Nokia Camera beta gets bug fixes while Lumia rebrand continues for Nokia apps

Did you hear the news? Microsoft bought the mobile division of Nokia. So, it should not be too shocking to see Microsoft Mobile slowly but surely replace 'Nokia' in the Store with the more accurate 'Lumia' tag for those specialized apps we have all come to love.

Today, Storyteller, Panorama, Cinemagraph, and Creative Studio have all gained 'Lumia' in their titles, replacing the outdated Nokia brand. This trend is not new either as over the last few months we have witnessed a few apps get the Lumia re-brand treatment.

Unfortunately, a cursory glance at these apps reveals little in the way of new features, making these purely cosmetic. Heck, even 'Color Pop' is still not present in the Lumia Creative Studio, which is still a bummer. Regardless, if you are into chasing updates, you can find the links below for the newly minted Lumia apps.

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Nokia Camera Beta

For those who like using beta apps, Nokia Camera beta is receiving today along with the usual and unspecified "bug fixes and improvements."

Interestingly, that app has yet to receive the Lumia re-brand, even if we have seen hints of it in the past. Something tells us that Microsoft may have more to say on that soon.

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Thanks, Armin A. and everyone else, for the tips!

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  • Do we have "color pop" yet??? Edit: Nevermind.. :( guess I should've read the article first.
  • No!! Read the article fully before commenting!!
  • No colour pop as stated in the article, nor red eye removal :(
  • I wonder what the holdup is... Color pop used to work pretty good before.
  • Maybe incompatible with 8.1 or 8.1.1 advance launch preparations??
  • The new creative studio has the worst effects/filters, you don't know how I miss the old Nokia creative studio
  • What's everyone talking about, color pop exists, click on the 3dots to bring up the menu and it says it right there 'Color Pop' i'd upload a screenshot if i could
  • Try actually using it before committing to your comment ;) It does not work.
  • My bad and my apologies but i did read the article =p
  • Agreed...color pop is not present in Creative Studio...though its there in can try it out yourself...
  • color pop was the first feature I looked (literally, my whole family palyed with that in the store, on the showroom device), and now it's missing... shame
  • Downloaded and looking for changes already!!
  • At least they kept the Lumia branding.
  • Except for inside Storyteller... When you make a Story Video it still ends with Nokia Storyteller... ;)
  • It would have been better if they just had called it "Creative Studio", "Panorama", "Storyteller" and "Cinemagraph", without the "Lumia". That just looks and sounds awkward...
  • Yeah I liked it better when it was like that.
  • Have to differentiate their app line-up from the other OEMs and other indie developers making the same type of apps!!
  • I am retarded! ;)
  • lol, try it you just have an ad "coming soon"
  • Lol!!
  • Opening it says colour pop coming soon....
  • But if u click on it, it says coming soon...
  • This news will again upset 1 person the
  • Whom exactly?? Rod?? DJCBS??
  • Ha ha 2nd one..
  • And that's why I'm not updating the apps ;) (well, those I haven't uninstalled already like Storyteller that is).
      Surprise surprise.
  • I'm with you!! Haha
  • Still waiting for color pop...
  • Wtf? Where is color pop? Why was it removed in the first place? A change of name is no where near as important as a missing feature!!
  • click on the 3dots to bring up the menu and it says it right there 'Color Pop' i'd upload a screenshot if i could
  • It only brings up a screen stating coming soon.
  • Just noticed that, my apologies
  • the problem is speed. nokia camera app specially on the 1020 is so slow, that I've become an expert at predicting when to start it so it will be ready. For example, I need to snap a shot of a nice sunet, well get it launched on my way home so that it will be just about done after dinner :)
  • I'll just say that Microsoft is aware of the complaints.
  • Aware? That's a start. I'll assume that is a hint but damn... Makes me angry at how slow my awesome cell camera takes.
  • Tomorrow will be more enlightening.
  • Cryptically blatant....i love it :D
  • Daniel, is MS also aware that we're all begging for Colour Pop to return? :(
  • Hmmmm... that sounds somewhat promising Daniel...
  • There's flight mode... Should have been camera mode as well, every single resource in the phone dedicated to the camera... ;)
  • Just rebranding? Huh?
  • I suppose I was not clear. What is the confusion?
  • Some users simply expect flying bikes in each update of each app.
  • no worries, both amazon and google are working on that ;P
  • Where on earth is the the flying bike update!!?? Will it come to Lumia 800 with mango firmware /s
  • Hahaha good one
  • Odd that MS retains the Nokia branding for the camera application but have had difficulty retaining key "optical" staff after the acquisition. Apathetic shrug... The wifi radio on my Lumia ICON is toast. Where's the flippin firmware?Best part is: nobody cares
  • Not odd. I allude to the answer in the post. Not sure how I can be less subtle without just saying it.
  • Apologies. I was using the German translator without the idiosyncratic filter. How those fraulines treating Americans these days?
  • Search "fraulines" on Cortana, goes to images, omg my innocence. Ps: Tried to WordFlow "innocence"... The result was "obscene".
