Nokia attempts to patent another phone design. Next Windows Phone 8 device or just the Lumia 610?

Next Windows Phone 8 device or just the Lumia 719?

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We’ve already seen one Nokia patent application for a design of a new Windows Phone that looked a lot like the alleged ‘Phi’. Now a second design has come forward dated for August 21st, also revealing what maybe the next low to mid-range Lumia phone. Or is it just an old one?

Not much can be garnered from the images though it does look a bit like the leaked ALPS images for a recent screen bezel/digitizer. The phone to our eyes looks like a cross between the Lumia 610 and 710. (Update: Actually, it's a dead ringer for the Lumia 719).

The front looks very much like the 610 with the bottom bezel slopping off with just a small area for the capacitive buttons. It’s also features a rounded design for the corners of the device, much like the low-end 610 as well.

However, the back features a camera cutout that looks a lot like the 710’s camera, though the arrangement is very much like the 610 (with the flash to the left). It also features a speaker grill near the bottom like the 610 too. Even the top of the device has the center headphone jack and the micro USB charger and microphone flanking it.

Same device as the design patent? Looks like it to us.

But as noticed in comments, this phone looks a lot like the Lumia 719, a device once thought to be headed to China. The 719 reportedly features a 3.7" screen and a 5MP camera though it was never released to market. Could Nokia be getting to re-use it but for Windows Phone 8 next month? That's a good theory, especially since it has both GSM and CDMA, making it a good candidate for Verizon.

At this point it is hard to say, so we’ll stay on the fence with this one for now. Do you have a theory? Sound off in comments.

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Source: USPTO; via NokiaPowerUser; Thanks, Nish, for the heads up

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