This morning Nokia has bumped up their new Camera app from version to If that sounds like a minor improvement, you would be correct as we can’t see any initial differences. Neither does the app description reveal any added features or fixed bugs. If we had to guess, Nokia was polishing off some little tidbits in the app, perhaps preparing it for the Lumia 1520­ which is due to launch real soon here in the US.

Nokia Camera replaces Nokia’s previous camera apps Pro Cam and Smart Cam by combining the apps into one for more convenience. The app also adds some quick settings features like Modes in case users don’t want to fuss with the advanced settings.

No word if Nokia will bring other features like HDR, though considering bracketing is already present, we would hope it’s on the roadmap.

Head here to the Nokia Collection to pick up Nokia Camera, version for your Lumia 92x or 1020 device. Note: Nokia Camera is still not available for devices below 92x.

Via: Plaffo

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