Nodo Update being distributed at Rogers

Samsung Focus owners on the Rogers network are reporting that they are receiving the March Nodo Update today. We've gotten a handful of tips from Roger's customers who were pleasantly surprised that when they hooked their carrier locked Focus up to Zune, the update notification was there.

We can only hope that AT&T isn't too far behind.  So for the Roger's customers in the crowd, how's the update process going?

Thanks to Sean, Rob and everyone else who tipped us on this!

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  • ATT not having NoDo ready for ANY of their phones is a clear sign that they are dropping the ball - HARD! If you look at the "Where's My Phone Update" page it states at the bottom:"Estimated testing completion date is early April 2011"However, with Rogers rolling out updates, there's no question that NoDo is ready for installation on the Samsung Focus. The update is ready and most likely has been ready for some time now. ATT is sitting on their hands (probably literally) while every other carrier passes them by. I've had ATT for internet before and that was nothing but a pain in the arse from day 1. Apparently nothing has changed with Ma Bell. Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it does take a really long time for ATT to test all their shovelware...
  • If it's their shovelware that's slowing down the process that's kind of dumb considering that all their apps can be updated after the fact. I feel like AT&T users would much rather have the NoDo update with broken AT&T apps earlier than neither.and this site doesn't work in IE9. couldn't login/comment till i used another browser.
  • Im with Rogers and dident get my update yet! Wook up to find out i get 3.5g now lol cant wait for the update!
  • so att rolls it out in mid April. Its not that big of a deal. With the problems with Sammie on the pre no do I am glad that ATT is taking more time to ensure a seamless easy update. At least that is what I am expecting.
  • I updated my Samsung Focus on ATT yesterday using the hack, and it went seamlessly. I blame the delay on ATT if Rogers (and just about every other carrier) already have it rolling out and ATT is still testing...
  • Yeah, I tricked my Samsung Focus into getting this update last night. Boy, I feel silly now ('cause I'm on Rogers).Update was absolutely seamless, though. Didn't even have to free up 4GB like I did for pre-NoDo.
  • I'm still waiting on my update. Been checking all day and now I'm at work. Hopefully by the time I get home later tonight early tomorrow it will be available. :(
  • Rogers customer from Montreal. No yesterday, no today, nothing about NoDo... More like NaDa... :-)
  • On March update yetedit: Do I have to install the Feb. update first in order to see the notification for the March update? I've been skipping the Feb. update.
  • Yes, you must install the Feb update first.