Nokia believed to have shipped 1 million Lumia Windows Phones

Bloomberg has compiled an average estimation of 22 analysts for just how many Lumia Windows Phones the Finnish manufacturer has shipped. According to the compiled data, the estimated figure is 1.3 million. The projections range from 2 million to a single analyst predicting under the 1 million marker - 800 thousand.

Lee Simpson, a London-based analyst at Jefferies International, had the following to say on the estimations.

"There weren’t a lot of the hero handsets out there -- HTC were struggling, RIM didn’t have a show-me device, Sony Ericsson and Motorola weren’t really stepping into the mix, so there was probably enough space for Nokia to be able to point to fourth- quarter numbers they were happy with."

This fits in with what Morgan Stanley had in their chart for the 37 million Nokia handsets being shipped in 2012 prediction. If investors regain confidence in the company, and analysts continue to calculate impressive figures for the platform, we could hopefully see some positive marketing come from the headlines that will be pumped out.

Source: Bloomberg, via: Business Week

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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