  • Try "Give me head" She'll suggest you do something suited for extreme contortionists...
  • Just spill that tea!! Ain't nobody got time to wait for tomorrow!! Ps: Please, I'll make sugar free, tagatose and chocolate chips loaded oatmeal cookies. Slightly salty Almonds too. :3
  • I'll be blunt: not all the optical staff that was send to move to MS wanted to be employed by Microsoft. (Note quite a few of them remained at Nokia's R&D division which wasn't part of the deal). Microsoft also can't retain the "Nokia" brand for much longer. But they are definitely trying to milk anything they can out of it.
  • I spoke with Juha today in my hotel. That's good enough for me. For those who think the Nokia camera days are behind them, well...I can't wait until tomorrow.
  • Of course they're not. They wouldn't have hired Juha just to have him sit there looking at the sky =P
    However, one thing is how Microsoft will evolve the technology they license from Nokia to use on Microsoft cameras, the other is how Nokia will evolve their own tech to license to whomever wishes to license them (or to use it themselves on possible future consumer products). As for me, however, those days are behind me as I don't think they'll be adding anything else relevant to the 1020 and my daily driver is going to change to the competition. I wish Juha and the folks Microsoft didn't fire the best, but I'll be going elsewhere. The 1020 produces great enough pictures to last me at least until 2016 =P   Tomorow's event no longer interests me to the point of watching it live, but I'll pop in here later to read what you folks reported about ;)
  • "Live" is really subjective. Without a direct fiber connection spanning several thousand miles, physics mandates a delay. The event is at 10am Central Europe time. That's 4 AM on the east coast & 1 AM in California.   "Today I am a shell of yesterday's self, and the shadow of my presence tomorrow."
  • Well, I'm in Europe, so I could actually watch the live stream (and even if I was in the states, I'm normally still awake at those hours. Actually, easier to find me awake at 4AM than at 10AM lol).  It's not "live live" of course, it never is through the web, but I wouldn't go to see it live even if I could as I have no real interest in what Microsoft Mobile has to say or show anymore.   That sentense resumes well what I'm expecting of real-Nokia. Where is it from? I recall reading something similar but not in English so I'm not sure it wasn't the translation...
  • All of these have descriptions of improvements after clicking Show Details. Much more than just a name change...
  • Old changelogs are old.
  • Still reminiscing over the living images I had for a brief period on my 1020..
  • I should change my folder name now to Lumia Essentials that used to be Nokia Essentials where I put all these apps.
  • My Lumia still has a Nokia logo on it. (as well as an AT&T :| )
  • Could somebody please tell me what is the difference between the Camera Beta and the original as of right now?
  • Beta is a beta, and its purpose is testing new stuff.
  • Yeah, I know that. I just wanted to know if they have different feature sets right now.
  • Right now they are pretty the same.
  • Thanks. I'm trying it out and it seems to be a bit faster in both launching and taking pics.
  • Seems faster. No - really. Nokia Camera Beta loads up without the "Loading..." screen now.
  • Loading? What phone are you using?
  • Lumia 925. Nokia Camera always had either a Loading or Resuming screen at launch. It doesn't seem to do that after today's update.
  • Pretty much every single one I tried, except sometimes the 1520, show a loading screen for just a second, which seems to be mostly gone with this update.
  • Exactly, mate. :3
  • Holy crap. I was hating how slow it was on my 1020. Usually it took about 8 seconds, but at times, over ten seconds to open up Nokia Camera. I just tried several times, and it ranges from 1.5 to 3 seconds. That is a huge improvement. Saving photos also improved in times. 3 seconds to save a JPEG and a DNG. I wish I had this last weekend. Now if they could just improve the Panarama app to be actually useful. Until then I'll stitch them together myself in Photoshop or use Photosynth. Also, I don't know if anyone else knows about this, but it existed since the days of WP7. Quickly double tap the camera button if your phone is already unlocked. Say if you are in an app or at the Start screen and find that you need to take a picture ASAP. This starts loading the camera right away instead of holding down the button until the delay is over (about 1-1.5 seconds), which is used to prevent accidental launches.
  • You actually don't need to double tap. If the phone is unlocked, you just press the camera but on, no need to hold, nor double tap.
  • Ahh crappers. I'm wondering if I mixedd that up and it was a double tap in WP7 that launched the camera when asleep? My Focus S no longer runs so I can't try it out. :/ Thanks for correcting me. I've been either holding the button down or double tapping it for as long as I can remember. Old habbits die hard.
  • Storyteller definitely needs an update with the option to exclude folders! My story is a mess with all those WhatsApp pictures in between that don't make any sense there.
  • You can pick which pictures you want in the story.
  • Totally agree!! Even as @damo suggest that one can pick which photo in a story, browsing messy low grade whatsapp pics amongst other photos from camera really sucks.
  • Picture on the go? haha
