No new Windows Mobile at the HTC event; instead, new Android gets TouchFLO-like UI

We'll let our pal Casey over at Android Central (hi, pal!) do the heavy lifting here. But that HTC event in London this morning? Heavy on Android, light on Windows Mobile. (The success of the Touch Diamond was touted, apparently.)

HTC unveiled a new phone called the Hero (think G1, only cooler and without a keyboard) and, more interesting to you Windows Mobile fans, a new TouchFLO-like UI for Android called Sense.

Also of interest to you WinMo peeps is that the new phone and UI will be the first to support full-on Flash. You'll recall that we're expecting a Flash 10 beta for Windows Mobile sometime this fall. We're unsure if that's what the Hero is getting, of if it's something different.

So, HTC has been hard at work. And it reasons to say that they're still hard at work on Windows Mobile, so let's hope we see something new from them in the coming months.

Phil Nickinson

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