Nokia announces low level Lumia 510 Windows Phone 7.5 handset

Nokia has announced the Lumia 510 in a press release, distributed this morning. The device sports Windows Phone 7.5, and will be marketed on the success of the Lumia 610. Carrying on Nokia's commitment to low-level and 'dumb phone' markets, the company expects to increase its revenue from said sources.

It's clear from the product page the Lumia 510 will be available in five colours that are also used in Nokia's high-end Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices - black, cyan, red, white and yellow. We previously touched on the new device earlier this month when it was spotted in the wild with pricing and accurate specifications leaked.

Nokia's Jo Harlow had the following to comment on the Lumia 510:

"With the Nokia Lumia 510 we continue to meet our commitment to bring Windows Phone to new, lower price points. People who use Windows Phone quickly realize how much more intuitive it is than other smartphone platforms, and Nokia Lumia is the best embodiment of the Windows Phone experience. With the Nokia Lumia 510 we're looking forward to welcoming more people into the Windows Phone experience."

The full specification readout from Nokia includes a 4-inch WVGA 800x480 screen, 1300 mAh battery, 5MP camera, 256MB RAM, and 4GB storage. Not bad for a low-level Windows Phone. Retail price is expected to be around $199. As well as the less advanced specifications and attractive price, the Lumia 510 provides consumers free access to the array of Nokia apps and services.

We're awaiting information on availability, but we originally covered news of the Lumia 510 heading to China.

