No Man's Sky launches for PC; first patch already released to fix performance issues

Hello Games' sandbox space exploration game No Man's Sky launched for Windows PCs earlier today, and was quickly followed by its first patch to fix some issues.

The long awaited game was first released earlier this week for Sony's PlayStation 4, but is now available for download on Steam and However, many of the first players of the PC port have reported performance issues since getting the game up and running. Hello Games' head Sean Murrary has posted on Twitter that the first PC patch for No Man's Sky has already been dispatched:

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This first patch will likely be one of many released in the next few weeks to fix bugs and boost performance in the PC version. NVIDIA's GeForce website has also posted a quick guide (opens in new tab) to all of the various graphical settings in the PC version of No Man's Sky Resolutions can go all the way up to 4K:

Configurable graphics settings include Anisotropic Filtering, Anti-Aliasing, Generation Detail (the image quality of the randomly-generated terrain and objects), Reflection Quality, Shadow Detail, and Texture Detail. And of course you can crank up the resolution, and disable V-Sync to run No Man's Sky as fast as your GPU, CPU and monitor will allow. Similarly, gamers can adjust their on-foot and in-flight fields of view, as well as the screen resolution, window mode, and primary monitor settings. And on another menu, controls for each on-foot and in-flight action can be rebound.

Have you downloaded and played No Man's Sky yet and if so, what are your impressions so far? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for our full review of the game in the near future.

John Callaham
  • No Patch's Sky
  • when is it coming to xbox...or is it coming at all?
  • No. As it stands it is a Sony console exclusive. If you want something like this on Xbox, try Elite Dangerous.
  • I'd recommend E:D if you're looking for a technically deep (as in mechanics) space flight simulation. The fact that it's in space flying a spaceship is where the similarities to NMS end. NMS is basically Rust or Ark with the ability to hop in a ship and go to space and visit other planets. It's much more about on-foot exploration and survival than it is about being a space trucker or explorer or mercenary. If you go to E:D looking for that, you're going to be sorely disappointed. Similarly, if you come from E:D expecting NMS to be a competent space simulation, you're also going to be disappointed.
  • I wish for a remake of Colony Wars.
  • never.
  • Was gonna say, isn't this a fluffy destiny-***-elite dangerous clone? Looks it.
  • Not even close.
  • "Biggest issue reported so far is players without the Visual C++ Redist 2010." Seriously? They are using VS2010 instead of newer compilers, they are using the 2010 redist (which had a number of nasty security bugs), and then they forget to add it to the installer? These are the basics for any developer, and for testing you always should install on a pristine machine to make sure it boots. Everything I have heard about this game points to a complete mess.
  • Too many negative reviews on steam right now.All saying about stutter and fps drops.I'm not buying it then
  • Not interested. Just the flavor if the week
  • Laptop is not strong enough, and desktop is Linux, so no, haven't tried it. I guess my chance will come early next year when I get the PS4.5.
  • broken af.
  • This reminds me of Homeworld the game.
  • Its NOT a "sandbox space exploration game".  Its a boring and frustrating survival game where you can barely carry anything, get given no direction and no clue as to what you're supposed to be doing past repairing your first ship.  And those damn sentinel things are the worst idea ever.