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Nokia believed to have shipped 1 million Lumia Windows Phones

Bloomberg has compiled an average estimation of 22 analysts for just how many Lumia Windows Phones the Finnish manufacturer has shipped. According to the compiled data, the estimated figure is 1.3 million. The projections range from 2 million to a single analyst predicting under the 1 million marker - 800 thousand.

Lee Simpson, a London-based analyst at Jefferies International, had the following to say on the estimations.

"There weren’t a lot of the hero handsets out there -- HTC were struggling, RIM didn’t have a show-me device, Sony Ericsson and Motorola weren’t really stepping into the mix, so there was probably enough space for Nokia to be able to point to fourth- quarter numbers they were happy with."

This fits in with what Morgan Stanley had in their chart for the 37 million Nokia handsets being shipped in 2012 prediction. If investors regain confidence in the company, and analysts continue to calculate impressive figures for the platform, we could hopefully see some positive marketing come from the headlines that will be pumped out.

Source: Bloomberg, via: Business Week

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Oh Rich, you and Elop is like the Ross and Rachel of the Windows Phone world...
  • So true...
  • Lol good one ^
  • I can't wait for my contract to end so I can switch and get a Nokia
  • Me 2.
  • I picked up the 710 for my daughter recently. great little phone. Looks better irl that in the pictures.
  • Yep im getting that 900, im sorry tmobile 7 years is long enough yall just not giving me that diamond ring, I love yall, but I can't take the cheap windows phone yall keep grabbing, im a tech head and and the product yall giving don't fulfill my high...Hd7 is still holding strong, but to much goodies is coming to at&t..
  • Same here! VZW clearly won't support windows phone so therefore I have to go to AT&T...
  • If I have a switching to the Nokia gonna make me happier?... I know specs are similar....but the design is tempting me
  • I wonder the same thing sometimes. Then I realize there will always be something better at some point or another. Plus I prefer the larger screen right now.
  • I don't know man, I would stick with the titan if I were you because I was playing with it today at an AT&T store and I fell in love with it!!
  • I don't know man, I would stick with the titan if I were you because I was playing with it today at an AT&T store and I fell in love with it!!
  • I don't know man, I would stick with the titan if I were you because I was playing with it today at an AT&T store and I fell in love with it!!
  • I don't know man, I would stick with the titan if I were you because I was playing with it today at an AT&T store and I fell in love with it!!
  • I have wondered the same. But I think I will wait and see what Nokia is going to do with Apollo.
  • Same here, i would love to get myself an lumia 8or900 but knowing Apollo will ad dual cores and 4 g it would be a waste to buy one of those beautifull lumias. So i chevron unlocked my omnia 7 so it has a bit more possibillities to keep the lumia temptation out of my head untill Apollo ( just hope they announce something before my wallet slips and i own an lumia )
  • Mango already added 4G support,and before iOS did
  • I got my hands on a lumia 710 for the first time yesterday and I have to admit that it did feel like a much more solid phone than my S. Focus, although it was a non function device.. I would have no problem buying a Nokia phone, especially the 900.. ,but, my main concern is screen quality. I don't care what anybody says but the Samsung Focus, and Focus S have the best screen quality of any WP device. Any new phone that I buy would have to have a greater than or equal to screen quality than my Focus or it would feel like a downgrade to me, regardless of any other new features. IMO screen quality comes first. Now, has anybody compared the Clear Black display to a S Amoled or S Amoled plus???
  • While I haven't been able to get explicit confirmation, all signs point to Nokia actually using Samsung OLED panels.
    ClearBlack isn't actually a panel design.  It's the name for their polarization layer they place between the panel and the glass.  It's used with their higher end OLED and LCD phones .  The rationale is that it rejects some of the ambient light, which should greatly improve contrast during the day and with indoor lighting.