  • Don't worry. Soon after the rebrand Microsoft will release better versions for Android and IOS and say that Windows Phone will be getting it soon. Soon meaning when the next update is available for Android and IOS with new features then Windows Phone will get the last feature updates. It's sad how many times the bundled apps keep getting rebranded but not substantially updated. They keep changing the interface and name but rarely the features. There is always Nokia Drive, no wait, Nokia Here Drive +, no wait, Here Drive. Will that be Lumia Here Drive + I wonder. I would be happy if they could ever improve the camera launch times to make it competitive or get Onedrive sync to actually sync all my photos and videos. At the very least it should give an error when videos don't upload but they just disappear. Nearly lost some great videos of my daughter if I hadn't checked my Onedrive for the videos manually. If not for that, I could have easily missed that they didn't sync in my 4881 pictures and videos so far. Sad thing is I have to use my Galaxy Tab S to open the photos and videos on my Onedrive because they don't open on my Lumia 1020 or my Windows 8.1 desktop??? I like what Microsoft is working to do. I just wish they would put more of the emphasis on their own platforms first and get them more refined and have all the features they add to others. Don't forget working.
  • You and the rest of us.
  • None of the HERE apps are being rebranded because they belong to Nokia, not Microsoft. As for the rest, you've hit the nail in the head.
  • Exactly. Nokia is releasing here maps for IOS and Android.
  • Yup. HERE remain HERE since it's owned by Nokia. Oh don't blame Microsoft that here is on galaxy phones too
  • Change only name really? No update?!
  • Is my idea or Nokia Camera Beta got faster start in Lumia 1020? I feel it.. Faster
  • Astounding how people just read the headline and immediately comment, the articles aren't that long
  • Ohhh change of era started.....NOKIA-----> LUMIA ....I really loved this company!!! :(
  • Nokia is still around. They're just not around WP anymore.
  • @Daniel R...'Regardless, if you are into chasing updates'............LOL   Nice touch and enjoy Berlin....very nice, shakin' city!
  • Thanks. This is one of my favorite cities!
  • Necessary but still dumb changes. Lumia is hardware not software. Nokia is/was both.
  • I'm actually loving Lumia branding more than I thought I would! When people ask about my phone they always ask if that's a Lumia so it is a strong brand!
  • I really wish the Beta could aid in sharpening the softness found in the 1520 camera. The are certain lighting senario where it's super crisp and sharp like the 1020. But overall, it has a softness that keeps it from being all that it can be.  The Auto-focus is much better on the Nokia Camera beta but I do find it amazing how quickly HTC camera phones can auto-focus. I was testing the WM8 on labor Day and it's camera was pretty solid outside of the inability to zoom.
  • For those who like using beta apps...
  • Nokia Camera is really buggy on my 1520, slow as balls to start and quite often it takes a picture 3seconds after pressing the button. Absolutely terrible, one reason I jumped from the 1020 was to avoid this delay. Even though it doesn't happen all the time, still blows when it does.
  • Thank you MS for nothing, thank you to kill my data plan + thank you for the stupid names, Lumia creative studio, Nokia name us more beautiful
  • 5 bucks says that the Nokia camera becomes the default camera tomorrow!! :D am I close Dan R?
  • IMO, it seems Nokia Camera beta does better auto white-balance.
  • Cant wait for the event tomorrow! Hope the stream is easily accessible on the phone... (presuming they are streaming the event). As I imagine they have something up their sleeves, since Nokia camera hasn't been rebranded yet.
  • I hate Microsoft for doing this :S  Farewell my beloved brand, NOKIA!
  • Nokia is still around ;)
  • Seems slower
  • I find this so sad...
  • Cool. Now we need to get transparent tiles for rebranded titles and get rid of the annoying Nokia purple...
  • I'm confused.  Are these apps getting renamed because Microsoft now owns them?  Or are they getting renamed because Microsoft now owns Nokia
  • I think because Microsoft owned Nokia.
  • Microsoft owns them all, Nokia and its apps.
  • The name Lumia sounds very similar to Nokia, is Microsoft already know they will buy Nokia from the start? I wonder!
  • Sounds Great. I'd like to have 16:9 / 4:3 QuickSwitch on the ActionBar to quickly change the Aspect ratio on the fly.
  • This version is not available for my phone, Nokia Lumia 930 with update 1 Preview.
  • Fix it asap!!!!
  • Nokia camera beta doesn't work!
  • I noticed that Glam Me has had a name change to Lumia Selfie.
  • no thanks  im satisfied now with fotor
  • What the HELL!!! hadn't used creative studio in a couple weeks, and honestly, one of the main reasons I bought this damn phone is for the camera and editing software.... The new creative studio is HORRIBLE... Everyone is missing the color pop, and yes, that was a fun feature, but the biggest thing in missing is the manual reframe!!! Bring it back, I don't want your cookie cutter frame ratios, I miss snapping photos carefree and coming back and cutting the image I wanted from the whole.... Probably the best feature and best way to take advantage of the awesome camera, and you take it away... Boo Microsoft, boo....
  • So... I called nokia tech support and the only way to get the old creative studio back is to go to their site and search system recovery and uninstall windows 8.1 and downgrade back to 8.0 also wiping all personal info from your phone... But apparently the factory reset will do the trick...