Nokia "Amazing Everyday" for Madrid and Barcelona show off giant Windows Phone [Videos]

Not a week goes by without Nokia getting some exposure via their "Amazing Everyday" campaign. This week we get two new videos, one from Madrid (Marquesinas Autobus) and Barcelona (Marquesinas Metro) with the latter being especially pertinent as we're on the cusp of Mobile World Congress 2012 which occurs in that very city starting in one week.

In these new videos we see a four-foot interactive Windows Phone that allows passerbys to take a few minutes to try the amazing UI. Come to think of it, this is a great idea as many of you will agree that the Metro UI is one of the key selling points of Windows Phone (and by extension Nokia). So allowing users to play with a giant phone while waiting for the subway or bus seems like a great way to get folks to experience the new design.

We've said it a million times already and we'll say it again, it's great to have Nokia out there pushing Windows Phone.

Source:  BensonSenoraProd (YouTube); Thanks, Ellis B., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Awesome! What a fun way to shorten your wait... Go Nokia!
  • Seeing this constant great European exposure is just making me jealous =/. I went in my Verizon today and they didn't even have the trophy on display anymore :(
  • I think this is the best thing Nokia has done to push WP7. Better than MS.
    I mean, the 50+ foot WP was clever, but it was such a waste of money (that could have gone to better ads) and impersonal. But with these smaller WP, by being placed in places with  such high traffic, ensures people get a personal, first hand experience of what this new platform has to offer.
    Also, was I the only one that would love one things I saw in the video? In the second video they showed a "video" tile playing a video in what is, seemingly, the homes screen. I know this is all for illustration purposes, but it would amazing if you could have a videos playing as actual live tiles. I know it's impractical, but, hell, imagine showing such a thing to an iPhone/Andorid user, their jaws would drop. I know I would lol.
  • That video idea is interesting indeed!
  • Yes I agree that the giant 50 WP was a waist of money, not that many people showed up. They should have had it in times square on new years eve. Some companies think big, some think to big, some think small, but MS either thinks miniature or doesn't think at all.
  • Oh wow wish this happens in India!
  • Nokia doing great to look forward on WPs... MS and Nokia doing great.
  • I applaud Nokia for being really creative in pushing the platform, but unless the average Joe can walk into a store be able to purchase a Wp7 all of this is of no consequence. Even in the UK the majority of the stores are only pushing Android, iOS or Blackberry. You may find a dummy WP7 phone or two or some promotional stuff. But as soon as the week is over, its down and back comes the droids. I hope this changes but I think WP needs more than some Nokia love to be successful.
  • We need this in the US, now!