    The only possible negative is that it likely loses some overall brightness.  But given how bright my Samsung Focus is, it could stand to lose some at night anyway.  So basically Nokia's OLED phones should actually be better than Samsung ones in terms of the overall screen presentation.
    BTW - The Lumia 800 appears to use a SAMOLED (pentile) display, and the 900 uses a SAMOLED Plus (non-pentile).
  • My lumia 800 screen is much more vivid than my Focus. You will not be disappointed. 900 will be same quality as Focus S at the least. Waaaaay better build quality and design. No comparison.
  • Just start selling 900.
  • ^THIS^
  • I totally agree. I'm just waiting to upgrade from my Focus to the 900. Still haven't decided on black or cyan.
  • I have a Focus as well but can't upgrade until later this year, which is good AND bad, I suppose. Right now my Focus started dropping calls which is bugging the hell out of me. That would be the bad part of being unable to upgrade at this moment :D
  • I currently have a Gen 1 focus which is great, but I will be getting the Nokia 900 or whatever they offer better in the coming months
  • I'm a bit torn.  I absolutely love the design of the 900, but part of me wants to wait to see what Nokia has in store for Apollo.
    If they can take the 900 design, and put in a dual-core SoC, 1GB RAM, and a 720p display (all things most expect to be part of the Apollo specificaiton) ... I'll sell my first born for one :p
    Once I actually see a 900 at a store though - I think it will be tough to say no.  I really hope some info on future phones leaks soon.
  • I pissed at Tmobile for not get more Nokia besides the 710 but I hope they get the Nokia 900
  • I pissed at Tmobile for not get more Nokia besides the 710 but I hope they get the Nokia 900
  • Be grateful you have a gen2 WP..look at Verizon an sprint. But then again I feel like this Gen is just like a 1.5..a small upgrade like the iPhone 4 to 4s. Maybe Microsoft is going to be doing the same upgrade system as apple?
  • i am on the same boat as you dude.
  • If Verizon doesn't offer a Limina before my contract runs out, I'm switching to AT&T. Employee discount be damned!
  • Is 1 million a lot? Would Nokia be happy with that amount or disappointed. I have no frame of reference for the numbers.
  • If they would get the Lumina 900 to verizon...they would sell 1,000,001 (mine is the last one) :)
  • Verizon ain't interested though. That's why.
  • Who really knows. The trophy is one of their highest reviewed phones...
    Verizon is like Sprint, very limited CDMA options but, LTE is the techt that verizon was first with and has the largest coverage (all depending on where you live/work)
  • AT&T ,Microsoft, and Nokia r taking over lol
  • Can't wait to drop my Samsung Focus for a Nokia Lumia 900... Or if they bring out newer devices :D
  • Nokia will be my next phone
  • Nice numbers but not even close to what Nokia have been telling us. They said it was the fastest selling Nokia Phone during the recent years. N8 sold 4 million units in EU during the same time period!
    If this 1,3 Million figure is correct then this shows that Nokia is not afraid of lying when giving us indications regarding sales. Something to remember in the future if they say the same things about Lumia 900 sales.
    Anyway, we need the real numbers. Not some guesstimated numbers from ananlytics. C'mon Nokia deliver the numbers!
    Ps. This is not a rant. I am happy for every WP7 device that gets sold to regular users.
  • I thought Nokia said it had been the fastest 1st week sales of smartphones in its history. I could be wrong though.
  • My girlfriend has just bought a Lumia 800. Its a fantastic device. Great battery life of 1-1.5 days. Beautiful device and screen. I am very envious. I have to use iphone4s due to it being free from work but the Lumia makes it look plain and it's GUI looks half a decade out of date, which it is compared with the Lumia. Sigh, I want a Windows Phone again.
  • Hurry up Nokia! Australia is still waiting for ANY Lumia's. Bizarrely it's going to South Africa before us!
  • The only thing I gripe about the titan for is people on the other end constantly have trouble hearing me (muffled audio). I'm sure the Nokia will not have this issue.