No Xbox love for Chicks n Vixens

While Chicks n' Vixens continues to blaze a trial through Beta updates, it won't be heading to Microsoft's Xbox Live lineup. Jabberworx had hoped to be one of the few independent developers to gain Xbox Live status.

According to a post over at Windows Phone Metro, Jabberworx reports that Microsoft has turned down their request for Xbox Live status. Microsoft, according to Jabberworx, said Chicks n' Vixens was too much like Angry Birds (which will be an Xbox Live title).

Chicks n' Vixens is an entertaining game and has potential for success, Xbox Live or not. However, the game still needs polishing (and a little more gusto wouldn't hurt) to make the game competitive.  Unfortunately, the latest Beta Update seems to have added more glitches than fixes.  Glitches that hopefully can be ironed out with the next Beta update.

If you haven't tried Chicks n' Vixens, it's a free game you can find here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Source: windowsphonemetro

George Ponder

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  • I hate to be mean, but what did he expect? Maybe next time he'll spend his time making something original, instead of STEALING someone else's ideas.
  • You're absolutely right, I never should have stolen the ideas behind Worms, Scorched Earth, Crush the Castle and others...I just thought so long as Rovio could get away with it maybe I could too ;)
  • Isn't angry birds(and this) a game were you shoot stuff at blocks and such knocking em out of the way? I guess the launching and destructible environment is somewhat similar, but to compare worms to angry birds is a big gap.Tho regardless, making that style of game is one thing, this isn't meant to be in the same style, this is meant to be a clone, correct? That's quite different. i.e. God of War vs Dantes Inferno, they are both similar in mechanics but aren't clones, whereas Tetris vs Tetris7 is just a blatant theft of someone else's idea.Don't get me wrong, I'm a dev myself, but had you come up with your own idea, and put in the same amount of work, you probably would have an XBL approval.Edit: Too add to my point, if you were to take this game in an original direction, different from angry birds, your own twist to mechanics of the game and to be honest your own theme, then I could see redeeming it from not being a "clone".
  • Well Crush the Castle is effectively shooting stuff at blocks and knocking them away. Came out before Angry Birds and many people reckon Angry Birds copied it. I don't see any problem there, why is there a problem with the game I'm making? I guess it's still early days, when doom was released all FPS games coming out after it were called Doom clones, more recently open world games were called GTA clones.This game isn't meant to be a clone, a clone at best can only be as good as what is being copied, I'm trying to make this better.
  • Well then my apologies, i got the impression it was intended to be an Angry Birds clone. I believe the angry birds story is stop pigs from stealing the birds eggs. I assumed you took the same story and game, and switched out birds with chickens and pigs with vixens, and even copied the levels. In the end being an intended clone.If its meant to just be similar mechanics, but its own, original game, then I took it the completely wrong way.
  • I think it is great what you have done! May it be a copy or not. Angry Birds was not the first one to come up with this idea, they pushed it out better but not the first! I will definitely download your game once I get my HTC Arrive this Sunday!!
  • Unfortunately one of the biggest problems of being a one man development house who also happens to have a day job is that I don't get enough time to properly test my games. I just make sure there is no game breaking bugs in them and let you fine folk test it for me. Sorry but that is my deep dark secret...I've fixed most of the issues people have been having as well as filling in much requested features and adding additional levels, hopefully all that and more will be available for you all to play (and hate :P) sometime later this week/early next week =)
  • What you've done is impressive, but releasing buggy updates to Xbox Live games would only serve to harm the perception of Xbox on WP7, or the indie developer community.
  • Chicks'n'Vixens is less buggy than many XBL titles and its rating is better than the average XBL titles rating.Besides my game there are a tonne of quality indie titles, better rated and less buggy than mine, why don't they get offered to be put on XBL?
  • I have played both Chicks and Vixens and Angry Birds and with Angry Birds coming next month to Xbox Live, Chicks and Vixens needs some serious improvement to compete on the same level as Angry Birds. Not to say that Chicks and Vixens is a bad game, and I understand you are a one man development team and respect what you have accomplished given that fact, but Chicks and Vixens is not on the same level of polish and playability as Angry Birds.
  • What can I say? It's difficult making a game of the same level of polish as another game which initially cost 100,000 euros to make by a team of experienced developers.Doesn't mean I won't try though :DSo what sort of improvements are you looking for?
  • I'd love to see a scoring system added to the game, I think it will greatly improve the lasting value of the game.As it is now, it doesn't matter if you used 1 chick or all of them to finish a level, and therefore there's no point to return to the level.If you add a scoring system (bronze/silver/gold trophies maybe, to be different for angry birds) it would add a reason to return to a finished level to improve your score.
  • A scoring system isn't that hard to do, I just haven't gotten around to it :PCurrent I'm implementing a level unlock system involving stars. You are awarded up to 3 stars based on how many foxes you kill in a level (i.e. if you kill all of them you get 3 stars, if you kill 1/3rd you get 1 star, if you kill half you get 2 stars). The number of stars you collect will help you unlock further levels. You get the first five levels unlocked and you can play any of them in any order but the reamining levels are locked. Once you manage to get 10 stars from the first five levels you unlock the next five levels. It's sort of like the system used in Trackmania (if you're familiar with that game).I was thinking of having a seperate scoring system based on how many chickens you use, how many objects you destroy, etc, etc. It just won't be tied to level progress. It's just a bit hard to do because a small number of levels aren't based around destroying many objects but rather finding the right way to get to the foxes, there's at least four levels in the game where there are no breakable objects. You'll actually find in some of the newer polar levels (to be released) that the gameplay is less about the physcis and more focused on raw problem solving and/or shot trajectories. I can't say more since I have nothing to show but hopefully I'll have some sort of preview I'll send out tonight or tomorrow.
  • Though I dont get all the hype about angry birds, I must say that it is a very well made game, Chicks n' Vixens just doesn't feel the same.I realize the difficulties of a single developer trying to build a game, but the game does not deserve Xbox Live status. There are quite a few improvements needed (a scorning system being a big one) before the game should be considered for Xbox Live Status
  • I love this game, just wondering, why were the controls changed? It was working good in the beginning
  • Changed because of popular demand, maybe I'll eventually add an option to use the 'classic' control system (though honestly it's not high in my priorities list).
  • greetings jabberworx!! congrats on ur successful game, love it, probably one of the best(if not the BEST) and few non-studio games"made by the heart" - so dont get nervious with others jumping and blabla-ing...just to clear things up- MY BELIEVE IS THAT THE NUMBER TOP RIGHT CORNER IS FPS...and if so, could u please explain to the author here... Its his second mentioning of that number...+since MS signed the deal with rovio, dont expect much help or effort from officials...
  • I'll definitely remove that number in the next release, it was left in by accident. It's not the FPS, it's the delay in time (in milliseconds) between frames rendering.
  • It's understandable that MS is focusing on big and popular iPhone names (for the time being) but they should at least have a small group dedicated to XBL certification to indie developers, especially since they let them request it. I'd hate to see this be bad press for them but if it can get them to do the right thing, or at least come out and say exactly what their focus is at the moment, then it should be done. The biggest thing they have going for them right now is the loyalty of developers and early adopters. So far they've been doing okay with transparancy, but there is definitely room for improvement.
  • I definately think this is a good game and its come a long way. I have to applaud you for your speedy development and I hope you continue on making this game better. Hope you eventually get XBL certified. Keep up the good work. I bet Rovio signed the deal faster because of you. lol