While Chicks n' Vixens continues to blaze a trial through Beta updates, it won't be heading to Microsoft's Xbox Live lineup. Jabberworx had hoped to be one of the few independent developers to gain Xbox Live status.

According to a post over at Windows Phone Metro, Jabberworx reports that Microsoft has turned down their request for Xbox Live status. Microsoft, according to Jabberworx, said Chicks n' Vixens was too much like Angry Birds (which will be an Xbox Live title).

Chicks n' Vixens is an entertaining game and has potential for success, Xbox Live or not. However, the game still needs polishing (and a little more gusto wouldn't hurt) to make the game competitive.  Unfortunately, the latest Beta Update seems to have added more glitches than fixes.  Glitches that hopefully can be ironed out with the next Beta update.

If you haven't tried Chicks n' Vixens, it's a free game you can find here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Source: windowsphonemetro