No Flash for Windows Phone 7 Series

Sorry everybody, but it looks like the list of things that 6.5.3 can do (or will be able to soon) that Windows Phone 7 Series (as we assume it's known) cannot currently stands at one:

  1. Adobe Flash

So reports Phone Scoop, who quoted Adobe as saying "Microsoft and Adobe are working closely together. While the newest version of Windows Phone won't support Flash at initial availability, both companies are working to include a browser plug-in for the full Flash player in future versions of Windows Phone. More details will be shared at Microsoft MIX next month." Lest you be tempted to think this was a mix-up, Engadget has confirmed the story independently.

We're hours away from Microsoft's big announcement - stay tuned and be sure to keep an eye on for more updates!

Dieter Bohn
  • Adobe is being squeezed by Apple and the promise of HTML5. They need to give Microsoft whatever it wants in order to get Flash on these phones. For once Microsoft is bargaining from a position of relative strength in the mobile OS market.
  • Maybe I'm thinking of this wrong but they say the full Flash player right? I always figured there was a flash mobile which is a custom version and "lite" so to speak. I mean full on flash on the PC can pop newer cpu's up to 100% (at least for one core anyways), do you really want that powerhungry thing on your phone as well? I think I'll pass, if youtube makes the big switch to HTML5 for it's vids then that's the first nail in the coffin.
  • Slightly misleading title there. They say no flash at first but it'll come. Your title makes it sound like never.
  • flash 10.1 for phones was announced august of last year. and it's still not here. so it comes as to no surprise that it wont be ready for wm7. it's got to come out first for wm6.x.x.i mean release the beta already! i can wait for wm7 since i renewed my contract for 2years & got a sprint touch pro2 with malatesta rom on it THAT I'M WAITING FOR HIM TO UPDATE! great rom but wheres the card games and the sliding sound icon app. anyways im still waiting for you guys to release something ALREADY! tried of waiting.
  • Notice me!
  • Exactly!! LOL
  • Oh noes! No flash ads taking up space on my tiny smartphone screen?! Heavens!
  • Trust me- all those ads are being rewritten in jquery as we speak. They'll be there, clogging up ur phone's tiny cpu soon enough :)
  • no multitasking and no flash support? me and my family will moving to android soon for sure
  • humm if slingplayer is released i may join you.
  • Hello
    Oh I did not know that Windows Phone won't support Flash.I came to know about both companies form this post.Thanks for this informative post.
  • this is the kind of headline i'd expect from engadget but not you guys they have said it wont be ready AT LAUNCH...not that wit wont be ready AT ALL it'll come soon but they're still writing it is basically all they're saying. MS and Adobe are working together (like apple should've done) and it'll be coming soon, but there wont be any Flash support AT LAUNCH
  • ah, just clicked on the OTHER POSTS BY THIS AUTHOR button and noticed that he's only posted 2 stories... 1 is this INCREDIBLY misleading "look, winmo won't have flash either" story
    the other is promoting the iphone/ipad blog. pro-apple troll?
  • ok , apologies, i withdraw my last statement...seems my browser fubard and didn't load the "other stories" correctly. he HAS written more than that.
  • Silverlight?
  • If you couldn't see this coming, then you're very very blind.
  • To be more accurate, we should say there won't be in-browser Flash and Silverlight support at initial launch. The browser plugins are so challenging that they won't be available very soon. However WP7 natively supports standalone (out-of-browser) Silverlight applications, so does XNA games.
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