Source: Nokia (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • It's a pretty decent device actually. I like the look from the back. it's a 920 baby junior
  • Lmao
  • Sell it for $150 unlocked, Nokia, and you'll have yourself a hit. Looks really nice and should do well in markets where low-level phones are desirable.
  • It's selling for 11,000rs in India, that's around 150 euros. 
    So it's around 40 euros cheaper than 610 and you got quite a bit bigger screen and imo nice looking device. 
    If that doesn't sell, i can't think how can WP7.5/7.8 sell in the low end. 
  • Yes, they should sell it for $150 unlocked in emerging markets to compete with cheap Samsung Androids which also sell along that price point. But the 510 has better specs with 4.0" WVGA & 5MP camera against 3.0" QVGA & 3MP in the cheap Android.
  • Looking at the video of it, it actually looks damn nice. 
  • TMobile better pick this up in a hurry and label it their Corvette.
  • It's a pity that Nokia left out the LED flash for the camera. Wished they included one like the Lumia 610.
  • This is what my father can use easily.A budget and full office functional phone. Nokia rox, others suck.
  • This might be something for my little sister. She wants a windows phone because I have one.
  • I've been thinking the same thing. I now have to decide whether it will be 610 or 510.
  • The 610 has 8GB storage and LED flash for use with the camera but smaller screen at 3.7" against the 4GB and no LED flash in the 510 and 4.0" screen. I think the choice will boil down to price.
  • Its like a waste device 4gb storage and 256mb ram its like a crap
  • Lumia 610 i believe is the most sold Windows Phone. This improves those specs. 
  • Yes, the 610 is the most popular WP7 to-date. It also has a decent 8GB storage and an LED flash for use with the camera. But if they can lower the price of the 510 to only around $150, I think it will give the cheap Samsung Androids good competition in emerging markets and might end up the most popular WP7 device!
  • its designed to be affordable what do you expect ?
  • $199 is nt affordable compared to price of lumia 610. It should have price of cheap androids like glaxy y, etc
  • wait about two weeks beyong launch till it comes into retail outlets and you can easily have it at 150$...not to mention that a decent 3 inch screen GPS device itself costs about 75$ in india, you can discount that amount from this device too due to the excellent Nokia Drive app (which is far better than google's navigation expecially in India and China and which also doesnt work without crashing on those cheap android phones). Also add in decent office apps and frankly there isnt a phone that is better value for money.
  • Everything looks great!  Especially the 4" screen. Not too crazy about the 4GB storage though.  I barely have enough room on a 16GB phone!
  • Mate colors looks good
  • He said, "You get seven gee-bee"
  • Microsoft needs to kill WP7.x can't WP8 run on these low end phones?
  • The 510 doesn't meet the minimum hardware requirements for WP8. That's why it comes with WP7.x.
  • No it can't.  WP 8 was designed for the future, not the past.  Unfortunately that means that there is a gap between the minimum specs that WP8 needs and the low-end dumbphones and Asha phones.  Nokia and MS need WP 7 to fill in that gap until Nokia (or others) can manufacturer a $200 phone that runs WP 8.
  • "Pick a colour, any colour". OK, I'll have green. What's that? Er.. ok, how about purple? No? What about orange? Right... so this "any colour" thing.. it's a bit like the old Henry Ford quote then is it..
  • You're right. it is kind of silly. Should be "Pick any of 5 colors" or something along those lines.
  • Those phones will be sold in high volumes in various markets. Good news for WP7.x users as developers will still want to develope for the platform instead of jumping all guns on WP8.
  • This is the great news!!
  • As a user of WP7 device I love that, as a developer - I hate that.
  • You are aware that any WP7-compatible app you make can run on all WP8 phones, right?  Unless you are taking advantage of a WP8-only feature, why wouldn't you make your app WP7-compatible?
  • This should be sold at around $150 to compete with cheap Androids in emerging markets. With its 4.0" WVGA screen and 5MP camera as against the 3.0" QVGA and 3MP camera of the $150 Androids, the 510 becomes the more attractive choice.
  • It is $150
  • That's not what the article says. The article says "Retail price is expected to be around $199".
  • 4gigs of memory! 1gb goes for OS and more for apps...610 has some compatibility issues with some apps in market place
    What I'm sayin is to have the best windows phone expedience the specs should be more like lumia 800 or 710 I'm very much satisfied with my 710
  • But if you bump up the specs you can't sell it that cheap. The idea is to sell cheap to emerging markets.
  • If price is more than $150/160, its a bad buy coz of few reasons.
    1. It will be shipped without usb charger and headsets. Keeping in mind that its for people with tight budget, its almost sure they wouldn't own a compatible adaptor already, they hv to buy new one, and we all know how hard it is to find a wp compatible headsets.
    2. Only 2.5 gb memory available without msdcard support. Skydrive trick will not applicable here coz people r nt fool.
    3. Low battery. My 610 dies in 16 hrs, how much 510 with big screen could stand! so with so much cons and price almost equal to 610, why one would not reject it and buy 610? Just for 0.3" bigger screen (that too without gorilla glass)?
  • +1
  • And OS itself isn't compatible for market like India. (1) People need Blutooth sharing which may be available in 7.8 (2) People need File Manager which is never gonna happen until somebody jailbreaks it. (3) People need Mass Storage as who the fk knows about ZUNE and if they know, they won't like it as Zune client isn't good.Putting restriction like iPhone is killing wp. (4) Expandable memory and yup offline installation of apps was routine during symbian era and android has that legacy so people actually didn't forget it. (5) Who knows about Skydrive here ??And if somebody comes to know, it will be rejected as no good cheap plans available here and 2G sux as hell. (6) No download facility in IE is a big fault, nobody stream Audio files here and for that you need good unlimited plan which isn't available here.Even people download youtube files and then watch them.And other downloadable videos are also counted. (7)No good Video codec support and no good video player like in android. All these restrictions never let iPhone to have a foothold here.Infact it can be jailbroken and wp not. MS has to look into this matter,making it too much closed is killing it in big market like India.
  • U r certainly right at the point that wp7 is not for economy class but dont forget, nokia gives a huge support to its customers. See the lineup of nokia exclusive apps, it clearly shows they want to fill the gap between symbian and windows. I use lumia 610, and having no problem with it. It provides almost everything one demands from a economy phone. The os is simple and great for normal user. But blogs and reviews are full of criticism because they are written by advanced users and they always want more. People in india are all advanced users, thinks a $199 phone should have everything, and samsung knows that so their phones are hit coz on paper they write everything which a user wants, but practically its not and nokia are straight forward, they warn u before u buy.
  • Howmany times did you use Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, City Lens in India?? These apps are great but people need openness, not much, a bit as I said, MS should put all the features of WM 6.X before launching 7.I owned touch diamond and you know I loved WM 6 a lot.Hell, it's wp8 and still no good news for 3rd party media players,downloads and filemanager. Atleast filemanager with file association make it good for users in India who doesn't want to use PC to operate their mobile.Obviously, you call it a Smart Phone than it shouldn't need other devices for basic functions but this OS is targetting U.S. users who're too dumb to prefer iOS as it's simple to operate(a big LOL). Make it a little bit open MS, people aren't that dumb in other countries.
  • I dont think people really need another media player in wp. nokia already given nokia music and zune is best. Once people understand the sync feature of zune, they will surely like it. Dont u like all ur latest data in ur phone comes to ur pc as soon as u connect ur phone and if u have wifi network in ur home, u even do not need to connect ur phone. U call people dumb, on what basis? They dont want to use file manager, 3rd party players and all that. Tell me, why they want a manager when little machine does for them. I dont fell that searching lots of folders to just send a file is smartness. And if people still want it, i am sure nokia and Microsoft are doing something about it. People wanted a better browser, xpress is on its way. Its an example that folks at nokia are not playing angry birds on their smartphones but working hard to meet people's need.
  • Get used to the eco system
    U might get the Bluetooth sharingwoth wp7.8, for me I don't need a file manager as every integrates itself with the Os, I can say that it's more safe than any other Os if u want more customization opt for Android
    In India more go for mid range and less so the main market for the high end device is in US,UK....ofcourse we do use in India bit here its a bit less market for high end mobile phones
  • Looks a great phone with great colours.
  • This dilutes the Windows Phone hardware. I mean, people would buy it for the Nokia brand and not understand the full potential of the OS, because of hardware limitations. Too many choices might be overwhelming for an average consumer.
  • If atleast MS put the features and open ness available on WM 6.X, this can be a big hit very easily. But MS is following path of APPLE. 1st wp7-iOS and win8 RT-iPad.
  • Why try to emulate something like WM6.5 when it's obvious that you don't need to run a full blown desktop OS to perform tasks appropriate for a smartphone?
    If you want a portable PC, I highly recommend you buy one instead of trying to turn your phone into one because then you end with products like Windows Mobile, Symbian and now Android which try to accomplish too much at once and end up screwing the normal user over. Also, simplicity is highly valued in every aspect of our day to day lives. We make things to make lives simpler for us so calling people dumb just for preferring simplicity is childish.
  • Hopefully this will overhaul the Asha line in popularity
  • Looks like a great phone for up and coming markets.
  • Will it get 7.8?
  • Yes.
  • They shall cone up with Lumia 410 having 8GB storage, 256 MB RAM, 3.7" SCREEN, 3.5 MP camera with flash and make it available for Rs 7000. This will sell like hot cake.
  • mark my words you are not gonna see a 400 series nokia device not lumia not asha and not symbian, maybe a nokia lumia 501 something as there is already a nokia 500 based on symbian
  • Yes, thats true, nokia will never name anything with a 4. Loyalty towards asians.
  • Won't Samsung be knocking on Nokia's door after this is released? This looks exactly like my focus.
  • No, it looks exactly like Nokia 603. 
  • WP 7.8 on this one ??
  • yes ofcourse.
  • its good, at the end of the day more windows phones, the platform will expand more choices to people who are sick of android shitty low budget devices that cant run smoothly and they all look cheap and tacky.