • Disney checkout challenge is not available for lumia 1520 ( india) ???
  • how many times im gonna say this. change the region to us
  • Thanks
  • Please help
  • In what?
  • Read my previous comments
  • Just temple run oz and brave
  • what's the best in the bunch, guise? i was also expecting ducktales to be included. oh well...
  • Depends on mood. Nothing to lose by giving each one a try.
  • Temple oz & brave are great! Ull love the graphics!
  • Tomb Raider: Relic Run has better graphics but the game is do badly optimized... Wait I think its not optimized at all. Drains battery and heats up phone like anything...
  • DuckTales is a $10 game. These ones are all $1.99 games (or less). I highly doubt they will make DuckTales free.
  • And then, there were seven new free apps in my Kids Corner for my niece ;) Thanks WindowsCentral and Disney! I've received more free apps on Windows Mobile than any other platform. Makes it hard to change ;)
  • Can some let us know if any one these are Xbox enabled?
  • Just checked; none of them are.
  • Thanks
  • Yeah, Disney has actually done a great job supporting the Windows platform (relatively speaking), but that's support does not include Xbox Achievements. Unfortunate, but also given the hell of getting an app Xbox certified, I really don't blame them. At all.
  • Agreed.
  • Checkout Challenge doesn't seem to be available here :(
  • Just change your region to USA.
  • Download, then cancel download. :)
  • Nd its free forever!
  • Voila.
  • +1520
  • Seems birthday gift to me from Disney.....
  • Happy Birthday bro :)
  • Thank you Disney!
  • Downloaded temple run oz running smoooooooooothly on my l730 thanks Disney
  • Great time wasters for the kiddies.
  • LOL @ THESE WHERE'S MY WATER GAMES!! Next thing you know there's one called "Elsa Broke her Water."
  • Lol.
  • Great idea!
  • Temple run oz & brave are awesome, love the graphics!
  • Temple run for my tablet, hooray!
  • Yeah! Downloading all of 'em right now! Lol I know I will delete them later but I wasn't going to pay for them since they were not my type... They're now free though
  • Why even download them?
    Tap install, cancel install, free forever.
  • I wanted to give them a try :) And it's worth it! I've already played 4 of 'em and I like all 4 hahaha I never thought I was going to like them
  • I have L520, & unable to get temple run oz/ brave, b'cauz they need 1gb ram, and on windows phone store website it says your phone doesn't meet the requirement. Is there any way to get these 2 games so that they will reflect in my purchased history as owned & I'll try them later when I purchase new phone....
  • You can go to the Windows store (PC) and tap "Install" for each game there and then cancel the install. That way the apps will be labeled as "owned" and will become free forever. Since most of them are universal apps, you can later download them on another Lumia phone with 1GB of RAM.
  • It says my phone hardware doesn't meet the minimum requirement...
  • Read my comment again, please.
  • Yes, it is not working. On windows store after login, it detects which phone we have.
  • Because that phone is connected with your Microsoft account. Connect another phone, and it WILL detect that too. Connect another, that will get detected as well.
    I am assuming when you buy a new phone, you are not going to create a whole new MS account, are you?
  • Nope am us region and all have a price.. Not free at all.
  • Maybe don't use app store beta... Its still got prices. Win 10 old app store has free. Hope this clears it up.
  • What about duck tales?
  • What about duck tales?
  • what a great offer, downloading them now...
  • Also for Windows 8.