No in-app purchasing for Mango?

We recently covered Beards and Beaks entering the Marketplace and featuring DLC/IAP (downloadable content/in-app purchasing), so signs were strong that this could be possible for developers when the update hits. Unfortunately, as one can see in the above snippet, we see Todd Brix explaining on the AppHub post that this wont be the case and IAP will be absent in Mango (opens in new tab) for developers.

Beards and Beaks is developed and published by Microsoft, so this could well be a test run for a future implementation of the feature. Developers have long asked for the implementation of IAP for their own projects. What do you guys make of this?

Source: Windows Phone Blog (opens in new tab), via: MobilityDigest (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • they should allow it for sure!!! i find most games on cell phones are WAY to short!! and having the ability to add more features is pretty good . ( for free ,,,, be allot better haha ) one thing that worries me doh is MS not taking this SPAMING thing seriously!!Quote * Dev can either update their existing app or create a mango specific version of their app*seriously? so does Dev`s that spam 20 different version just got boosted to 40!! . COME ON LAZY DEVs!! COMME ON MS!!!They should FORCE you to update your app....
  • But you can get DLC for Games at least: the tech is there for games just bake it into the news and book and whatever other apps need it.Hopefully they just release it as a seperate update rather than waiting for a annual or the bi-annual update.
  • I imagine it's got to be something to do with the people that keep suing everyone who uses in-app DLC as they claim to have the patent on it?I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft are sitting back and seeing how it pans out for the iOS developers / Apple first before getting involved.
  • how the **** can you have a patent on DLC? LMAO!!!!!! Xbox, PS3, PC`s they all been doing it for YEARS!! .. i swear if some one claims patent on DLC , WOW... lol . it hurts my head just thinking about it...why is every one always trying to Monopolies the Smartphone market? .. ITS NOT GONA WORK!! lol your not a HYDRO company ..hahaha
  • Maybe there's a subtle difference between IAP and DLC, or something? If you search for Lodsys and IAP, then you'll find the people who are claiming ownership of it. Its totally bonkers isnt it!
  • been reading a little on it , to be honest,,, API ... DLC ... Green apples , red apples ... i dont understand.DLC: downloadable content , API: Infinity Add-on Patcher File.that means the same thing to me...... lol .. soo add on .. or .add ons... one free one not?? one you need to Dl full game again , one you dont ... i dunno . im a little lost... can any 1 clear this up?
  • thats what i was thinking too... i wonder how broad the patent Lodsys have is... i'd hate to see MS hold this back for too long though, im guess they'll release a "minor" update like Nodo next year too for some shortlisted features(and i quote because it isn't really a minor update, but compared to what they make of mango and apollo...)
  • Isn't IAP a source of lawsuits for devs on the other major mobile platforms?
  • I know I'm almost alone with that - but I'm against both DLC and in-app purchases... DLC deteriorated the quality of video games, developers are pushing unfinished products and then force us to buy the rest...i really don't like that, and can't tell that i'll miss this feature in Mango.
  • I have been dealing with DLC's for my PC and most recently XBOX gaming and I hate it. All these companies make these unfinished games on purpose just so 2 months later they can charge $20 for a few maps and some addons that should have been in the initial release for $60. I refuse to do it on my iPhone and especially on my WindowsPhone 7 (because "official" games on WP7 seem to be more expensive).
  • Will ya look at that - My comment on that post found it's way to it's very own story!I think you guys have a very good point. IAP can and has been abused in the past. I think the important thing is to do your part to make sure that when we do hopefully get it, that we don't abuse it.In the app I have planned out, IAP is important for mitigate the cost to the user. I intend to give parts of it away for free, and allow the user to unlock the parts they want, and not bother with the parts they will never use. Large categories, not tiny features.Look on the bright side - Hopefully all the spam apps that are just duplicates with middling functionality will consolidate once we finally get IAP.