Nokia announces InNote and Papyrus, two note-taking applications for your next phablet

Nokia World 2013 is here and if you blink you’ll miss a handful of stories coming out of it. Nokia has just announced two new note-taking applications for your Lumia 1520 and devices. Both apps are already wildly popular on Android and are now poised to take the Windows Phone world by storm. InNote and Papyrus are coming to Windows Phone.

When you have a device as big as the Lumia 1520, you’re going to want to take some notes on it from time to time (if not always). InNote and Papyrus are set to help you take as many notes as you want on your new phablet.

On Android, both apps are powerful in their own respects. With Papyrus your doodles and writings are created as vectors, so you can infinitely scale them. With InNote you get powerful features like sharing notebooks as PDFs, the ability to mark up map images, and much more.

We’ll of course have full, in-depth hands-on with both of these apps throughout the day here at Nokia World 2013. Have any questions about either app? Ask below and we’ll be sure to answer them in later posts. 

Sam Sabri