Nokia China giving away free Play 360° speakers to new Lumia owners [Updated]

It's always frustrating to buy a fancy piece of gadget, only to find it's about to phase into a forgotten generation soon enough. That's the case with people who have bought Lumia 800 and 900 recently. Technically the best Lumia phones today, but are to be rendered primitive by the Lumia 920 within a few weeks. Many have complained about this and the lack of a full Windows Phone 8 update for existing Lumia devices. Apparently Nokia has listened to feedback provided and is about to something to ease the pain. As least in China.

Nokia China is giving each new Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 owner (when purchased between October 8 and November 8 2012) a Play 360° speaker, completely free. If you are in China, and your Lumia isn't bought in the black market, just hit the official give-away page (opens in new tab), leave your Nokia account and phone info, plus the receipt for the purchase. Fill out the form and wait for your free Bluetooth speaker to be delivered in 30 days.

This is a great deal. Currently the Lumia 800c (the Lumia 800 in CDMA flavor for China Telecom) is priced at about CNY 1,500 ($240), and a Play 360° is worth about the same. The downside is that Nokia China only has 5,000 speakers to give away. Those who want one are recommended need to move in fast.


Apparently this has come to a Catch 22 situation. Chinese Lumia owners have to meet multiple conditions to be qualified for a free wireless speaker: phone must be legal Chinese release, must be purcahsed between October 8 and November 8, and the Nokia account must be created in SEPTEMBER 2012 or earlier.

So it has come to this:

  • Old Nokia supporters generally know to hold back a bit on their purchases and wait for Lumia 920. Account check, Lumia 800 & 900 check, purchase time fail.
  • New guys to Nokia and Windows Phone do not know about the Windows Phone 8 fuss and the coming of 920. They tend to buy Lumia 800 and 900 within the required time frame. However, chances are slim that any of them has a Nokia account created back in September or earlier.

Combined, I'm seeing multiple people yanking their hairs in frustration: "I ALMOST got it!"

And judging by the responses in the comments here, I guess this will probably make some people happy...

Source: Nokia China (opens in new tab), via: WPDang

  • Phones4u are giving them away to new 920 owners in the UK (limited to 1st 500 customers, apaprently)
  • Is this suppose to make me feel better? that owners of MY phone in China get a speaker to go with it?'re stupid.
  • This is so frustrating. Giving away such gifts all over the world: 360 play, xbox, wireless charger even with the soon-to-be-old models. And I can't even order headphones although I have paid full price for SIMless phone that has 30% margin above those I read folks in western Europe have. I already have started to build aversion toward Nokia, MS and WP. Disgusting!!!
  • Disgusting? Really? Really? It's like listening to a kid whose sibling got something cool. Now you feel hard done by because someone else is geting a BONUS that you are not.
    You wanted your phone SIM free, you bought it, you got it, you are using it. Computers and smartphones get older all the time, this whole issue is completely overblown, and somehow it makes it worse when some freebies are given to someone else?
  • +1. Entitlement mentality run amok.
  • Don't the people in most of Europe have to pay VAT approaching 30%? I don't think you have to worry much about having to pay more than people in Europe.
  • They have done this in Norway too.
  • Dam y can't America give away free stuff oh wait cuz the government is to busy giving away free money to china and other country's so they can give away free stuff :/ lol
  • In America, to get anything free, you have to sue. While in europe, despite the economic meltdown, you can get free Xbox 360 with WP purchases. You can see here in in china, free speakers.
  • Well not in the netherlands atleast.. :-P They're too greedy in this damned country.. -_-
  • I'd like to receive a Monster Beats Purity Headphone with my soon to be Nokia Lumia 920 purchase! Doesn't necessarily have to be wireless too although the new one with NFC supports wire as well!
  • I wish I to get those they gret 
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